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UFO over Perth, Australia. (Credit: Rob Hartland)

Man photographs hundreds of UFOs in Australia

Image credit: Rob Hartland.

A man in Perth, Western Australia claims he has snapped hundreds of photos showing UFOs.

The photographer, Rob Hartland, discovers the UFOs when reviewing the thousands of photos he takes of the sky. According to Perth Now, Hartland has taken more than 20,000 photos of the day-time sky in the past six months. He reportedly began taking pictures of clouds in November 2012 to test out a new Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 camera. But when he reviewed the photos on his computer, he started noticing unidentified objects in some of the shots.

Rob Hartland. (Credit: Rob Hartland/Facebook)

Rob Hartland. (Credit: Rob Hartland/Facebook)

Hartland, who reportedly has a PhD in biochemistry, claims to have identified a dozen different UFOs of varying shapes, including round, square, and saucer-shaped UFOs. On his website, Hartland explains:

These craft are fast-moving and fly at fairly high altitude as I usually focus the camera on the edges of mid- to high-altitude clouds. I usually take a series of 20 to 30 photos on continuous shooting mode with a fraction of a second between each photo. When captured, most of the time these craft are present in only one and occasionally two of the series of 20 images. I usually take about 300 images at a time, especially when there are wispy high-altitude clouds. On some days there may be craft present in more than 5% of the photos, although many are too small for enhancing. Now I only look for the really good ones.

One of Hartland's UFO photos. (Credit: Rob Hartland)

One of Hartland’s UFO photos. (Credit: Rob Hartland)

Perth Now reports that the Sunday Times picture editor Jackson Flindell said, “Mr. Hartland’s images did not appear to have been tampered with, but dust on a digital camera’s image sensor could cause anomalies in digital photographs, while powerful magnification could also distort images in some cases.”

Hartland is careful to point out, “I always say ‘could’ rather than ‘is.’ There is always doubt. But UFO stands for unidentified flying object and as far as I’m concerned these aren’t identified. It’s possible some are man-made, but I don’t think they all are.”

View Hartland’s UFO photos on his website WispyClouds.net.

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  1. We had, as early as the 50’s, vehicles that could levitate in a Jetson like manner, but the CIA is very good at sculpting a mindset that these types of technology are farcical. We have photos after photos showing these types of “flying saucers,” some of which are not from this planet, but what is shocking, is that many of them are man made. This is information that is even less likely to reach the public. The Intelligence community is perfectly content to make it seems as though these saucers are ET, because it plays into the dismissive mentality that they have created. If the people knew that we had the capability of creating energy and vehicles like this, there would be a crumbling of giant macro economic engines.

  2. How come UFO believers always accuse the government of hiding the facts? With all these so called UFO experts making money hand over fist, where is the clear photo of the real deal? The pictures are always fuzzy or out of focus and it is always some unexplained flying craft from another dimension. How do you know the come from another dimension and not from say Akron? I think the majority of these so called UFO experts like Steven Greer are in this for the cash and cash alone. Deep down they don’t believe this horse hockey they are spewing, but if people buy their books or DVDs they will preach this like the Bible.

  3. Cecilia marquez

    The FBI admited they lied in 1950 there were indeed 3 space crafts with 3 extraterrestrials, but after how many years. It bothers me with all the recent sightings to have to read the canadian paper just to find out what’s going on in my own country because our government doesn’t keep us informed. We have the right to know, you misbelievers think what you want but it happend we were lied to and they admitted it and we’re being left in the dark again.

    Cecilia Marquez
    San Jose, CA

  4. Actually I don’t believe on the UFO. Some says it is was just an airplane or something. When you capture photos like this you should check it the experts if it is true.

  5. I think that Rob Hartland took photos of real UFO’s.
    I as well didn’t believe UFO’s exist, until the day I took a photo of one.
    My camera took two photos one after the other, and the shutter-speed
    was 1/200 of one second. In the first photo, there is clearly an UFO hoovering over the countryside outside North Eastern Melbourne.
    In the second photo taken a fraction of a second later, the UFO is not there anymore.
    I believe it has a cloaking technology, which makes it invisible.
    Stop making stories with dirty camera lenses. If this were the case, the UFO would show in all my other photos taking prior and after these two photos, within the same hour.

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