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Roswell, reverse-engineering and Project Serpo: information vs. disinformation

If you examine recent history, even without particular attention, you should notice pretty soon that in the last fifty years there has been a technological breakthrough that has led to impressive inventions that were absolutely unimaginable just a few years earlier. In many cases, moreover, we haven’t witnessed a step by step evolution due to a series of progressive achievements but, on the contrary, a lot of discoveries seemingly have come out of nowhere. Thinking about these inventions as something 100% terrestrial would be totally legitimate, if only the former head of the Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon, U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso, had not related a completely different story that not only showed in a plausible way how it was possible to make these outstanding discoveries, but also fitted perfectly the overall framework of the Roswell affair.

Col. Philip J. Corso’s background and story

General Arthur Trudeau
General Arthur Trudeau

After hearing claims of that kind, the first aspect that must be taken into consideration is whether the source of such claims is reliable or not. In this regard, the American researcher Larry Bryant, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, was able to get Philip J. Corso’s Department of the Army Form 66, Officer Qualification Record, which summarizes his military career. In a nutshell, he served 21 years in the Army, from 1942 to 1963, he was awarded the Legion of Merit and, besides being a member of the National Security Council, on June 20, 1961, he was assigned to the Foreign Technology Division as a Staff officer and then, on July 18, 1962, he was assigned as Staff officer in the Plans Division, Office of the Chief of Research and Development (OCRD).

In 1997, Colonel Corso took the field with a series of deflagrating statements: the Roswell UFO crash did really happen, the craft was a biological spaceship that worked in conjunction with a crew of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) who drove it through a particular neural interface. Corso said that, executing General Arthur Trudeau’s orders at the Pentagon, he was responsible for handing the parts of the recovered flying saucer to several U.S. companies connected to the U.S. Army in a reverse engineering operation.

The connection between Colonel Corso and the Roswell case dates back long before the Sixties. In his autobiographical book “The Day After Roswell”, Colonel Corso reports that, in early July 1947, when he was assigned to Fort Riley (Kansas), five trucks of 25 tons and some semitrailers entered the base, coming from Fort Bliss, Texas, and headed to the Air Material Command at Wright Field, Ohio. That night Corso was patrolling the base and, when he approached the medical facilities, was called by Sergeant Brown who, in an altered voice, urged him to come in and have a look. Since he had a security clearance, Corso entered the building and saw a series of boxes stacked along the wall; Sergeant Brown told him that the drivers of the trucks had claimed that they were the remains of an air-crash. Corso came close to a box and then lifted the lid after loosening the nails. By using a flashlight, he saw that there was a thick glass container with a blue liquid where a strange figure was suspended.For a moment, he thought it was a child, but soon realized that he was wrong: it was a humanoid, about four feet high, four-fingered hands and a disproportioned bulb-shaped head, with eyes without irises, huge orbits, elongated thin lips and a small nose. Taken by utmost amazement, Corso looked for the delivery note and found a document stating the creature had been retrieved on a craft which had crashed near Roswell at the beginning of the week and had had to be taken to the pathology department of the Walter Reed Military Hospital. Corso closed the box carefully, still upset by what he had seen.

Walter Reed Military Hospital
Walter Reed Military Hospital

With a little help from my (alien) friends

The memory of that day, despite being always vivid, was set aside in the following years, since he had not the opportunity to know further details about that alien corpse. This until he was assigned to the Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon, under the orders of General Arthur G.Trudeau, where his job was that of sending several unknown items to companies and scientists whose fields of specialization were more suitable in order to try to unravel the secrets behind alien technology.

It did not take long to see the results of this reverse engineering operation: night goggles, image intensifiers, fiber optics, aligned molecules used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests (i.e. kevlar), transistors, lasers, all discoveries that, perhaps, without a “little” help from an extraterrestrial civilization would have been made in a remote future.

