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“Roswell alien slides” photo revealed

The public finally got to see a slide, but only one, of a set that has been allegedly traced back to 1947, and purportedly shows an alien body on display. After a blurry version of the photo was extracted from a promotional video for an upcoming documentary on the slides, many suspected that what was actually on display was a child sized mummy. Now that the original photo has been revealed, many feel that it only reinforces the mummy theory.

The "alien" slide was posted on Coast to Coast AM's website. Click the picture to enlarge.
The now infamous “alien” slide was posted on Coast to Coast AM’s website. Click the picture to enlarge.

When the existence of a set of slides from the 1940s that supposedly showed an alien body that had been recovered from the alleged alien space craft that had crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, was announced, it was proclaimed to be “smoking gun” evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials. The announcement did not include actual pictures of the slides, but the world was promised they would see them a few months later. A few months have passed and one of the pictures was presented yesterday, but most agree, a smoking gun it is not.

Some have called the photo unveiling an epic fail, a term which made it to the headline of the story posted by the UK’s Daily Record: “Roswell Slides unveiled: UFO fans left heartbroken by Area 51 ‘alien’ photo unveiling which was ‘an epic fail.'”

Nick Pope (Credit: Peter Beste/OpenMinds.tv)
Nick Pope (Credit: Peter Beste/OpenMinds.tv)

In their story, Nick Pope, who formerly conducted UFO investigations for the UK Ministry of Defence, said he was “underwhelmed” by the picture and evidence presented yesterday.

Pope told the Daily Record, “It could be a model, or it could simply be a fake image, dressed up to look like a Forties slide.”

The image was shown late in the day long presentation that was held in Mexico City. Mexican journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan has been publicizing the event for weeks, calling it “the event that will change the history of UFO research.”

Most of the history of the slides had already been revealed. They were found by a woman who was hired to clean out a house and get it ready for an estate sale. Among the items to be thrown out, she found a box of photographic slides. She retrieved them, took them home, and put them in her garage. She then forgot about them for about 10 years.

Once she finally got around to looking at them, among touristy pictures and pictures of famous people, she found a couple of pictures she thought looked strange. Her brother took the pictures to their mutual friend, Adam Dew, who runs a video production company, and they began to investigate who the owners were and what the pictures were of.

Dew told OpenMinds.tv in an interview in March, “When most people see the slides first hand, they think the slides look like what we think, what we have been conditioned to think, an alien would like.”

Dew took the slides to Roswell researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, and they felt Dew might be on to something.

After months of research, some of which had been leaked on the internet, in November, 2014, to an audience at American University, Carey announced that they had “smoking gun” evidence that aliens are real.

Carey told the crowd, “It’s original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.”

In a press conference in February of this year, Maussan, along with Carey, Schmitt, and Dew, announced that on May 4, 2015 they would reveal their evidence and the slides of the alien. The unveiling was to take place at a large auditorium in Mexico City, and the public would be able to buy tickets to the “historic” event.

Along with the announcement came the story about how the slides were obtained, ending months of speculation, and a trailer for a documentary Dew’s company, Slide Box Media, is working on about the slides. However, the slides themselves were still under wraps.

That did not stop several UFO researchers from digging further. Some noticed that in the documentary trailer researchers are seen looking at one of the slides. Several people zoomed in on this slide, adjusted it for the odd angle it was in, and produced a fuzzy image of a humanoid in a display.

The image adjusted by Frank Warren of The UFO Chronicles and cut and pasted into a similar looking slide sleeve. (Credit: The UFO Chronicles (Frank Warren)/Slidebox Media)
The image adjusted by Frank Warren of The UFO Chronicles and cut and pasted into a similar looking slide sleeve. (Credit: The UFO Chronicles (Frank Warren)/Slidebox Media)

Immediately, researchers began comparing the slide to child sized mummies, taking some of the wind out of the sails of the Mexico inveling.

In our interview with Dew, we asked him about the mummy theory. He responded, “To me it is obviously not the same thing, but maybe that’s just me.”

Roman child mummy. (Credit: Jan/Flickr)
Roman child mummy. (Credit: Jan/Flickr)

He pointed out that in one of the mummy pictures suspected to be what was found in his slide, there was a hole in its side. Dew said there is no hole in the side of the body in their photo.

Dew says he did ask scientists if they could identify the body in the photos. However, he says, when you ask a person of science about it, “if you show them something with a head, two arms and two legs, they are going to default to ‘it is human’ no matter what.”

Although the Mexican presentation yesterday included experts who said they could not identify the body, apparently some of the experts Dew talked with disagreed.

