Tom DeLonge’s UFO research team revealed, includes government insiders

Rocker Tom DeLonge has finally released information about a big UFO project he has been teasing for months, and is planning a live event tomorrow morning to provide more information.

In February 2016, rocker Tom DeLonge made headlines when he announced at the International UFO Congress that he had big UFO news to reveal and it would be coming in a few weeks time. HIs address to the conference was recorded and in response to being awarded the UFO Researcher of the Year. However, the news never came. Some gave up on anything being revealed. I had faith, but I also had messages from DeLonge letting me know he had been delayed, but that the information was still on the way.

Finally, the wait is over, and we now know his new project will be tiled To the Stars Academy, and its mission is to “strive to be a powerful vehicle for change by creating a consortium among science, aerospace and entertainment that will work collectively to allow gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world”

The To the Stars Academy logo. The three areas represent: “Three synergistic divisions of Science (research), Aerospace (application) and Entertainment (storytelling).” (Credit: To the Stars Academy)

You may ask, why take a rockstar seriously? That goes back to why he won the researcher of the year award. Tom had been announcing plans to reveal secret information about UFOs and aliens for some time. Many thought he was full of hot air, but that changed late last year with the release of John Podesta’s emails via WikiLeaks.

Among his emails were conversations with DeLonge about his UFO project. In the emails it was revealed that Tom had attended a meeting arranged by Podesta that included a former assistant to the commander of U.S. Air Force Space Command, an executive at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works (the managers and creators of Area 51) and a general who had been in charge of labs at Wright-Paterson Air Force base, which, as DeLonge pointed out in an email to Podesta, is where it is rumored alien bodies were stored.

This demonstrated that Tom was really getting somewhere and that he really was talking to insiders. To me, this justified paying very close attention, and this latest revelation demonstrates he is still working with some very serious people who shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Leslie Kean

The first glimpse we got today on what DeLonge is up to came via a HuffPost article posted by Leslie Kean. Kean is the author of the New York Times best-seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Several of her UFO articles since have created a stir, and this one follows suit.

Kean writes: “Something extraordinary is about to be revealed. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows are now stepping into the light.”

“The team includes a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations; a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at ‘Skunk Works’; a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; a DoD Senior Intelligence officer who, among other sensitive responsibilities, ran a Pentagon aerospace ‘threat identification’ program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies,” Kean continues.

A team like this getting together to pursue answers to the UFO question is unprecedented, and their comments show they are serious.

Hal Puthoff, who has spent many years advising the government on technology, and is known to dabble in UFOs, told Kean, “We scientists are beginning to take seriously such ideas as warp-drive spaceflight right out of Star Trek, the high probability of extraterrestrial intelligence, and the realization that most of what will constitute the science of the future is well beyond our present comprehension. Given that the observation of anomalous aerospace phenomena in our skies might, in principle, incorporate elements from all three, it’s an irresistible challenge beckoning to be addressed.”

Luis Elizondo (Credit: To the Stars Academy)

Luis Elizondo ran a Department of Defense program to study “anomalous aerial threats.” He says, “Unlike the other efforts that many people in the Pentagon knew I was associated with, the topic of aerial threats was a much more limited audience that few had any idea I was part of, with the exception of a select few individuals.”

When asked, he told Kean that the unidentified object he studied were considered to be threats, however, “something unexplained is always assumed to be a potential threat until we are certain it isn’t.”

“From our observations, my opinion and that of others is that the phenomenon is very real. On the bright side, I believe we are closer than ever before in our understanding of how it operates,” he continued.

Elizondo had just left his job the day prior to speaking with Kean in order to join DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy.

Stephen Justice, retired Program Director for Advanced Systems and Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works says the flight characteristics of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), another term for UFO, are what interest him. He concludes the UFO phenomenon is real due to a number of credible cases he has reviewed. And if they are real, Justice tells Kean, “That means it can be done – these unusual flight characteristics can be done. So how do you do it? I want to dig into how you do it. It can be done!”

Chris Mellon, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence for two administrations, says figuring out the UFO phenomenon is going to take an effort outside of the government.

Chris Mellon (Credit: To the Stars Academy)

“This is another case in which the system will not repair itself and people outside of government need to take action for breakthroughs to occur,” Melon told Kean. “This team has the skill set to process information others avert their eyes to and turn it to the advantage of the nation and the world.” 

I got the opportunity to talk to To the Stars Academy Vice President of Operations Jim Semivan. He served for 25 years in the CIA, and was a part of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. He has received the CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal.

One question I had was, simply, why?

“A lot of people in our group are former government employees who know this stuff is going on. When it comes to UAPs, we feel there is something to it,” Semivan explained. “People in the government are like people anywhere, some have had unexplainable experiences, and others are curious.”

OK, so why now, I asked.

“At the age of 65, I feel it is time I do what I can to find out what is behind this mystery. This is the big question. What does it all mean, and what is real? What is behind the veil? I have maybe 15 years of life left, and this is what I want to do, and when I got connect with Tom I found out he feels the same.”

“Nature is incredibly big and this sort of exploration allows us to reach out and touch the divine. I want to get close to it and understand it. It is a quest.”

Jim Semivan (Credit: To the Stars Academy)

There are already negative rumblings in the UFO community. Some feel that DeLonge and the group are just in this for the money. To this, Semivan says, “None of us want to do this for money. We are retired.”

