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Daily UFO Headlines 6/25/2015

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Hi Open Minds and Alajandro;
    Below is the white paper on a UFO app under development. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    Currently in development, a new phone application for UFO identification called Event HoriZone utilizes well-established tech and concept of triangulation in a truly innovative, manner. This app is designed to ensure that the general public is not caught off guard when the next “Phoenix Lights” or “Belgian Wave” or a hundred other similar missed opportunities comes knocking. The app will be funded by Applits.com providing enough enthusiasm is demonstrated through online voting. This is simply an appeal for those votes.

    What You Can Do Now:

    Go to hto http://applits.com/idea-10944

    Further Reading and Information:

    I am sending this request to all active UFO organizations to give UFO enthusiasts a way that they can help force the government’s disclosure, ending the truth embargo. By partnering with a crowd sourced mobile application developer together we can bring this technology into the hands of the public. This app has a wide variety of uses outside of pinpointing, via triangulation and “crowd sourcing” the location and subsequent identity of a UFO.

    Applits or other development partners don’t have to believe in anything, they just have to recognize the app’s value, fiscal and otherwise. Due to the wide variety of ways that “crowd triangulation” can be applied in location exercises, I submit that Event HoriZone has considerable potential.

    How it works:

    Assume that a large number of people have this app loaded into their smart phone. A person sees an arial phenomenon, shoots a video, and submits it to the designated cloud base. That alert is computed using GPS and is immediately sent to every subscriber, say, within a 50 mile radius of the first sighting. The second wave of subscribers look up, and if they see the same object as the first person sees, they then video the UFO, and send it in. Now you have what’s called triangulation just from the second video. This is the term and process used by the military to lock on to a target. For our purposes, the triangulation will almost immediately, depending on he complexity of the software, eliminate most explainable, terrestrial objects. Planets, lens flares, birds, bugs, Chinese lanterns, balloons, etc. – all the usual suspects that have plagued the positive identification of real UFOs – will for the most part be ruled out.

    To reiterate, for Event HoriZone to be effective, a large base of people need to utilize the app in congruity. As we all know timing is everything in the tech sector. With current smart phone technology already integrated into the IPhone 5 and others, that video can reveal not only the exact location where a video is shot but also which direction the person shooting it is facing. Local wind speed from the GPS locations and other pertinent data, will help rule out terrestrial objects.

    There are other UFO apps and all of them provide the UFOlogist with tools and history. Another more sophisticated device is being developed for the purposes described above, namely passive radar. This method and others are not competitive, but rather, complimentary towards the same goal. The single most important advantage that Event HoriZone has in comparison to passive radar is cost – following development, the app can be downloaded by users for a minimal fee or possibly even free with adds, vastly expanding market potential as it is virtually cost free once the software is integrated into a cloud base.

    Sign in and register a vote. Go to http://applits.com/idea-10944 The goal is to garner widespread interest in Event HoriZone demonstrating the technology’s value to a forward thinking app developer aiming to facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership as described above. Let’s make this happen together.
    My Motivation and Agenda:

    The worldwide aerial phenomenon remains unsolved and thus, deserves the attention of our best and brightest investigators and enthusiasts. Likewise we have the ability to leverage existing technology (namely smart mobile devices for the purpose of this app) to further UFO research. Worldwide UFO interest is evident and can be facilitated by Event HoriZone and the other apps. This will continue up to the day of disclosure.

    Highly respected modern stage and screen scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Seth Shostack certainly deserve recognition for their work as scientists. That said they will not go down in history as an Einstein or a Tesla because what they lack is the courage to step out of their adademia shell of safety and chase a phenomenon which defies our current understanding. To become a visionary one must ignore the gauntlet of ridicule and follow the unexplainable towards a scientific explanation, not a psychological diagnosis. Dr. Shostak (of SETI fame) once said in effect that If you can’t put it in the Smithsonian then it probably doesn’t exist.

    I wonder what he would say to his curious child if she said “Daddy, I had a dream last night…” Would he cut off the wide eyed child mid sentence and declare all dreams to be non-existent because they don’t fit into a museum?
    Probably not. What makes this scenario a conundrum is the fact that Shostack experiences dreaming, just like the rest of us. No individual to date can prove or replicate a dream. And because scientists have the same dream experiences as other human beings, they allow the dream phenomenon to go unchallenged without the Smithsonians approval.

    Like dreams, the pull of gravity, is another common, everyday phenomenon that we as human beings have yet to fully understand. When our esteemed scientific community can explain and harness this ever-present wonder called gravity then, and only then can they speculate with any credibility about UFOs. Their common phrase of dismissal regarding extraterrestrial craft is “They can’t possibly get here from there” a phrase that will go into the flat earth trash bin with “You can’t go there, you’ll fall off the earth

    When a scientists’s ego keeps pace with the expansion of the universe but his or her IQ remains static…then Houston, we have a problem. It’s time for them to spend more time in front of the blackboard helping solve this mystery and less in front of the camera ridiculing it.

    A great example of a scientist who displays the kind of courageous curiosity I’m talking about is Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman. He has put his vision through the ridicule tunnel for over 40 years usually emerging victorious by Oxford debating standards. It is a startling display that he chooses to continue this quest despite never having had an extraterrestrial experience or even an unexplained sighting.

    I strongly suspect that Friedman wouldn’t dismiss a report of dreams even if he never had one himself. When the day of disclosure comes, Mr Friedman will go into history as a visionary, and the others will remain unknown in the shadow of Newton.

    Finally, to those who do not believe in the possibility that extraterrestrial craft have visited our planet, consider this. For over 60 years our government has scrambled jets to investigate reports of UFOs. If the sightings of extraterrestrial craft are just as impossible as say the reported sighting of a leprechaun, then why has no military aircraft ever been sent to investigate that? There are undoubtedly hundreds and hundreds of film canisters from gun camera footage, locked away, unavailable to the public. The viewing of these films alone would force the cessation of the truth embargo. The secrecy won’t end until we, the public, provide so much hard data that this charade cannot continue in a rational, democratic environment. Help make this happen. Go to http://applits.com/idea-10944 create a log-in for yourself, then vote.

    Thank You,

    Dr. Mark De Francis
    Santa Fe, NM

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