Many in the public, besides Pope, also disagreed. In fact, many feel that the unveiling of the photo supports the mummy theory. In particular, many, including the Daily Record picked up on an image that was discovered by an anonymous, but well known among the skeptical, UFO researcher that goes by the name Isaac Koi.

Thebes mummy image acquired by Isaac Koi. (Credit: The Wistar Institute)
Thebes mummy image acquired by Isaac Koi. (Credit: The Wistar Institute)

The image is of a mummy which was discovered in Thebes and collected by John Hamilton Slack in 1856. The mummy spent time at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia before being transferred to the National Museum of Natural History in 1958.

An article about a study of the mummy was written by Physical Anthropologist David Hunt in 2012. It was hunt that provided Koi with the black and white picture. It is hard not to admit the Thebes mummy does have a striking resemblance to the mummy in the “Roswell Slides” image.

Two more images of the Thebes mummy found in Hunt's article. (Credit:Don Hurlbert, NMNH Department of Anthroplogy.)
Two more images of the Thebes mummy found in Hunt’s article. (Credit:Don Hurlbert, NMNH Department of Anthroplogy.)

While researching the story, I ran across a video about child mummies on the Smithsonian Channel which shows similar shelving in the catacombs of the Smithsonian in which samples are held.

Screenshot from Child Mummies video. Similar shelving can be seen in the background at the Smithsonian Institute as can be seen in the "alien" slide. (Credit: Smithsonian Institute)
Screenshot from Child Mummies video. Similar shelving can be seen in the background at the Smithsonian Institute as can be seen in the “alien” slide. (Credit: Smithsonian Institute)

John Greenewald of the Black Vault also made several valid observations about the image. He notes that along with the humanoid body, there appears to be other artifacts displayed. It is difficult to make out what they could be. Although one looks like the head of an ape. He also notes that the body in question, along with the “ape or gorilla like head,” have placards. Like at a museum.

John Greenewald at the Black Vault points out what looks like an ape or gorilla head can be seen in the display with the "alien." Click to enlarge. (Credit: The Black Vault)
John Greenewald at the Black Vault points out what looks like an ape or gorilla head that can be seen in the display with the “alien.” Click to enlarge. (Credit: The Black Vault)

Greenewald also points out that on the other side of the display there appears to be a woman in a skirt.

A woman in a skirt can be seen on the other side of the "alien" display. (Credit: The Black Vault)
A woman in a skirt can be seen on the other side of the “alien” display. (Credit: The Black Vault)

In our interview with Dew, he said that there were other pictures of people in the stack of pictures with the “aliens” that they were trying to identify. One of these shows a woman in a museum with a similar skirt. Could this be the woman on the other side of the display?

Woman in a museum picture that was in the group of photos with the alleged "alien" photos. Researchers would like to know who this is and where the picture is taken. (Credit: Slide Box Media)
Woman in a museum picture that was in the group of photos with the alleged “alien” photos. Researchers would like to know who this is and where the picture is taken. (Credit: Slide Box Media)

Unfortunately, the people who are believed to have taken the photos are now deceased. So unless someone in the public can shed some more light on the picture, we may never know.

The Daily Record used a quote from our interview in their story. They wrote, “The images were found by former journalist Adam Dew, who reportedly turned down interviews with magazines that wanted to cover the story because ‘they were not offering any compensation.'”

As we have reviewed, it wasn’t Dew who found the pictures, but he did make that statement about compensation.  However, Dew justified his interest in raising funds for the project. He explained, “This has been a process that has cost me money out of my pocket, and I would certainly like to tell my wife that we at least broke even on this in the worst case scenario.”

Many felt the sensationalistic way in which they chose to reveal the photographs was just a ploy to raise a lot of money, and that it was an intentional hoax. However, Maussan told the Daily Record, there was no money to be made at the event.

Maussan said, “I lost about $100 thousand in the event, even though we had six thousand people in the auditorium and a few thousand watching on the Internet.”

“I never did it for money, I knew I was going to lose cash even before started the organisation of the event, but I didn’t care,” claims Maussan.

The online buzz has been overwhelming negative regarding the whole affair. Some feel duped. If you search for tweets using the hashtag #Roswellslides, you will get an idea of the online sentiment.

Those who read OpenMinds.tv will understand that the search for answers when it comes to the unexplained is hard to come by. Many have been left with a bad taste in their mouth over these slides, and there are few, if any, that seem to agree that the slides are a “smoking gun.” However, thus far, there is also little evidence of a premeditated hoax, leaving this another case of mistaken identity. Or, of course, an alien body that looks a lot like a mummy.


