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Russian woman claims she kept alien body in fridge for two years

Marta Yegorovnam claims she found an extraterrestrial outside her home in Petrozavodsk, western Russia two years ago, and until recently, she kept the ET in her refrigerator.

Alien in the fridge? (credit: Marta Yegorovnam)

According to the Sun, Yegorovnam claims she heard a loud noise outside her home. She rushed outside to find “flaming wreckage and crumpled metal” from a crashed UFO. The extraterrestrial victim of this crash was allegedly nearby. Her reaction was to wrap the strange creature in plastic, and place it in her fridge.

Supposed alien corpse (credit: Marta Yegorovnam)

The Daily Mail describes, “The ‘creature’ is two feet long, has an enormous head, large bulbous eyes and an appearance somewhere between a fish and a humanoid. It also appears to have what looks like a string-like arm protruding from its body.” This Jabba-the-Hutt-like appearance is just one element to this story that has many suspecting a hoax. The Sun reports, “People who have seen pictures of the ‘alien’ have likened it to Jabba The Hutt from the Star Wars films and Slimer from Ghostbusters . . . Others have claimed the bizarre find is simply a rotting vegetable, which looks remarkably other-worldly.”

Also odd is the fact that Yegorovnam waited two years to tell anyone about the body in her fridge. She claims that, when she found the supposed extraterrestrial, it was wearing a spacesuit. It’s unknown if she still has this spacesuit that she apparently removed before chilling the little guy.

'Corpse wrapped in plastic (credit: Marta Yegorovnam)

The corpse has also disappeared, creating yet another problem with this story. The Sun states that the Karelian Academy of Science in Petrozavodsk is investigating this case. However, according to a video that surfaced on November 5, two men who claimed they were from the Karelian Academy of Science confiscated the corpse. But also according to this video, employees at the Karelian Academy of Science were contacted about the extraterrestrial body, but those employees denied knowing anything about it.

Another element to this story that leads some to suspect a hoax is the involvement of paranormal writer Michael Cohen of the website allnewsweb.com. The Daily Mail reports that “the footage was unearthed” by Cohen. Cohen is infamous for his repeated support of hoaxes and other cases where there is no supporting evidence but his own. With regards to this story, Cohen stated, “This could be an elaborate hoax, however the possibility that this might be a genuine alien should not be discounted.”

Cohen did make a good point though, stating that “in all likelihood most alien beings would look strange to us . . .” However, the multiple suspicious elements with this story make it unlikely that the “corpse” in these photos is a genuine extraterrestrial. But until definitive proof surfaces, anything is possible.

Watch the video below of this bizarre “corpse” in the fridge. What do you think this is?

Jason McClellan

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