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An Open Minds radio show listener who has recently returned from Iraq sent in this interesting bit of information. Let us know if any of you have any more information about this UFO training unit.

Nellis AFB UFO training school

One of mymilitary radio show listeners recently returned from Iraq. I have hidden his name, although he doesn’t mind sharing it. Let us know if any of you have any more information about this UFO training unit.

Let us see how much trouble this post can get me in… maybe end up in jail for supposed breach of NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), but when the government on both sides is a fraud, it holds no legal bearing, so let them come!

Most who read (about me) know my military background, for those that don’t, it is rather long and involved. You can reach my military record by reading my post “Open Apology.”

In 1996- 97, I was with the I Corps Long Range Surveillance unit at Ft. Lewis, WA. In Oct-Nov of that year, we were engaged in real world operations in support of JTF-6 (Joint Task Force 6), a cooperative program between the military, police, and U.S. Border Patrol to stop the influx of illegal immigrants and narcotics flow into the United States…. yes, your government’s scariest idiots are on the border, and have been for a great deal of time.

While on one of these missions, my team and I were engaged and tracked by what were suspected narcotics traffickers. Least to say, we all considered ourselves goners.

As a result of bonds that are built through those circumstances, you have a tendency to trust those you are with more than anybody else. Now, that being said, I certainly didn’t believe it when I first heard it, but this information comes from individuals I would no less entrust the lives of my children to.

On our second mission, after the incident of the first, we were in our sites along a canal, looking up at the stars, and talking about the death that almost came the previous mission. One of the men assigned to the team, as a result of the experience, decided he didn’t want to go to the grave knowing what he knew and no one else.

He proceeded to explain to us the fact that the government had a school at Nellis AFB that dealt with UFOs, interplanetary invasion, and what forces are to do, and where they are to go, on the planet… to regroup. He said that they were told that under no circumstances were they to reveal the information they were told, and that aliens in fact had been visiting the planet for thousands of years.

Now here comes the crux, the name of the school is acronym C.S.S.P. (Combined Services Support Program) operating under the guise of a type of ALP (Air Load Planners) course, if they wanted to teach cross loading, they would just send you to the ALP course, and not have another, hence, what sent up the red flag for me!

After my injuries, and before separation, I was made the A Brigade School’s NCO for the one brigade of the 25th Infantry Division at Ft. Lewis. Just because I was curious, I looked up the school in the Brigade Schools Manuals and to my surprise, the school is listed, but it is classified. This is where I came into the definitive know about the nature of the school.

According to the manual (which coincidentally, no description of course is given), each brigade, according to policy, is supposed to have at least two individuals qualified in the course. They must be in the pay-grades between E-5 and E-7, or O-1 to O-3, but not above. Was later told this was due to the supposed inability of those in older age ranges to grasp the concept of alien life (again, the first movie I ever saw was Star Wars), made sense.

Now, you can make of it what you will, hopefully this adds to a piece of the puzzle fix, and highly suggest that this be investigated. I am taking a risk mentioning it, but after the failure of the newest administration to take action like they were forewarned, I must make my own strides. I worked, and will remain loyal, to the people of this nation, and the human race. Disclosure is not an option, it is a requirement.

Investigate CSSP (coined Can’t Say Sh** Pal) by those in the know, wish me luck with Uncle Sammie, I may need it after this.


About Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.


  1. Great new site and hopefully we can be of great help here at UFONEWS UK Magazine.

    Steve Gerrard

  2. You are truly a good person and have a conscious. I wish the people who are in control was the same. But we all know they have a different agenda and it does not include the safety of mankind, or the planet. I live to see it all revealed and those responsible held accountable, but this situation has gone too long and it’s about too late to do anything about it. I wish you the best sir…

  3. If aliens had any plan on invading earth,
    why wait until we have atomic missil defence.
    I belive the military is prepearing for this
    but they are totaly out of sync with reality.

  4. The question of whether UFOs are real is not what everyone should be asking, the real question is why are they here?

    It would be easy for them to attack and conquer us because we are still unintellegent beings that not only think that some of us are inferior because of our race or religion or many other insane reasons humans use to hate each other, but we have Nuclear weapons pointed toward each other. We are a world devided by hate and greed so when they decide to attack there will be nothing that we can do about it, not because of their weapons, but because of our stupidity.

    We must get to the point where we realize that we are one because that is the way they see us.

    They are here and they will attack!!!

  5. William b, are you for real? If they were going to attack us i’m sure they would of done it when we were still using bows and arrows, not waite until we had nuclear, hydrogen and atomic weapons. There is evidence they can shut off a planes electronics, including it’s weapon systems. They have shut down ICBM’s while they were still in there silos, and i read a story that when a truck with a rocket launching system on the back of it was pointed at them, it fired a beam of light which melted the whole thing, rocket launcher and truck, i think it was on the border of Korea or China. The SDI has been operational since the 70’s because the mad men in charge won’t accept the possibility that they are not the toughest in the play ground and there has been documented evidence that we are still firing at their crafts. They are not going to attack and never will, even when fired upon because they are more, a lot more advanced spiritualy than we are, and don’t have the same traits as humans, i.e greed and lust for power, well apart from the alleged ones that work with the American military industrial complex, so i wouldn’t start worrying about a war of the worlds senario just yet.

  6. Paul, Very well said, I agree with you. The people in power should wake up. If these AB’s(Advance Beingings)were interested in conquest they would have done it a long time “a-gooo”. Mankind is a race of conquest, as you said, “Greed and Power” I see the powers to be selling thier soul’s for that power.
    God’s Speed to the people who stand up to them.

  7. I have to second the opinion that if ET’s wanted us wiped out they could have done it or could do it at any time. They do not need time to plan, just tow and asteroid several miles across into earth’s gravity well and say goodbye to humans. But, they have not. It appears that ET’s morals are much higher and more well developed than human morality.

    If ET’s wanted to destroy us, it would be even more simple than launching an invasion, just let humans continue the live the way they have been living and humans will wipe themselves out in the name of God, Jehova, Allah, Money, Power, or Glory. The level of humankind’s hatred for fellow humans is unparalleled in nature, and the love for fellow humans is nearly non-existent. Humanity more closely mirrors the morality of David Koresh than Jesus Christ, and Right Wingers think that is a good thing. A handful of peace-loving non-violent people is not going to change our fate.

  8. These beings are demons. Even past Popes have addressed this, but no one wants to believe that. Even the currrent Pope Benedict knows this but he can’t come out fully on this just yet for many reasons. Its deception, so we think they are from another planet, but they are from the bowels of the earth. Which is easier to believe, demons or aliens from Mars. We are at the crossroads. See Bayside Prophecy for more info.

  9. DEMONS SHMEMONS….sorry but i get so frustrated hearing about the demon thing so much. not everyone on this planet takes the popes word as true and almighty fact. have your belief and religion, i respect that. but PLEASE dont expect me to believe that these beings come from the bowels of the earth to plunder our souls and bring us to saten. isnt it easier to believe that God is powerful enough to create more than just us and more than just this planet with life on it?

  10. and you say to go to bayside prophecy for more info? not to be judgemental but wow, what a hoot that is. people should check it out and see for themselves.

  11. The info about alien training at Nellis AFB is most interesting, given Charles Hall’s Millenial Hospitality series about his experiences with the aliens living on Nellis. Given the information in his books, I would guess the school is more about informing and educating about the existence of aliens and proper behavior towards them, as I think TPTB are well aware that engaging them in battle would be pointless.

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