May 7, 2015: The second slide has been revealed, and it may have been shown at the conference in Mexico, it was just overlooked.

At 1 pm, Jaime Maussan tweeted the second slide because many, including us, reported that the second slide was not presented. The image provided is very small, and is even more blurry than the first. However, it appears the writing on the plaque for the “alien” is more visible, but still illegible.

The allusive second "Roswell Alien Slide" image. (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)
The allusive second “Roswell Alien Slide” image. (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)

Andreas Müller, who runs the website Grewi.de, pointed out that the slide actually was put up on the screen towards the end of the event. He sent me a screenshot.

Screenshot from the conference in Mexico showing both slides side by side. (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)
Screenshot from the conference in Mexico showing both slides side by side. (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)
Screenshot of the second "Roswell Alien Slide." (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)
Screenshot of the second “Roswell Alien Slide.” (Credit: Slide Box Media/Jaime Maussan)

The image is not much different, just much more grainy. It also appears that the picture Jaime tweeted was a cropped version of the full image. There are supposedly still higher resolution versions of each image available that have not yet been made public. Perhaps the full version of the second picture will reveal the writing on the placard. We will have to wait and see.

May 19, 2015: Read the latest here: Roswell Alien Slides placard deciphered, says it is a mummy

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. the creature in this “roswell slide” photo makes me think of a mummified/preserved version of the alien corpse in boyd bushman’s pictures?

  2. I wonder if it is possible to discern what is written on the paper. Maybe the guy who deciphered the letter held in the Roswell ‘weather balloon’ pics can get on it. Also the museum and worker should be fairly easy to sleuth. Are there other nearby slides that can yield clues as to the city they were in?

  3. Look at the shelf that the subject is laying on-
    It’s a thick glass shelf, such as used in display cases in museums and such. The whole place looks like a museum, and not a medical facility at all.
    IF I were that guy who put on rhis public event, I’d think a little harder about the slides, before squandering $100k!

  4. I think it’s pretty obvious when you look at the details that the Roswell alien slide was taken in the 1960’s. The woman standing behind the display is wearing a pair of culottes that are above the knee. She’s also wearing a short boxy jacket, influenced by Jackie Kennedy. These are clothes from the late 1960’s. I know, I wore them. In the late 1940’s and early 50’s skirts were well below the knees (remember poodle skirts?) You can see this in the other slide of the woman with the dark hair. She has a completely different outfit on. Besides the color blue of her outfit is different from the color blue the woman standing behind the display is wearing.

    I’m an artist and I have done a lot of figure drawing. The length of the human arm comes almost to the knee. The alien arms are well above that. A child or baby mummy would have the same anatomical structure as an adult human so they are not the same as the alien in the slide.

    I conclude that the being in the slide is not human and the slide was taken in the 1960’s.

    Sandra VanderMey

  5. a couple of observations
    1) the dimensions of the body could be taken by measuring it against the width of the glass in which it is lying and also using the metallic shelving as a guide.
    2)i’d say the picture was not taken in a museum hall, the metallic shelving is very common, used in archives, libraries and laboratories but not usually in the public area of museum displays.
    3) another point: the quality of the slide stands out from what we have seen of the rest of the batch (which appear to be very clear, nice, well taken travel pictures), but it appears to have been taken without a clear focus, as it had been snatched in a situation where taking pictures wasn’t allowed. ( looks like the person wasn’t looking through the lens but shooting from the chest level)
    4) why would anyone want to save such a crappy picture of a “regular” mummy?
    5)…that is nothing but regular! ie, the mouth/nose/jaw area look like that of an amphibian creature (having no teeth, and the distinct “beak”-like front of the mouth.)
    5) regular mummies look dusty, not shiny, this specimen looks as it’s been preserved in some kind of plastic or under other modern procedure.
    6)the eyes look completely different from those of an ancient historical mummy.
    7) the eyes don’t look human either, they make me think of birds where both eyelids meet in the middle of the eyes, instead of the upper eyelid coming down to the lower eyelid, as in humans.
    8) If this was a known display in a regular museum, someone should be able to recognize where it comes from, pretty soon…

  6. …the cloth in which the body is lying looks modern, not that means anything in particular. But the fact of it not looking like an ancient material or any old weaving technique doesn’t add to the child mummy theory for me.

