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Jimmy Kimmel asks another former president about UFO secrets

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again, this time with former POTUS George Bush. Kimmel has a habit of asking presidents – and a presidential candidate -what they know about UFOs and the government’s secret files. Bush was on the hot seat last week, and his answers might make some scratch their heads.

George Bush on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Crerdit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)
George Bush answering UFO questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Kimmel broached the topic by asking:

“This is a question, first, that I think is important to me and to the country. When you were in office, I don’t know when this happened or if it happened, did you go through the secret files, the UFO documents? Because…”

Bush interrupted, “Maybe.”

Kimmel finished his question, “…that would be the first thing I did.”

Bush responded: “My daughters asked the same question.”

Kimmel was surprised by this, and asked, “Would you be allowed to tell your daughters what was in those files?”

“No,” Bush replied.

Kimmel continued to push, “Now that you’re out of office, you can do anything you want, right?”

“True. But I am not telling you,” Bush replied.

Kimmel then sought to clarify, “Are you not telling me you looked at them?”

“I’m not telling you nuthin’,” Bush responded. This got a chuckle out of the crowd and Kimmel.

However, Kimmel was not done yet. He asked, “Are there really great secrets that you know that you can’t share with people?”

“Yeah,” Bush replied.

Kimmel then asked, “There are? And you never write about them?”

“No,” Bush replied.

Kimmel then suggested perhaps Bush would write about it later in life, like when he is 90.

“No,” Bush replied.

Still pressing, Kimmel asked, “Nothing? What if you were to get a little loopy and…”

“Start drinking again?,” Bush asked.

Kimmel laughed, and agreed. “Yeah. Start drinking again. Guillermo, get some tequila!”

Bush and Kimmel laugh during UFO discussion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
Bush and Kimmel laugh during UFO discussion on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

That was the extent of their ET conversation, as you can see in the video above. The conversation was actually very interesting. Bush seemed to imply he has seen UFO files of which he cannot share the content. Was he kidding? In this setting, one which is about getting laughs, that could be assumed. However, during much of the conversation, Bush did not appear to be joking.

If Bush really has seen UFO files that are top secret and still under wraps, that would be significant. Thus far, every president has denied that such a thing exists. Obama said the aliens would not let him tell Kimmel about the secret files, but he did seem to be joking. Clinton said he looked for secret government UFO files, but did not find any. At least once, he did imply that career bureaucrats could be keeping them secret for him. One of our previous stories on this, and Clinton’s talk with Kimmel, was found in recent WikiLeaks.

Ben Hansen presenting his analysis of other presidential interviews regarding UFOs and aliens at the 2017 International UFO Congress. (Credit: UFOCongress.com/OpenMinds.tv)
Ben Hansen presenting his analysis of other presidential interviews regarding UFOs and aliens at the 2017 International UFO Congress. (Credit: UFOCongress.com/OpenMinds.tv)

Ben Hansen, former host of the Syfy program Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files, has examined previous statements by presidents, or presidential hopefuls, and he says there is some indication that there is something to hide. He admits, he is not sure what the something is, or if it is UFO or ET related. He intends to scrutinize this video, and when he does, we will let you know what he finds out.

Until then, you can purchase the DVD of Hansen’s lecture on this topic at the recent UFO Congress here, and the video will also be posted on our online Open Minds UFO Video Portal soon.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Did anyone ask former President Richard Nixon about the truthfulness of the apocryphal story in which he showed comedian Jackie Gleason around a military installation wherein were bodies of aliens?

  2. POINT TO NOTE AT 0:36. Loads of body-language stuff here. More important than most other ‘tells’ (such as increased breathe-rate, muscle tensing, swallow-reflex etc…indicating only that he may take the subject seriously) is the one at 0:36. At 0:36 seconds, Mr Bush has been asked if he looked at those secret UFO files, and he has already responded that Laura and her sister had asked him the self-same question. Jimmy has also already followed this up, asking if Mr Bush could tell the two of them, theoretically speaking, what was in secret files in general, had such files been read. The President responds ‘no’, as a response to the hypotheical. Directly after, he appears to – involunarily – mouthe the phrase “Can’t telll ’em”. This is interesting. It may give us additional information. It MAY indicate he has indeed read those files, yet cannot tell the girls. For the involuntarily mouthed response does not frame the situation as a hypothetical (“COULDN’T tell ’em” ) but actual (” CAN’T tell ’em”). This interview therefore might be considered telling.

  3. I don’t think former President Nixon was ever asked about those allegations. Most reporters at the time stayed away from the subject of UFOs. The story did appear in the National Enquirer as I remember reading the article. I don’t know if it happened as the story is based on hearsay.

  4. Should have asked him what happen to the space X rocket at the lunch pad ?
    Should have asked him what happen at the storage site where the Russian stock there
    Ground to ground missiles at Ucrane Falcillty site?

  5. Just seeing “top secret UFO files”, whatever that entails, does not mean any sort of insight comes with it. UFO does not mean not human or nature it simply says unidentified. Of which many were our own and some foreign that manahed to penetrate our airsppace like we did to…everybody.

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