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Mark Rodeghier – Scientific UFO Data Collection – October 27, 2015

Mark-Rodeghier-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Mark Rodeghier has been President and Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies since 1986. He earned a B.S. in astrophysics from Indiana University in 1975. After a year of graduate study at the University of Sussex in England, he returned to complete a M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in sociology. His dissertation, Factors Influencing Attitudes Toward Controversial Research : Quantitatively Disentangling the Social from the Scientific, explores the attitudes toward the study of extraterrestrial intelligence by the scientific community. Other publications include numerous articles for IUR and the Journal of UFO Studies, and UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: a Catalog and Data Analysis (Evanston, IL: Center for UFO Studies, 1981).

In this interview, we talk to Mark about CUFOS, his interests in UFOs, and an exciting new project he has helped create called UFODATA. Mark, along other scientists and professionals, started UFODATA in order to develop observation stations that will obtain scientific data on UFOs.

For more information about CUFOS, visit www.CUFOS.org, and for more information about UFODATA, visit UFODATA.net.

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Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Currently investigating a North Jersey report of a husband and wife seeing Globes and a UFO. The area in which the globes have appeared; a weeping cherry tree, a same pine shrub, shrubbery is dying. We are currently working with the homeowner to collect samples and pictures.

  2. These pictures above were taken while on the beach. The images were not notice until we got home and scrolling through the pics. The image which seems to be a UFO is shocking to us.

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