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Former congress members pledge support for UN UFO conference

We recently interviewed Stephen Bassett, organizer of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, to get his thoughts on how well he felt the event went, whether it met his expectations, and what his upcoming plans are to continue his efforts for ET disclosure.

In the interview, Bassett says he will be taking this issue to the United Nations. Today his Paradigm Research Group sent out a press release with the details of a statement calling for the United Nations to sponsor “a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.” The statement was signed by four of the six former congress members who made up the committee that heard five days of testimony from UFO witnesses and researchers last week during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

The statement says the signers pledge support for the effort, and was signed by Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, Senator Mike Gravel, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, and Congressman Merrill Cook. According to the statement, Congresswoman Darlene Hooley and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett were, “Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.”

Bassett says they intend to approach several member countries of the United Nations to move their idea forward. The proposal states:

Whereas: given the unfolding scientific understanding of the number of potentially life supporting planets within Earth’s home galaxy, it would be the height of arrogance to assert that humans are the only sentient beings within that galaxy;

Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

And Whereas: given the enormous global implications if these craft are, indeed, of extraterrestrial origin, such an issue is a matter for the General Assembly of the United Nations;

Therefore, we the undersigned request the Citizen Hearing Foundation use its offices to organize interested parties and raise the funds necessary to pursue a global campaign to convince one or more nations to propose a resolution within the General Assembly calling for United Nations sponsorship of a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.

Witnesses from several countries were present at the Citizen Hearing, including those whose governments are more open to the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Bassett hopes it is one or more of these countries that step forward to sponsor the proposal.

You can read more about the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the witness and researchers who participated here: www.citizenhearing.org

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. While these congressional-style hearings are going on in Washington, there’s an ongoing influx of stories coming out in the media by writers who claim that this is just an exercise in futility among UFO buffs looking for instant publicity, and that the participants — witness panels and the committee of former members of Congress — are involved in nothing but a farce and an easy payday.

  2. I believe the rush job to get the Sirius film out before the citizens hearing was intentional. As a former promoter of the Sirius film I believe it did more damage than good for the average person who is on the fence about this subject and I find that troubling. I have high hopes for the goals set by Basset, a straight shooter and someone I believe is the future of disclosing Identified Extraterrestrial objects and there existence. As for you Mr. Greer, just keep playing with your laser pointer and keep it to yourself.

  3. Dear Alejlandro
    I wish to commend you on your asking of S Bassett the question of his putting an emphasis on the extraterrestrial phenomenon explanation rather than just an unidentified one. I do believe he responded well in answering you and demonstrated a logical position that indeed this phenomenon is not human based. The fact that ufo’s are seen in our air space and indeed over and in the oceans of the world leads me to believe they could be from here. I m not saying they originated from earth but they could have. We just dont know. Perhaps Darwin’s explanation of evolution is at play here? Considering we came from the sea, would’nt it be ignorant to assume the highest form of intelligence is a human before we have checked every single egg in the earthly basket ?

  4. Is is certainty that Earth is being visited by Aliens who have a clear agenda as to their purpose that we as humans fail to see and our government clearly is coving up. The agenda is in part to infiltrate policy making at it’s highest level while delivering technology to the masses. In the last 50 years humanity has advanced technologically from Alien back engineering and direct interduction of technology. The Aliens have a clear mission to accomplish on Earth and we should open our eyes to see clearly the cover up is part of a much bigger plan. Our government does not acknowledge Alien vistitation because they fear panic by the public, that is propaganda. The government covers up Alien visitation to maintain control so the world’s population does not take on a Hive Mentality. This would cause peoples to cooperate and share technologies and information between all people around the world. Hive would mean working together as a group to solve all problems dealing with health, resources, food and a host of human suffering. Hive would mean Power would be transferred to a central government and no State is willing to give away control of their resources or share any information for the good of all. The Alien agenda is Hive would end War, poverty, starvation……….

  5. Why even now they are hidden to the public these data on ufot, so when will the general public be kept secret … I think the time has come to recognize the truth about ufot ….

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