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Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno recently spoke at Winona State University in Minnesota about science, religion, and how the two work together.

Vatican astronomer speaks about science and religion

Guy Consolmagno (credit: Kevin Nickerson, Wikimedia Commons)

Guy Consolmagno (credit: Kevin Nickerson, Wikimedia Commons)

Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno recently spoke at Winona State University in Minnesota about science, religion, and how the two work together. Consolmagno told the local ABC affiliate, ABC 6 News, that he travels “around the United States, basically getting people to appreciate what science can be in their spiritual life and to appreciate how religion can inform without controlling the way that they do science.”

Consolmagno has been quite outspoken regarding science and religion. In a 2010 interview, he told The Guardian, “Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.” He made headlines because of this interview by The Guardian, in which he said he would offer to baptize an extraterrestrial being if one requested.

On Monday, Consolmagno’s presentation focused on whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet. Tonight’s presentation shifts gears and focuses on the connection between religion and science.

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  1. peter john weinrauch

    Those things aren’t here to be baptized by Christ they’re here to change human beings into hybrids to infiltrate our very existence. If these other beings had respect for Jesus Christ why do they continue these covert operations abducting people against their will. This is a really slippery slope your on. Makes me wonder whose side are you really on? Clearly science and religion are not compatible and should not even be mentioned together in the same sentence!

  2. peter john weinrauch

    Open minds,
    Thank you for bringing this subject to the for front. Great job please keep it up! Man Kind counts on it. p.j.w.

  3. peter john weinrauch

    One only needs to review the Phil Schneider presentation of the subsurface conflict at area 51 at Dulcy. Phil is a retired
    archaeologist that worked on Black Projects building these underground bases. There are a couple of presentations available but look for the one where Phil is wearing a white or yellow shirt with His tittle under the presentation.

    His claims are amazing but was only allowed for a short time. He is a christian Human male with great faith in prayer and GOD. While digging the large shafts near the “mega base” “area 51” at the depth of two and a half miles subsurface a ploom of “dust and ash” was released and “the equipment kept breaking”. Phil went down with security and was “shocked to find a seven foot tall Grey being”. He managed to pull a pistol and load a clip and fired. Two were shot dead “yes they are mortal and they do die”. The Green beret accompanying him on the inspection got Phil in the basket and ascended up saving His life.
    “There is a war going on down there and I’m dead serious” said Phil. He was blown to pieces by a blue beam “similar to lighting” Phil lost several fingers. the to nails on His left foot were melted off and the foot was “crispy crittered”. Sixty nine “crack troops were killed”. Green Berets, Black Berets, Secret Service and geologists lost their lives. Since that day in 1979 “millions of children” have gone missing with out so much as a trace and “it has got to stop”. Father will you also Baptize the beings who are slowly “decimating our Humanity”. “They use the glandular secretions from animals and our adrenal gland as vitamins for their food”. “It’s like cocaine to them”
    To the date of his last lecture there were eleven attempts on Phil’s life including a kidnap attempt on his daughter that was unsuccessful. My wife put a pistol to the neck of a federal agent and said “give me back my daughter or I pull the trigger” They gave back the daughter “good choice”
    these children are “hauled under ground and similarly done away with as food” Our Government our government has known about the alien question for the better part of seventy years
    and they refuse to tell the public what is going on. Surely Marshall law will be enacted until we “kick the parasites out”
    Phil was found murdered strangled by His catheter tube in His home in Portland Oregon. Phils wife separated from Him for the safety of His daughter. “I love these United States more than I love my own life”. Phil God Bless you and God bless America “we will not go to a new world order” (the alien agenda). Many of us will be killed I understand that but the loss of a few to save the human race is a small price to pay.
    Father if you have the power to baptize in the name of JESUS the Christ Baptize Gods children not a bunch of test tube freaks who continue rape and pillage the innocent ones not capable of protecting themselves. AMEN God Bless Open Minds and all who risk their lives to save the Human Kind.

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