The testimony of Colonel Philip J. Corso is very important not only because it comes from a highly decorated military man, but also because it fits perfectly in a precise framework of events, providing further credibility to the case that, to date, is no doubt the most convincing one with regards to the presence of alien activity on our planet. Indeed, Corso not only provided a direct confirmation to the recovery of extraterrestrial entities in the desert of New Mexico in 1947, but he also made us understand how the technological leap of the latest decades had been possible all of a sudden. It would be very easy to say that he was crazy, but his credentials are visible to all.

From Roswell to Serpo

The Roswell affair, however, besides Corso’s testimony, presents a series of interesting side events that are quite difficult to judge considering that in many cases the evidences supporting them are, unlike the well grounded core of the Roswell UFO crash, just rumors and odd coincidences. Anyway, given the importance of the Roswell affair, every story somehow related to it must be duly regarded with much more attention, since there may be another piece to add to a mosaic whose global look is already well defined.

One of the most intriguing and, at the same time, hotly debated side event is the so-called Project Serpo, an alleged exchange program between the United States of America and an extraterrestrial race that would have taken place between 1965 and 1978.

After hearing a claim like this, it is essential to investigate thoroughly the source from which the information has come out.The first vague reference to an exchange program between the U.S. government and an extraterrestrial civilization was made in 1983, when the famous researcher Linda Moulton Howe – who was producing for HBO a documentary called The ET Factor – was approached by Richard C. Doty, special agent of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), who told her that he had obtained a security clearance that enabled him to provide her with official documents, photographs and videos concerning a human-alien exchange program: it would have begun in 1964, when an alien spaceship would have taken off from Holloman Air Force Base, with a human crew on board, heading to Zeta Reticuli. Later, however, Doty sat back and said that his clearance had been revoked and that, therefore, he could no longer release any information.

But who is Richard C. Doty? In the transcript of a telephone interview with Philip Klass, Doty says that his father, Edward Doty, was in the Air Force, and was at Holloman AFB from 1962 to 1964.

It seems that Richard worked at Kirtland AFB in 1980, since that is when the Bennewitz affair took place. In the early 1980s, Paul Bennewitz started to report strange lights over the Manzano area of Kirtland Air Force Base, and claimed to have recorded unusual signals emanating from the base that he believed being of extraterrestrial origin.

According to Doty, he tried and managed to convince Bennewitz that he was actually experiencing extraterrestrial phenomena and that there was an alien base under nearby Archuleta Mountain, the so-called Dulce base.

According to famous researcher William Moore, by the time he was sent to investigate Bennewitz’s claims in 1982, Doty had been feeding the man disinformation for two years.

As you can see, Doty’s background is totally compromised and leaves room to think that he is a disinformation agent.

Holloman Air Force Base (Credit: U.S. Air Force)

The Serpo affair

In 2005 the Serpo affair was brought in broad daylight on a private UFO email list moderated by Victor Martinez, a former employee of several U.S. federal agencies.

On November 2, 2005, a retired senior official within the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who called himself “Request Anonymous” started to release information about said exchange program on that UFO email list.

All of the information presented to Victor Martinez by “Request Anonymous” – as proved beyond any reasonable doubt – came in fact from Richard C. Doty. Doty denied any involvement in the story, despite the massive amount of evidence to the contrary.

These data are strictly connected to the Roswell incident: Anonymous claimed that one crew member had survived after the crash and had been brought, along with several other corpses, to Los Alamos National Laboratory. There some scientists allegedly managed to establish a form of communication with the alien being which gave indications about the planet from where he had come: Serpo, in the Zeta Reticuli system. After a reverse engineering operation aimed at repairing a transmission device, the US government managed to get in contact with Serpo.

In 1952, according to Anonymous, the alien died, but both humans and aliens had already started to plan an exchange program. However, especially after the death of the extraterrestrial entity, the problems of mutual understanding reached their peak, and that’s why it took so long to get the exchange program started. First with the approval of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and then on behalf of President Johnson, a meeting was held on April 24, 1964, near the Holloman Air Force Base in order to examine the details of the exchange that would have begun in July the year after and would have seen the departure of twelve human astronauts to Serpo on an alien spacecraft.

