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CIA panel answers questions about UFOs at Area 51

At a recent special event held by the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, a panel of former and current CIA employees answered questions about Area 51 and the discussion included  talk about UFOs. However, their answers left some, including local media, doubting.

Picture taken at the National Atomic Testing Museum of CIA panel on Area 51. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/Facebook)
Picture taken at the National Atomic Testing Museum of CIA panel on Area 51. George Knapp can e seen on the far right. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/Facebook)

The National Atomic Testing Museum is home to an Area 51 exhibit called Area 51: Myth or Reality. It was opened in March, 2012, back when Area 51 was still officially a secret. The exhibit includes information about UFOs.

The museum plans on closing the exhibit at the end of the year, so they have been hosting Area 51 and UFO talks – including yours truly – over the last few weeks.

On October 9, the museum hosted a panel of former and current CIA employees, and a civilian Area 51 historian, Peter Merlin. The CIA panelists included Chief Historian of the CIA Dr. David Robarge, former CIA senior scientific intelligence officer S. Eugene Poteat, and re-engineering expert Thornton Barnes.

The panel was moderated by KLAS investigative journalist, George Knapp, who posted a story on the event on the KLAS website. He said the CIA panelists “had their tongues in their cheeks when talking about Nevada’s rock star of military bases: Area 51.”

In the video posted on KLAS of the event (seen above), Poteat says, “What happens at that secret base called Area 51 is known by everybody, there’s nothing secret.”

In his story, Knapp does not sound convinced. In fact, in the video Knapp can be heard prompting the group about the fact that secrets can be kept from the public.

Robarge jokingly replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny that secrets can be kept.”

However, Barnes was willing to agree with Knap and admit that secrets could be kept. He said he could not even tell his wife where he worked when he was at Area 51.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who is working on a documentary about alleged Area 51 whistle-blower Bob Lazar, asked the panel if the CIA was still researching UFOs. Robarge said they were not.


Robarge also brought up a report written a few years ago in which the CIA claimed that many UFO sightings in the 1950s and 1960s were caused by spy planes flying out of Area 51.

He said, the study “found a 75 percent correlation between black projects and UFO sightings.”

Knapp asked Dr. Bruce Maccabee, a retired optical physicist for the U.S. Navy and author of the book The FBI CIA UFO Connection, what he thought about that claim.

Maccabee exclaimed, “It is preposterously still preposterous.”

Maccabee, who actually conducted research to verify the claim, says that UFO sightings did not increase when the U-2 began its flights. In fact, Knapp points out, in his book, Maccabee had written that “UFO sightings were much higher in the years before the U-2 or SR-71 were even built.”

Another document that made this claim was The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and Oxcart Programs. This was the document that was further redacted in 2013, finally making the existence of Area 51 official. However, as we pointed out in a previous story, the UFO claims were inaccurate.

Area 51

The document went so far as to say the increase in UFO reports as a result of the U-2 flights in 1955 caused the creation of the U.S. Air Force’s official UFO investigations. The Air Force actually began official UFO investigations in 1951.

In his story, Knapp points out, “CIA employees and contractors who toiled in secrecy at Area 51 helped win the Cold War. They did so, in part, by using disinformation and cover stories, even with their own families. It is an agency known for relying on subterfuge and misdirection, but not a lot of truth.”

The KLAS I-Team asked Robarge if the CIA encouraged the belief that their spy planes were UFOs. He replied that they would not have been allowed to do that, but he added that they did nothing to discourage such beliefs either.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. The subject of aliens is exciting. It is scientific also. But look at all the postings in YouTube etc. Most of them are fake. Only clear data should be reported. The moderator and group admin should note this. As for Areac51, Roswell etc. citizens have been lied to. The denial is pathetic. Come on, we have evolved. Tell the truth. Some groups should not run the show. Citizens are powerful. All aliens and all ufos are not fake, is it not? Come let us go beyond the planet. .