To the Stars Academy will be a public company, in particular a public-benefit corporation, and the proceeds will go towards research. Semivan points out that this sort of research, done right, takes funding.

He says, “We felt this project was the best way to bring people in and help do this thing.”

There will be a live streamed event tomorrow morning, October 11, 2017, at 9 am PT to announce the creation of the organization. We will find out more then, but what we know so far is pretty exciting.

There are those who were hoping some sort of government disclosure was on the way, but according to DeLonge, there is still much to be shared.

To watch the live stream event, visit: TotheStarsAcademy.com.



“To The Stars… concept for an Advanced ElectroMagnetic Vehicle that can manipulate space-time as observed in the UFO Phenomenon. To The Stars Head of Aerospace and Technology Steve Justice, and Fmr. Director of Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, aims to lead a group of elite aerospace engineers to bring this technology to the world.” Click to enlarge. (Credit: To the Stars Academy)

More information about the To the Stars Academy and investment information: https://dpo.tothestarsacademy.com/#offering-circular.

What the event here.


Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. The space ship is ugly but ill take it,lol wishing these guys alot of luck on this??????…hey…has anyone “heard a peep” from Stephen Greer about this?

  2. Quween Starfire New Age Sparkleness

    Hello Alejandro, aka JANDRO the magnificent

    Well, at this point, Mr. Delonge reveals himself to be a true believer of, of…something. Is the “team” he has assembled capable of inventing a warp drive craft? His “To the Stars” video mentions the inclusion of religious scholars. As the supreme emissary of the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I have not been invited. Why? Place your bets people. It appears some people have invested in this. We just don’t know what the “this” is.

  3. Delonge is being played and will not be releasing anything factual, all he is releasing is what the US govt and the shadow govt want released. Having heard him talking about some of the things he has learned it is all BS. But hey, unlike him I actually have a long life of interactions with ET’s, he’s jsut getting rubbish from the shadow govt to release and it will be proved wrong shortly

  4. The history of research and exploration is replete with examples of significant discoveries made while in search for something else which often ultimately was itself never found. The hope of the hunt still bore fruit. Long-shot high-payoff gambles appeal to people and I’m glad there are those who pursue them despite the daunting odds against them. Mazel tov to this effort as well.

  5. UFOs have hovered over Russia/USSR and China/PRC for centuries.
    Both countries collected tremendous amount of information regarding the 20th century encounters, sightings, and other pertinent events. The USSR, as I have demonstrated, had conducted an unparalleled UFO/USO research program (initially named SETKA) from 1978 till 1991 (and sometime beyond the disintegration of the Soviet regime). Without the information from both nations (to say the least( such efforts are not complete,alas, and there is no real disclosure. U.S, was but one of the world powers vvisited by UFOs/USOs…

  6. Back in the early ’60’s, I went to a private school called Adastra (“To The Stars” in Latin). It turned out to be a scam, and I am confident that this is no less a scam.

  7. Does this just mean the dilettante DeLonge has found he has the wherewithal to employ these people, and they’re happy to oblige at a rate?

  8. One day most people will say, well I guess it makes sense now that most of those stars right above us have planets, and some of those planets are like earth, containing life, and some are much older than our earth, and very advanced. If you want a hint on the life out there, just take away in your mind all the humans on earth. Earth is still teaming with life. The universe is teaming with life…. and some have been around for millions of our earth years. To not think this is possible is to live in a box, and never look up at the stars at night. Each star is a sun, each sun can have planets.

    Simple math proves that given the amount of people describing the craft or beings they saw that it must be true. It is true, and we are just a young society that has yet to discover many things. Some of those things will be common knowledge one day for us, but at the moment it has yet to be disclosed officially. Will it be soon? Possibly… but I must say this. True disclosure is the aliens coming down and saying hello themselves. That kind of disclosure might be one that the aliens won’t do for hundreds of years….. I could be wrong .

  9. Consider this possibility……
    They have reached a point where artificial intelligence invents things for them. Such as element 115. Which when used in a controlled environment, creates its own gravity containment field. Which can be pointed to go in a given direction. A lot like being in a bubble and having a fan inside that bubble, blowing the fan in the direction you wish to go….. The trick is once you create your own gravity field, you can in effect, go from point A to point B in zero time. What we are having trouble with is how to recreate the element 115 in stable form. That takes a computer with knowledge that we have yet to create.

    Also, the eyelids are what is used to create a link with the real operator, which uses the cloned body as a sort of…..virtual reality avatar. The real operator is in a different location. The cloned body is what we see and call alien greys, but actually are just expendable avatars.

  10. Forming ‘research’ groups with high-profile people is nothing new. These groups can discuss and publish all they want to no avail. The security services monitor them more easily when in a group. Nothing of significance will occur. If a ‘damaging’ document is obtained and threatened to be published, it is quickly quashed by the security services. Continue your ‘research’…

  11. The only way you will be able to tell the world and convince people is with total disclosure …. hum…they will have to announce they are here, land on each capital, in every state and country. . .be on TV , radio and every freaking talk show.. you will still have people that will not believe ..I have seen them and it goes back a few generations for me, but I do not talk about it. People are so embedded with the past and religion that they cannot see the future. I was really hoping Tom..that you would use your singing talent to awaken your generation. Go back to concerts and tell the world.. it is time ..

  12. Great & Inspiring News On UFOs To All Great Journalists, Arthurs, Scientist’s & Astronaut’s Please Keep Sharing The Videos Keep Up The Good Work GOD Bless.

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