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On March 29, 1966 a very unusual CE II took place in the vicinity of Hampton Falls New Hampshire.

Box shaped UFO report from New Hampshire in 1966

Box shaped UFO

Artist rendition of the UFO described by the witness. (image credit: NICAP/CUFOS)

On March 29, 1966 a very unusual CE II took place in the vicinity of Hampton Falls New Hampshire. At approximately 4:15 PM Benjamin Brackett (age 10) was walking with his Dalmatian dog in a wooded lot behind his home. Continuing onto a path which leads to a pond, he noticed something that was silver colored sitting on top of a nearby ridge. His initial thought was that this was ‘radar chaff” which had fallen on the branches of a tree. As he drew closer, he noticed a “glob” with “tassels” sticking out, which was attached to a silver rod. The rod was estimated to be approximately 1-1/2 feet in length, and was connected to a “box” like structure. When he took his eyes off the craft for a brief moment, the antenna-like shaft disappeared. He was no more than seventy-five feet from the object. As he continued walking towards the craft, he noticed that it was sitting on three “legs”.

Box shaped UFO schematic

Detailed schematic of box-shaped UFO. (image credit: NICAP/CUFOS)

Suddenly, there was a blast of air, originating from the craft which blew pine needles in the immediate vicinity. Concurrently, the object emitted a low pitched sound, and lifted off the ground between six to twelve inches. Next, the strange craft stopped in mid-air, swung around in a clockwise motion, and settled back down again. The primary eyewitness reported that this maneuver was done with “mechanical like” precision. Next, the device made “electric-like” sounds which frightened him, and caused him to think that this might be some type of experimental USAF hovercraft. The unusual craft was shaped like the letter “L”, and was approximately sixty inches in length, and forty inches tall. Its exterior texture resembled a “cork”, and it lacked a highly polished aluminum appearance. Each of the tripod legs measured twelve inches across. A dark brown colored inverted “dishpan” or dome was located on the lower surface of the craft which measured twenty-four inches across. It had three small openings which were facing the primary eyewitness.

Box shaped UFO sighting

UFO sighting events. (image credit: NICAP/CUFOS)

On the upper surface of the craft, he noticed two small openings which were approximately one inch in diameter. The holes were spaced six inches apart, but were too small to reveal any interior details. The tripod legs appeared to be made out of square shaped metal material which measured one inch across. While wondering what to do next, Benjamin again heard a series of electric-like sounds emanating from inside the craft. Then, another blast of air exited from the bottom of the craft, and it rose to an altitude of ten feet. Next, it stopped for a split second, and moved horizontally in a south-east direction for about twenty-four feet. Then, the object again stopped for a split second and turned clockwise 60 degrees, and shot straight up out of sight. The physical traces left by the object and the detailed account by the primary eyewitness make this CE II case unique in Ufology. Source: NICAP/CUFOS

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