  2. The CIA is not telling the public the truth about UFO sightings. They do not want a panic. Their is UFO’s
    sightings in the world we live today. Their was the tholian web like the same thing on Star Trek in 2007
    in Washington, DC. They are many unexplainable sightings that are UFO’s in the world we live in today.
    Not just Area 51. This is created by Jesus Christ. Do not believe everything you hear from the media or
    CIA when comes to UFO sightings. You have to ask questions and use your own judgement.

  3. “At a recent special event…former and current CIA employees answered questions about Area 51 and…UFOs. However, their answers left some, including local media, doubting.”

    Ohhhh…you mean all these CIA guys didn’t just absolutely spill their guts? The didn’t deliver TONS of secrets about the most secret base in the nation…perhaps the world!? How SHOCKING! Shocking that these folks–all beholden to the Defense Secrets Act–didn’t hold the audience rapt with tales of saucers and aliens at this most secret of bases!? WOW!


  4. Does George Knapp also think that the CIA. who toil in secret at Area 51, will also engage, contain and defeat ET?
    And to Jeremy Corbell, what ever happened to The Citizen’s Hearing documentary?
    Yes, George and Jeremy, the CIA, NRO, NSA, Navy, etc. do deal out lies and deceit. The two of you should know as well as you seem to be well positioned in the controlled opposition of the National Security State.

  5. This article should be titled:
    “CIA panel again fails to answer questions about UFOs at Area 51, and never will”

  6. They can not and will not give the correct information the public would like, because it keeps getting deeper and deeper in their covert secrets and what the government actually knows and the technology they have which proceeds probably 400 years into our future from the reverse engineering they have done on obtained spacecraft in the past, and don’t forget the aliens they have communicated with for years that nobody publicly has ever confirmed except the people that maybe on their death bed, and OH YAH, what about the underground bunkers and the underground hybrid nation going on right now and has been for years which aliens are a big part of. The government holds secrets within their selves and also from the public so their technology secrets won’t get discovered by the enemy. Sounds like the public is the enemy. People are going to keep investigating until they find out what they want to know. So go ahead and bring on your hybrid alien “Men in Black” guys… it is going to be global war!!

  7. At the end of the video a question is asked of the head historian for the CIA about the documentary “UFOs, Past, Present, and Future.” The reply is a denial. For the record the historian is right as the question has the wrong date. It should have been 1975. The 1971 date is the date Bob Emenegger was given for the Holloman landing which was part of the documentary. A second point is that Art Lundahl at the CIA cooperated with the film related to the story of the CIA channeling an alien in 1959 at NPIC in Washington. The instructions and approvals for the documentary, however, were coming from Bob Coleman at the Pentagon.

  8. Grant. You are correct in the timeline, but you misunderstood the intent and direction of my question. I chose the date of 1971 purposefully.

    The official release date for the film was in-fact July of 1974 or May of 1975 (depending on where you look). BUT “the offer” to Emenegger was made in 1971 to produce a film about UFOS using only official DoD and NASA source material.

    This is why my exact question to Dr. Robarge was, “As the Chief Historian for the CIA, are you aware of in 1971 the DOD asked for, produced and publicly funded a feature film titled, UFOs: Past, Present, and Future? Where it was admitted on camera by high ranking officials in the military, that UFOs as far as they could tell, were of non-terrestrial origin.”

    My point was to get it recorded and on-the-record WHEN the initial approach was made to Emenegger (in 1971). I feel this is an important gauge, demonstrating the climate of information release regarding UFOs by the Department of Defense at that time. And this is why I framed my question with the “ASKED FOR” date by the DOD, and not the “RELEASE DATE” for the film (which is often arbitrary in the movie industry).

    Now, there is a reason I’m focusing on this 1971 “date of approach”.