Anonymous provided detailed information as regards the training that was given to those who were supposed to leave for Serpo: astronomy, physics, psychology, nutrition, biology, linguistics, sessions at zero gravity in low oxygen conditions, questioning under psychological stress, prolonged periods of isolation, survival techniques in hostile environments.

However, the composition of the team gave birth to strong skepticism: Anonymous reported that there were ten men and two women in the team, each of them from the Armed Forces. According to some researchers, the presence of female staff is highly unlikely: in fact, at that time there were women in the Air Force, as well as in the Navy and in the Army, but their presence was limited to medical, administrative and logistical support.Consequently, there were no women with a technical and tactical preparation that could have been adequate to that operation, not to mention the fact that there were no female astronauts at that time.

Alleged image from Serpo.
Alleged image from Serpo.

According to Anonymous, in July 1965, as agreed, an alien spaceship which had previously landed in Nevada took off with twelve human crewmen.Anonymous has even shown some parts of the captain’s diary, where you can read that immediately after the departure he felt a strong sense of disorientation, since the instruments for measuring time did not work anymore. Then Anonymous provided a series of data about Serpo’s culture and society that strongly resemble Tommaso Campanella’s and Francis Bacon’s utopias.

The information given by Anonymous with regards to Serpo’s orbit and distance from the two stars of Zeta Reticuli system are totally wrong, since these two factors would not match Kepler’s Third Law. Anonymous replied that even the scientists on board had been baffled by this data and they had come to the conclusion that Kepler’s laws were not applicable in the Zeta Reticuli system.

According to further releases by Anonymous, the program was to expire in 1975 but, for unknown reasons, it ended in 1978 and just six team members came back to Earth, since two had died on Serpo and four had decided to stay there.

In December 2006, Anonymous sent Victor Martinez some photographs of the expedition but they were fake. Then Anonymous vanished and did not post any further comment.


There is no direct evidence of the existence of an exchange program with an alien civilization, there are only rumors and data given by Richard C. Doty, who has proven himself to be a disinformation agent.

So, here we get straight to the crucial point: when a person whose trustworthiness is nil provides a lot of information about an alleged exchange program that was somehow connected to the Roswell UFO crash as well as the subsequent reverse engineering, everybody could be induced to assume that even the Roswell crash and the reverse engineering operation are silly fancies.This is exactly the intent of many fictitious deep-throats: debunk the phenomenon, undermining its foundations.This strategy is certainly more subtle because it becomes very hard to distinguish what is real from what is plausible or totally invented to discredit the truth. Project Serpo is certainly a topic of great interest but it is totally ungrounded. There are only elements given by a fraudster whose credibility cannot be compared to the credibility of Colonel Corso (who, among other things, has never mentioned such project).

So one needs to separate the Roswell case as well as Colonel Corso’s claims, remembering that for a few hours, on July 8, 1947, the lid on the UFO phenomenon was off and it was possible to take a peek inside the mystery.

The press release distributed that morning by the Public Information Office at the Roswell Army Air Field on the direct orders of base Commander Col. William Blanchard was clear and shocking at the same time, and its importance will never die down: <<The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the Intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eight Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff’s office of Chaves County. The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff’s office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office. Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher’s home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters>>.


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Umberto Visani

Umberto Visani was born in Turin, Italy, on June 22, 1983. Since he was a kid he has been fascinated by ufology, Forteana, mysterious archaeology, anthropology, ancient traditions, folklore and cryptozoology. In 2007 he graduated cum laude in jurisprudence at the University of Turin. He cooperates with several specialized magazines: Open Minds, Ufo International, Mistero. In 2009 he became a legal practitioner. In 2012 he published his first book, “Mondo Alieno” (Alien World), followed in 2013 by his first novel, Ubique, a science fiction mystery novel.

