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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! had their own Atacama humanoid (Video)

It turns out that the humanoid found in the Atacama Desert featured in the Sirius documentary may not be as uncommon as we thought. A new book on Ripley of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! includes an image from 1933 of another mummified carcass found in the Atacama Desert. Lee Speigel of the The Huffington Post has researched and written about Ripley’s Atacama humanoid, and we got in touch with him to find out more about it.

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Scientist says Atacama humanoid is human but still a mystery

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  1. You go on about credibility of a movie that touch on something other than its title. Um, the title to this article is? By process of elimination, it isn’t “how the movie Sirius was so misleading”.
    What is even more amazing is that the content of your discussion centers around how the mummy isn’t alien. Seriously? It is 6 inches long, and could (emphasis added) have been 6-8 years of age when it died. But, your main take away is that it is not alien? There is no relation between the physical evidence that any mummified remains represent and aliens or the content of movie concerning UFO’s. One is physical evidence, the other is mere conjecture and musings – much like your own “expert” determination concerning the age of the mummy. Whether your training allows you to out of hand determine that the ata skeleton is that of a fetus does not change the fact that leading experts in the field have stated that the bones are consistent with that of a child. Such statements relative to the ata skeleton by respected experts would seem a bit more import and relative to “Ripley’s own atta boy” than would the content of a movie concerning aliens and UFO’s. While you have “decided” that the skeleton is that of a fetus, I can assure you that the movie “Sirius” did not birth it. Hence, there is no relation between the two, whatsoever.
    Not only is the title you gave your video is misleading, you failed to adequately and accurately describe who (e.g., Lachman) stated what concerning the ata skeleton. You know – the Atacama humanoid skeleton – such as you reference in your title?

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