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A witness shares his account of a sighting that occurred in NYC in 2010.

Sighting report: UFO captured on camera in New York

A mass UFO sighting occurred in New York City on October 13, 2010. There were varying reports, indicating that there was more than one UFO event that took place that day. The sighting that caused the largest media frenzy was quickly explained away as balloons that escaped from a party at a Long Island school. Based on descriptions provided by various witnesses, not everyone shared the opinion that the UFOs were mere balloons.

Recently, Ralph Paradiso, a witness to one of the October 13, 2010 New York UFO events, submitted his eyewitness account, along with photos of what he saw that day.

UFO photographed over Chelsea, NYC. (credit: Ralph Paradiso)

Here is the sighting report provided by the witness:

This object was taken at 3:00 pm in Chelsea, NYC on 10-13-10 at the corner of 23rd street and 8th (north east towards the Empire State Building).

The sighting lasted from 9:30 am (when the objects were first spotted in Chelsea) until 11 pm. There were no helicopters or airplanes flying over the area during the time of the sighting (due to a gas leak at the same time as the sighting, they had to close all the airports in the tri-state area). Channel 2 news NY and NY1 news were there and they would not focus their cameras or zoom in on the orb/discs that were flying low in the area. They focused on the big object in the sky that was to high up to focus on. That object stayed in the same place for hours. I was there for a least 3 hours. There were around 50 – 60 people standing around watching. The object that was being shown on the news stations was the biggest one. It was there the 3 hours I was watching. It stayed in the same place and would fade in and out. The smaller objects were flying around at a high rate of speed. I saw around 5, but a lot of people said they saw more. The objects looked like they were high polished aluminum.

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