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  1. I’ll mention a quote from X Files: “between two lies exists the truth”.

    Of course Doty is a disinformant, but even he admits that about 20% of his “disinformation” contained the truth (see Mirage Men documentary).

  2. NOTHING Doty says can be considered for anything but lies.
    If Doty’s mouth is moving, he’s lying.

  3. First of all let me stress this: I do believe in life outside the Earth. Now do I believe that the Earth has been intentionally visited by extraterrestrial life: No!

    Now I stated ‘intentionally visited’ on purpose because I can believe in a scenario where alien technology fell to Earth without the aliens knowing about it. Lets take for example the Voyager spacecrafts. Let say that after leaving the solar system we lose track of both of them. We have absolutely no idea where they are located. Now lets say that one of the Voyager spacecrafts fell onto Planet X whose technology is at the level of 1950 Earth. From our point of view we still do not know if life exist outside of our solar system however from Planet X’s point of view there is alien life somewhere else in the universe. The people of Planet X would have to assume that their location is known and the government of Planet X would have to decide how to handle the news.

    Now the real reason for my rant is that I do not believe we on Earth reverse-engineered alien technology to enhance our current technology. Lets say that the alien technology is at least 100 years in advance of ours to enable interstellar travel though I believe it would have to be a lot more. That would be the same as sending an iPad to 1915 Earth. Assuming that the iPad wasn’t damaged during the transit, the people would still have to open it without damaging the connections inside. Then what the would see would be a green board with black and silver shapes on it.

    Provided they didn’t damaged the individual ‘coated’ components through the use of probing with crude voltage meters by not being properly grounded, the could probably deduce which component was a resistor, an inductor and a capacitor through the symbols on the circuit board. However the concept of a transistor and integrated circuit would be totally foreign. The symbol for the integrated circuit is IC however the symbol for the transistor is Q.

    Probing the voltage level on the leads of discrete components is straightforward however probing the leads of transistors and ICs would lead to 0 volts because these level are rapidly changing at a certain clock speed which voltage meters can not measure. They would need a gigahertz oscilloscope which does not exist in 1915. They would need a gigahertz logic analyzer which does not exist in 1915.

    Now they could remove the components and shave down the individual coating to see whats inside however, except for the resistor, inductors and capacitors, they don’t have a grinding tool with a fine enough precision to NOT destroy the part in the process. And even if they had a precision shaving device all they would see is a silver film because they do not have an electron microscope to see the actual electrical pattern embedded inside.

    Technology is not stagnant. To believe we have the technology to understand the computers, electrical components and materials of a complex (and I use this word loosely) device from an alien world more than 100 years in advance is the height of arrogance on our part.

  4. Just watch the hangar 1 series. Too many credible claims by credible sources to all be fake.
    Do I believe there are 57 distinct unique species of aliens that have all visited? Probably not. Do I believe there have been between 1 and 57, absolutely 100% chance of that.

    Just to be clear, every time someone speaks out and then goes missing or is killed I triple the credibility of what they claimed prior to that kidnap/murder. So I just want to know more about the “Giant Grays” that are like 8 foot tall. Are they kept underground because they need a different atmosphere or just for privacy?

  5. In my opinion Project Serpo is a lie because Doty is a notorious disinformation artist, a proven liar who may or may not be a paid employee of the U.S. government, and nothing he says or promotes is trustworthy or reliable. These are some facts that i read earlier on

  6. was admiral byrd connected two Charles lemay in the anartica was are millatarry hand in hand in these matters did Charles get hit by aliens are was his missions separate from extra ter e? whats realy going on

  7. I still have the location of the worm hole1346 Anzio and yes I was neighbors with Charles lemay and the boltons and I still have Charles lemays medals addressed to his wife betty joe lemay.evry one on a purple felt in a framed glass in mint condition . I wonder if Charles new about the worm hole

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