    Emenegger’s film was the closest thing to official Government disclosure through the documentary film medium, that has ever been achieved. The cooperation (and open funding) was astounding, and the entire film views like an apology to the American people for hiding the truth about UFOs. It’s fantastic! The fascinating part (if I could have asked the CIA guys questions all night, I would have brought this up), is the tone of this DOD film… and how it is in TOTAL CONTRAST to the CIA / IBM / CBS sponsored film, a CBS Report from 1966 titled, UFOs: Friend, Foe or Fantasy (hosted by Walter Cronkite). This film (from just 5 years prior), holds the tone of TOTAL DEBUNKING.

    So what happened between 1966 and 1971 that would make the internal structures of our American Defense and Intelligence apparatus, support such contrasting views?

    Anyway… this is why I focused on the ASK date when posing my question. I hope this explanation helps. And thank you Grant for looking into the details… too many people just let details slide by.

    Here are some links that may be of interest, and are the subject of what I’m looking into right now as a documentary filmmaker…

    UFOs: Past Present and Future (hosted by Rod Serling)
    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365874/
    WIKI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFOs:_Past,_Present,_and_Future
    FILM: https://vimeo.com/141606648

    UFOs: Friend, Foe or Fantasy (hosted by Walter Cronkite)
    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2200466/
    FILM: https://vimeo.com/143319433



    Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

  9. Did you really expect anything different from this panel? It was another hype-job and numbers grab. Nothing new. Do you actually expect anything but more half-lies from well paid jokers? A half-lie is like being pregnant. There is no half about it.
    I linked here from an interesting new twist @ thecommonsenseshow.com re: “Ex-Intel family tell of Secret Space Program.” I believe your readers might find my post to them worth reading and we can see if anyone here picks up on this:
    Let me attempt to communicate in part via mathematics rather than use the limits of typical language. English is a collection and rather like an art. Math is supposed to be a science.
    I will tell you that 60% of what Corey Goode—“whistleblower”/disinfo-recipient re: Secret Space Program—plus the Galactic Confederation, White Hats, Global Reset, White Dragon Society, and the Alliance is a combination of bs/lies and wishful thinking. Much of this is like ghosts, Halloween goblins, and false flags. They exist, but the genuine danger is that of allowing your being to become terrorized (fear-based thus loss of your energy=Their gain/food). This exists in your mind. 5 dimensional beings, of which ghosts are only one kind, cannot harm you physically. Demons of the past and “E.T.s” from a degenerated future Time-line damage you only when you allow them to get a spell over you.
    Take notice that 80% of what the mainline “news,” TV, and government agents tell you is lies and in their minds. Should we pay them attention or treat them as ghosts? TV news personalities are the losers despite their big debt/bucks. Anyone who believes their puke/regurgitation loses to that % too.
    Successful graduates of high school & universities are taught that 10 tokens + 1 token in interest = 10. This is 100% incorrect math.
    If you owe another, that entity owns you due to the debt they hold on your head. In plain English, that means you are a slave to said contracted bondholder.
    When a rural town made up of conservatives has 100% of their electronic voting machines determine that Obama wins the election and no one knows anyone in town that voted for Obama, do you suppose Hillary or Jeb will win the next election?
    I read that only 15% of Egyptians participated in their recent election because 85% think their process is a fraud and the corruption is rampant. Does this mean Americans are more naive? or are we just not standing up and screaming, “Lies, lies, and liars.”
    So, what are you supposed to do? Ask yourself, “Where do I stand in this mess?” For the most part, welfare zombies and the government are bloodsuckers. They now out number the producers of goods and only produce 2 dimensional paper work. Note: the FED Reserve Note or tokens are 2 dimensional IOUs. When an IRS agent busted me for working, I looked him up and politely asked him what I was then supposed to do. He informed me that I was soon to be 62 and I should go on Social Security. As a SSI acceptor, I too have now become to that % a bloodsucker, although I at least got Them to make “a criminal” out of me to get at me. (My Amazon e-Book $ales do not even pay for the gas on my home-on-wheels car.) This is an example of how the math/zombification of a debt-based economy plays out. The issuance of debt-based tokens/paper is the most evil of anything I know of. It even causes the elite to degenerate. The Cabal knows this and that is why They are now fighting amongst Themselves.

    Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and Putin were not terrorized by the Federal Reserve. JFK and RFK were afraid of the CIA, the Mafia, the FED, secret societies, and Marilyn Monroe. We have officially been told 100% lies regarding their ends.
    When I was a little boy I refused to play musical chairs at a Halloween party because everyone lost except the one that got the remaining chair. I knew the odds were stacked against everyone else. It was like Russian Roulette. Why participate in such a scam? Today the bankster or an underling like a Hillary occupies that last chair.
    Putin appears to be a savior upon the scene, but at the end of the day, if he continues to allow his nation and those he has sway over, have their tokens issued at any attached interest rate, then he is no better than the West.
    China is the only nation I was aware of lately that had their national yuan issued with no strings of debt/slavery/usury attached. The only major religion that is against usury today is Islam.
    I have no love for politicians and lawyers. Neither did the writers of the Original 13th Amendment. But, has the public fallen asleep since 1913 or did they miss the Point back at the close of our Civil War and in 1871? Did they not realize the South fought for State’s Rights and the North fought for slavery and the blacks were not given freedom. Furthermore, the rest also became slaves under the 14th Amendment? Should we always blame everything on the liars? How much a part do we play in this game when we go along and accept lies upon lies? Benghazi was only one truth that is slipping through our fingers.
    Was George Bush senior finally coming clean recently? before his handlers ushered him away after he quoted actor Jack Nicholson from the movie A Few Good Men, and said, “You can’t handle the truth.”
    Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth. If additional people will speak up that % will increase at a rapid rate.Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth regarding UFOs—not the mere tiny lights in our skies—plus 5th dimensional beings, the 2 dimensional flat Earth, zombies, agents, disinformation recipients, Black Ops and “breakaway civilizations”. In reality, this % may be far greater if you ignore what mainline media likes to portray/lie/ridicule/pretend/report the number to be. At any rate, if additional people will speak up and even act upon it, that % will increase at a rapid rate.
    Do the math. Count on your fingers. Does 40% trump 100%? Does 100% trump 60%? Or is it 60% trumping a negative ( – ) 100%? Confused? ..another example of the UFO phenomena. The truth is in there… just deep.

  10. According to the hundreds, nay, thousands of ufo type pages, we are permanently surrounded by all sizes and shapes of mysterious objects flying round and round the world. YeT NOT one single once has any of these so-called ufos ever landed, communicated with anyone, and nobody has ever taken a single, decent ,clear, in focus photo of them
    I don’t believe in Santa Claus,walking on water, leprechauns or ufos. Where is the evidence.

  11. Yeah, the CIA is going to hang a wrinkled CIA emblem recruiting banner up before “current and former” CIA employees talk about secret projects and agendas in a press conference just for KLAS. JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE ASKED TO. What a JOKE. GEE if this were a real reveal with real CIA employees then ABC NBC FOX CNN and all the other media giants missed out on the biggest press conference since the Manhatten Project was revealed after World War II. Was the conference room at the NATM rented to try to give this credence too? This doesn’t even meet the level of Halloween prank. WHY WOULD THEY NEED TO PUT UP THE GIANT CIA BANNER other than to convince the simple minded believers who fall for fake photos and videos with editing that middle school kids can outdo now. Come on, the only reason you would fall for this façade is because you WANT to believe it so you can claim more “conspiracy”.

  12. These panel members and MANY others are going to rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives for covering up the presence of extraterrestrials.

  13. Im sorry the truth is that we have uncorrelated targets flying in and out of our air space at will but it is not true that we know who of what they are, We have tried to intercept them to no luck. they have poised no threat so far and we will never admit to knowing anything about them.

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