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Turn your computer into a UFO detector

A new program uses your USB webcam to scan the skies for UFOs, and when it spots something that is not a bird, airplane, or other known object, it will record the UFO for you to review later.

The program was created by ProjectCE: Connecting Evidence, and is simply called UFO Detector. It is available for free on their website.

According to the site, the program includes a “detection algorithm that looks for light emitting object which cannot be identified.”

In other words, it will be able to detect whether the object is something mundane or not. In order to help improve the algorithm, users can submit pictures of objects that UFO Detector suspects are UFOs that obviously are not. These “false-positives” will presumably then help the software not make the same mistake in the future.

The UFO Detector software running on the Open Minds Production laptop. UFOs are easy to spot at Open Minds HQ.
The UFO Detector software running on the Open Minds Production laptop. UFOs are easy to spot at OpenMinds.tv HQ.

When a UFO is spotted by the software it is recorded in high definition video so it can be examined later. Currently, nothing can stop a hoaxer from adding a fake UFO to the video. However, ProjectCE plans to develop a secure video format for the program to use in the future, so that tampering does not go undetected.

ProjectCE hopes that their program will help produce better UFO videos. The website states, “I believe we can have a much higher number of good footage if we change the way we have been looking for UFO’s [sic]. My Detector program allows anyone to monitor the skies day and night for possible UFO’s [sic].”

Another future goal of ProjectCE is to create an online forum for people to submit their UFO videos, get them analyzed, and discuss their findings.

ProjectCE has partnered with TheBlackVault.com in order to get the word out on their program.  The Black Vault also has instructions and a list of tips and tricks for working with the software. They have also set up a forum for users to discuss their experiences, post suggestions, and get answers to questions.

The UFO Detector Forum at TheBlackVault.com. (Credit: The Black Vault)
The UFO Detector Forum at TheBlackVault.com. (Credit: The Black Vault)

Good UFO videos are hard to come by, and often the ones that get the most attention turn out to be cases of mistaken identity. Maybe UFO Detector will help UFO hunters get that indisputable footage they are looking for. Check it out and let us know if you get something good.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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One Comment

  1. Hello.

    Very good project, “but” I think, I have a more effective idea.
    But this would be a good part of a bigger solution.

    A webseite and mobile app, they show you in real time UFO activity at every place on the earth (with sensors).

    Every “usual” alien crafted UFO must manipulate, or respectively produce, gravity.
    But, it is impossible that the gravitational field naturally fluctuates temporarily.
    Fluctuations must be produced artificially! On earth there is no such technique.
    When a sensor detects a fluctuation, it can only be alien technology …..
    OK, for the “nonbeliever”, “a sophisticated technology of the army”.
    But is that more realistic?

    We need a network of gravimeters like this http://erst-kontakt.blog.de/2014/08/03/neue-ufo-forschung-seltsame-erscheinungen-ueberwachungsanlagen-vortrag-gerhard-groeschel-19041531/
    Or cheaper, used Smartphones etc..
    All transmit their data in real time to a server.
    This server would provide a website with a live presentation (like Flightradar24) of the fluctuations in “false colors”.
    And also log all datas for Science and all citizens.


    Any visitor to the site, or user of a smartphone app could see anomalies in real time.
    Two or more detections allow locating the position on cross-bearing.
    The Website may indicate the direction and speed.
    The website can calculate where the object at which time arrives (with the same direction and speed).
    Users of the smartphone app can set an alarm when objects appear in its field of view, or are likely to show up.
    Much more potential witnesses, much more potential photos and videos.

    This network can be built in large part by private individuals.
    Institutions, associations, etc. can also set up sensors.

    Similarly, “SETI at Home” and private weather stations.
    But you can also use your own sensors without the system.
    Help as a witness and photographer and videographer.

    Maybe satisfies the 3-axis accelerometer from a smartphone as a gravimeter.
    Smartphone must be fixed to a wall, etc..
    Yes, you’ll need another, for example, a used device.

    A smartphone is a small computer with all sorts of useful sensors, and WIFI (or mobile radio for mobile measurement at secluded hot spots without wifi and houses…).
    The “compass” could detect as a magnetometer, strong electromagnetic fields. It is often of strong EM fields reported (disorder of devices, tingling in the body, fainting).

    Although the photo camera is not good for images (in heaven or at night), but it exists. In addition to the absolute proof of a gravitational anomaly but a good addition. The photo must not be sufficient as the sole proof, but visualize the already proven UFO.
    The first user in the area aimed the camera at will.

    The compass tells the network, the directions of the gravimeter/magnetometer data (for more accurate location), and in which direction the camera sees.
    The next participant can get suggestions for alignment of the camera from the system/app.
    In order, to cover as many directions of the sky.

    The webcam could serve as a Geiger-Mueller counter.
    The accuracy is probably not very high, but the Cam is available.
    The front camera has absolutely lighttightness be taped, and the client app has to count.

    A PC system (Raspberry PI …) would also be possible.

    By the way, there is a crowdfunding project, which aims to provide sugar cube large sensors for motion detection of arms, legs, fingers, etc.. For the Oculus rift etc ..
    The finished sensor should cost ~$20.
    A gyro-sensor (useless for our purposes), compass and accelerometer with LAN and WLAN on a tiny board.
    Cameras (also multiple) could be connected by USB.

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