  7. I too am an artist and I do human figure drawing almost exclusively. In fact I had four years of extensive life-drawing and anatomy classes in college and can tell you in no uncertain terms the human arm ends nowhere near the knee but, at the hip. Exactly where the mummified child’s arm terminates in the photo in question. In fact the arm comes to its conclusion in just the right spot so that one could, in theory, reach around to their buttocks and place their brain back into place if they were to think the subject of this slide image is anything other than a product of our earth and its environs.
    As the old saying goes, it’s (especially on the subject of ufo/et) important to keep an open mind but, not so open your brains fall out… wherever you keep them.
    In closing I personally am quite convinced as to the ufo reality and was sincerely disappointed with this hoax. But c’mon if anyone out there can honestly believe this is an alien, I’ve got a box full of alien photos from my last trip to Egypt I’d love to sell them!

  8. @SC — The “alien” depicted in Boyd Bushman’s testimony is in fact a toy/prop that can be purchased at Kmart. He completely destroyed his credibility by showing those images and passing them off as the real thing. As for this “Roswell slide”, I believe it is only a matter of time before we discover what museum the photo was taken in along with the body of that child mummy, which is clearly what it is.

  9. The person viewing the corpse is wearing shorts… NOT a military facility.

  10. First, to “SC:” The Boyd Bushman photos were proven faked by a number of online outlets, including Snopes.com:


    And to “Sandra VanderMey:” You’re wrong on your last statement, about human arms being long enough to reach their knees. In general, a human’s middle fingertip will reach to about the middle of their thigh, and not really that close to their knee, and obviously this can vary from person to person for various reasons. If you had actually done a lot of figure drawing as you claim, you would know this and would not have used that non-factual statement as part of your comment.

  11. Also to “Sandra VanderMey:” To complete my statement, you also seem to not understand that during the overall death process, the body begins to lose nutrients, as well as water and other liquid substances, so it begins to shrink and somewhat draw into itself. This process actually goes a bit faster during mummification, as much of those processes are done manually by the mummifier(s) of the body. Therefore, a dead/mummified body is going to look much less humanly dimensional and might not hold to a general human look. You obviously are just trying to believe in the figure in the photos being an extraterrestrial so badly, you’re making things up just to justify that.

  12. Another thing about the shelving system, if I may-
    Look at the white vertical post, just behind the subject…It has a series of holes in it, so as to position the shelf arm at various heights. The shelf support arm itself can be seen below the subjects’ head. Hate to dwell on the point, but this is clearly a display case, meant for public perusal. Why worry about that?
    Well, it’s pretty odd that an alien body would 1. Be out in public, 2. Be displayed in a non-environmental chamber, no hvac system, no controlled humidity..
    Perhaps a 3rd world country might display an alien in such a case, but in countries where UFO information is supressed, it would certainly be locked away in a controlled environment.
    Or perhaps it’s not an incredibly valuable alien body, and merely something more ubiquitous and mundane?

  13. I am sure I am not the only one who did a little googling on this. The ship model with the lady sitting in front of it looks like a model of the Queen Mary. That used to be located around that time period in the Cunard building in Bowling Green New York (http://www.timeshutter.com/image/cunard-building-bowling-green-new-york) . Where they sold tickets for the Cunard line. It is now, I believe, owned by the South Street Seaport Museum in NYC (check https://johntauranac.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/a-very-model-of-the-model-major-ship-model/). It was more recently loaned to the Queen Mary itself to be shown onboard. Now, I am not a ship expert, it may not be the queen mary, but it does look like one of the Cunard line ships anyway. It is extremely likely that they would of seen while on some vacation.

  14. The whole affair is now well and truly exposed as a scam, since the placard has been deciphered, and by a method that anyone with a PC or Mac can replicate to their own satisfaction:


    After such conclusive evidence there is no sense in continuing speculations, except maybe on the topic of how the supposed “Dream Team” of Roswell investigators came to sink so low. Their reputations will not recover from this foul.

  15. Please carefully consider the evaluations and analyses of the forensic experts: several from Mexico and one from Canada.

  16. Well the slides have been revealed to be a two-year old mummified boy.

    Once again, it isn’t an issue of believing, it’s the issue of believing EVERYTHING. Keep searching but keep being skeptical.

  17. Just a quick quote:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

  18. For those who might be interested in this new approach…. I read a rather interesting book today, Are UFOs A Medical Impetus? on amazon, and these guys refer to an active way of setting up some sort of visual observation system across the country. It seems like it’s not only doable and affordable, but that it deserves attention. Is there any reason why we are not doing this?

    Also, I didn’t know about the deaths associated with the Kecksburg incident. Very interesting, and worth looking into how we can avoid that in the future…

  19. The mental uprights of the shelve are called uni-strut which did not exist in 1947. Uni-strut is common now, but the stuff in the picture is commercial or industrial grade.
    There is a slim change it is not human, but only medical examination will tell, pictures aren’t good enough.

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