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Luigi Vendittelli – Investigating Alien Contact – May 4, 2015

Luigi-Vendittelli-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Luigi Vendittelli has been investigating UFOs in the Montreal area for decades. However, researching lights in the sky became mundane compared to the reports of alien contacts he began receiving. Although seemingly farfetched, Luigi began investigating these alleged cases of alien contact and he has found several of them to be very credible and compelling. In this interview, we talk to Luigi about some of these amazing cases and the incredible evidence he says he has uncovered.

To contact Luigi, and to find out more about his drone work, visit his drone services site at: DroneVU.com.

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Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. I never listen to these abduction stories. This is to help those avoid wasting their time on abductee stories. No abductee has surrendered the goods on alien travel technology, physics, cosmology, etc. Not a single new piece of information about our universe. No abductee has invented anything gleaned from alien technology. What typically unfolds in abductee stories are useless facts about their families,
    reaction of their dogs, etc. Almost all the story telling time is used in an attempt to generate credibillity
    with these factoids. Instead of any specifics, abductees derail the conversation into the land of
    Spiritual Blue Fluffiness #49. But hey, if you can invent some brand new description of the awful smell
    of sasquatch or dead ET, some jackasses in trailers with GEDs might listen.

  2. Draznoff:
    I don’t really care what you don’t listen to, or why. I am (as are most people), fully able to watch videos, hear stories, and form our own opinions about them, without your need to “help” us avoid “wasting our time” on anything, on you advice not to. Are you smarter than I am, or others? Unlikely. So why should I turn off my curiosity because you think I should? Your advice on what we should watch or not is worse than useless.
    As to the abductees: they have (as you must know) crossed all intellectual, professional-or-non-professional, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Saying that only “trailer-park,” drunken junkies are the only people reporting them is the worst, most obvious kind of either a completely prejudiced, closed-mined person – or a low-level volunteer or paid (what a waste of money) disinformation agent. These words have been used to encourage peer-shaming for decades, and simply do not work any more – they’ve been over-used, and too many people now recognize them as propaganda “trigger” words.
    Abductees are in no position to give you, me, or anyone else technical details on alien drive propulsion systems, alien metallurgy, language – and certainly in no position to back-engineer new inventions based on alien technology.
    What the hell are you thinking? A statement like this indicates that either you know nothing about the conditions of abductions, or are purposely making absurd accusations for the purpose of disinformation – very obviously and crudely.
    Abductees are held down, unable to see anything, while they are experimented on. They are often given multiple layers of “screening” information to hide their abduction, even to themselves. Those who DO remember anything – and if they DO return – remember being physically restrained, while they are operated on, by beings they cannot understand, and technology so far past ours they can’t possibly understand it – even if they were not so frightened that they couldn’t think straight.
    Do you think any E.T. who would abduct a human being would take them on a guided tour of the ship, and download all of the technical details of their civilization into the human’s brain for use later? Your statement in this regard is so stupid that it borders on the truly disturbed.
    The only reason they have to spend a moment trying to establish the credibility of their stories is because of people like you refuse to believe or understand the condition they are held in – or who are simply attempting to make them look foolish. You conflate abduction experiences with Sasquatch sightings or (as though this would even be possible, because no E.T. body would be left on Earth for anyone to find), “dead E.T.s. In short you – and your supposed reasons for not listening – are absurd, ignorant, and/or purposeful disinformation. The only person you discredit with this kind of attitude and language, is yourself.

  3. Luigi, Please contact me. It will be well worth your while. I have more information that is verifiable, that will blow your mind.

  4. Hello,
    I have had an experience and was curious if anyone else has met the one I call, “The Old One”? About 9 ft and blue glowing eyes. He only came down after we, my husband and I, refused to go with the three little greys. Thank you.

  5. Mr. Vendittelli,
    I have quite the story for you, but I’m unsure how to contact you. I would be grateful to be able to share it with you.

  6. I my mother has o negative blood and did not receive the pre birthing needle before my u natural (csec) birth. I apparently was in a green sacred of slime, had had a black eye and had my neck double wrapped with the cord snuggly twist tied. I have been told then when I was put on the table, I rolled over and did a push up. I don’t exactly know because i cant remember that far back yet. In addition I have chimaric blood, my father is o positive meaning I have almost a full o blood spectrum of antibodies. I believe this to be part of the reason as to why we might be as key role in helping the non malicious life her ascend. I really only get sick when I listen to stupidity, aspects void of wisdom and intelligence or being unwarrantedly malicious… kind of meaning we can’t be evil/malicious….I wasn’t always this way though, I had to get to be point where I felt the pain every second. Constantly trying to self determine the weight of my soul and if I even had one. Regrettably I tried to comitt suicide by hanging and tried with a more than strong enough rope and lots of distance from any surface or item that may help and a six foot drop to try my best for an instant death. I woke up a few hours later, sore, a bit bloodied and scuffed and looked for the end of the rope to see it had snapped at my neck, this 800lb sailing rope. That night I had and have had since, this zoom in zoom out dream describing a device that reclaims ambient ionized energies and converts the reclaimed charges into usable electricity through geometric patterning inside a given space relative to space. I’m building it now and have it in a design program if you’d ever come to canada

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