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Book Review: UFO Contacts in Italy

As an example of the fact that UFOs and ufology are a world-wide phenomenon, the redoubtable Philip Mantle and Flying Disk Press (one of the very few publishers still keeping the public informed about the history of ufology) takes us to what has to be the golden age of subject. This time the revelations come from Roberto Pinotti and the files of ‘Centro Ufologico Nazionale’ (CUN) the leading Italian society who still investigates the phenomenon. Translated from the Italian language, this book is volume one in a series that, in this case, covers the years from 1907 until 1978 and 1958 was especially productive.

The book, which is profusely illustrated with some remarkable images, is an absolute treasure trove of information and the reader can open it at any page and is guaranteed to find something of interest. That said, rather that outright examples of visitations from ETs, the vast majority of examples presented here appear to be ‘high strangeness’ encounters rather than anything else, which are of course still valid and perhaps even more interesting, but not proof of anything extraterrestrial. In fact the book takes a ‘no questions asked’ approach and a refreshingly literalist view of the subject and has obviously been compiled and written by a true believer.

Italian UFO Researcher and Author Robert Pinotti

The author was a friend of, and collaborated with the late Gordon Creighton who was the long time editor of the UK’s Flying Saucer Review (FSR) and his influence becomes clear as one reads the book. Some of the images are astonishing and there are a few of what is claimed to be the inside of a UFO (pages 96 & 97) which also show the pilot who is human looking and is wearing what look like wrap-round sunglasses. There is also a report of analysis carried out on metallic residue left at a landing site, and surprisingly the residue comprises only earthly constituents in various proportions. This is encouraging if, for no other reason, than it seems the elements in the periodic table are universal. There is no doubt that for the dedicated ufologist this book is an essential part of their library and deserved to be read and if anyone is interested the CUN website is:

The book is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. You can contact the author and the publisher via the FLYING DISK PRESS blog at:


Brian Allan

Editor, Phenomena Magazine

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  1. Hello, is there a less expensive place to purchase this book? It’s a little bit too high for me on Amazon. But I want to read it very badly!

  2. I enjoyed this book immensely. I felt I was back in the late 60, and earlier 70’s reading Flying Saucer Review all over again. The sheer number of contacts with UFO occupants in Italy during the 50’s and 60’s is over whelming. The majority of the reports consist of rural people going about their everyday business. When they suddenly come across a landed disc or sphere just sitting in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the classic small humanoids with diving-suits and helmets emerge and attempt some sort of communication with the onlooker who sometimes suffered physical effects like paralysis. There are plenty of abduction claims, without the horrendous medical examinations so common today I might add. The Author also points out cases that turned out to be hoaxes and corrects details of some cases that were inaccurately reported either in the press or by other UFO writers. The book also has many UFO photos included with the text.

  3. I look forward to reading this book. I’m very interested in the history of the UAP phenomenon as it helps us separate the truth from all the disinformation. It’s intriguing that the US population seems to be the focus of the horrific abduction cases in the 60’ and 70’s. It correlates nicely with the supposed treaty the US signed with the Zeta Reticuli 2 group. It’s kinda scary that Earth no longer experiences visitations. Are we too primitive and violent to work with? Are we mear pawns in the bigger picture? Livestock? I like to think that we are Spiritual beings living in human form until the time when we can possess a higher level of consciousness. Our Alien neighbors, wether they are interplanetary, interdementional or otherwise, interact with us from time to time to check on our progress towards our eventual spiritual ascension. I’m not saying that every alien visitor is benevolent, history proves quite the opposite, They too come with varying agendas we can only speculate about with the exception of the Zeta Reticuli 2 group – they made their agenda crystal clear with Betty and Barney Hill. There is one more idea that I’d like to share:

    What if Alien life is akin to the varying life forms on earth? The UAP landing and abduction of Kelly Cahill and her husband (and others) points to a very aggressive and not so kind Alien species. Yet we see a guiding light Alien species in Tepotzlan Mexico with Mr. Carlos Diaz. Which Alien races are more advanced than others? Do the good Aliens out-number the bad Aliens? Cnsider the fact that Disclosure might be for our own common good yet history proves that technological advancement cannot be oppressed. Our greatest current day mainstream astrophysicists are silent or obtuse regarding UAPology, Zero point energy, electro-gravitic propulsion, etc. All these people with such high levels of understanding about how our universe works seem to just ignore the vast scientific opportunities behind this phenomenon.

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