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There is a rumor circling the internet that there is a UFO hidden under the Dreamy Draw dam just north of Phoenix, Arizona.

Is there a UFO under Dreamy Draw dam?

There is a rumor circling the internet that there is a UFO hidden under the Dreamy Draw dam just north of Phoenix, Arizona. It is supposedly part of a literal UFO cover-up of a crash that took place in 1947, the same year as the famous Roswell incident. The area is now a city owned park and internet searches on the area will result in people talking about the hiking trails and others commenting about the UFO rumors.

The Dreamy Draw dam.

The Dreamy Draw dam.

behind-the-flying-saucers-book-coverThis rumor most likely started from an alleged UFO crash written about in two popular UFO books. The first being Frank Scully’s Behind the Flying Saucers, published in 1950, this was one of the first UFO books to make it big. Chris Carter, writer for the X-Files TV show, used Scully’s last name for FBI agent Dana Scully. This book was based on the Scully’s interviews and experiences with two alleged UFO insiders, Silas Newton and an anonymous scientist he called, Dr. Gee. The later is now believed to be a man by the name of Leo GeBauer.

Newton and GeBauer turned out to be oil conmen, and it is widely believed that they lied to Scully about everything Scully wrote about in his book. So what did they say? They essential told Scully they were involved with the recovery and analysis of crashed flying saucers. This  summary is very simplified and the book is well worth reading. Some of the crashes they allegedly knew about were in New Mexico and one was in Arizona. The crash in Arizona was of a 36 foot craft from which two humanoid bodies were recovered, but there was no information regarding the exact location.

UFOsTopSecretbookcoverThen in 1987 Timothy Good published his groundbreaking book, Above Top Secret, full of hundreds of UFO cases from around the world. One section is titled Paradise Valley, 1947. Here Good recounts the Scully claims, but goes on to say that he interviewed a man by the name of Selman Graves who believes he witnessed the crash. He says on a hunting trip he and his buddies saw tents around a strange domed object, and that the Air Force had restricted access to the area. After reading Scully’s book he put two and two together and figured that he must have seen the army recovering a crashed UFO.

Graves also recalled that his hunting friend had been out in that direction before the rest of the hunting party had arrived, and suspected that perhaps this friend had found the alien bodies Scully had written about and kept them in his freezer until the Air Force could pick them up.

The area Graves had witnessed all of this was called Cave Creek, near an area now called Carefree. Back then this was past the northern suburbs of Phoenix, however modern Phoenix has enveloped the area. Graves went on to say that years later he noticed digging going on in the area they had witnessed the object and that Cave Creek road was diverted.

Cave Creek is nearly 20 miles North of Dreamy Draw, however, Good refers to the area of the crash as Paradise Valley, which is actually near Dream Draw. So if you were reading Good’s book and thinking where the heck could this crash have happened in Paradise Valley, one might think of the Piestawa Peak Park, home of the Dreamy Draw dam. To add to the mystery of the site, some internet commenters question the need for the dam and believe it to be redundant and useless.

Map showing the areas in question. The mark is at the Dreamy Draw dam.

Map showing the areas in question. The mark is at the Dreamy Draw dam.

We called the city and set up an interview with one of the park rangers in charge of the dam area which can be seen below. He said that the area does flood and without the dam, the water would flow into nearby neighborhoods and damage property. He also noted that the dam wasn’t built until 1973, which coincidentally was the year of a large UFO wave throughout the United States.

So, does the legend of the Dreamy Draw UFO stem from Selman Graves’ testimony to Timothy Good? Or is there another UFO crash story out there we have not yet heard of? If you witnessed a UFO crash in Piestawa Peak Park in the early 70’s we would like to hear about it.

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Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.


  1. In 1973 I was in Mesa. Two friends and I along with our dog were at the Lucky Foods store on University. Walking along the edge of the parking lot there was a wall along the sidewalk where it was elevated by the landscaping. It provided a nice view looking south and west. You could see downtown Phoenix from there. Back then there was little pollution. For some reason we all 4 looked up at the same time and saw what I cannot explain. There in the southern sky, in broad daylight, a globe of lights formed. It built from the lower right to the upper left. There were lines made of pink and purple lights, similar to lasers. They formed the lines of longitude and latitude as you would find them on the globe of earth. You could see through the gaps in the lines and there was only sky. The globe when fully formed was very large. It is hard to determine, but if you held a half dollar at arms length, it was just a bit bigger than that. When the globe was fully formed, it disappeared. It never moved, just appeared, built a globe, and disappeared. Even the dog was enthralled. I would explain this as the best laser show I ever saw, but I’m not sure such good lasers even exist today, and this was 73. Nothing crashed, but the time frame and location are very close.

  2. At about 0:55 the park ranger says prospectors used to mine “Cimarron” which, he claims, is an ore of the element mercury. I’m sure he meant to say “cinnabar”.

  3. I grew up and lived 5 mins away from this mountain my whole life and can confirm that there is sometimes flooding but there is also a huge canal system just west of the mountain which is also used to control flooding. I’m not if they intersect or work in sync.

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