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UFO Sighting: Georgia UFO photos reader submission

The following was submitted to OpenMinds.tv and is posted directly as received. Open Minds makes no claims to the authenticity of reports and materials presented here.

Silver orbs in contrails

This image was captured on 5/23/2013 and features an Airplanes contrail just above my home. Now, if you look into the center of it and then go up and left you should notice what appear to be reflective, disc like objects present there. I’ve manged to see about four. If you still do not notice or see them you can always go to “Save Image As” and go from there.

cloaked ufo

This image was captured on 5/24/2013 and features what I believe to be a cloaked U.F.O. just over a major intersection near my home. If you look up at the top and in the middle you will see a very distinct disc like object there. As for the story behind this particular photo, it was literally just a random point and shoot kind of scenario, but with an interesting result.


This image was taken on 5/12/2013 during the evening time just above my home. You may not be able to see this one right off the bat, but if you look closely enough you will see what appears to be a Spaceship or Rocket. Coming from the West sky, this particular “Cloud Ship” as I’d like to call it never broke up its overall shape until it went away from my field of view off into the East sky. I have since been able to see this again with any other cloud formation…

-Gabriel Monroe

View the rest of his photos on Facebook here.

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  1. You’re kidding me right? Sometimes clouds are just clouds…both images #2 & #3 are absolutely ridiculous. You are trying to make them be something they’re not.

  2. Many agree there is something. Too many to continue with the “denial” approach. Aliens from other galaxies? Well, I set myself up for ridicule with this thought but since these crafts haven’t been traced, then they are inter-diminsional, those being evil in nature, demons, nephilium. Would you be ready to bow a knee to a race of creatures because they have technology beyond comprehension? Laugh if you want, this may happen sooner than you think. I’d rather die free & sealed than marked, a slave with a future of eternal damnation. Now, laugh well, is good to have a sense of humor when ignorance maskes the truth.

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