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The APRO Bulletin was the official publication of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization which was founded in 1952 by Jim and Carol Lorenzen. APRO continued through the 1980s and below is a nearly complete collection of the APRO Bulletins for research use.

Special thanks to APRO Bulletin Editor Richard W. Heiden for curating this collection.

Letter from Richard:

I started reading Coral and Jim Lorenzen’s books soon after I got interested in UFOs in the late 1960’s. But I didn’t join APRO until the summer of 1970. In his letter of Oct. 4, 1977, Jim Lorenzen asked me to become Assistant Editor of the APRO Bulletin, and I accepted. Actually, I did not have any input in editorial decisions, which would have been difficult in any event, considering that I lived in Milwaukee (as I still do), and there was no Internet in those days. My function was basically to translate correspondence and articles from Spanish and Portuguese, which I continued to do until the end of APRO—besides contributing other articles and book reviews.

In about 1986, when Coral Lorenzen’s health was failing, she asked me if I wanted to take over the Bulletin. Unfortunately, at that time I was about to start grad school, so I had to decline. I think she asked others too, but apparently no one wanted to assume the task that Coral had started on her own in 1952. After Coral’s death, Bob Marsland (APRO’s Deputy Director,who lived in Tucson) photocopied for me a collection of the back issues, which was my first opportunity to read the very earliest issues. (Bob is in the group pictures that appear in the 29:12 issue, p. 7; and in the 31:2 issue, p. 2. He passed away in March of 2009.)

I met Coral Lorenzen five times. First in August of 1973 when Jim was in Chicago on business (he was out tending to the business when I visited Coral at their motel near the airport). Again at the UFO Congress in Acapulco in April 1977; at the International UFO Congress sponsored by Fate Magazine in Chicago in June 1977; and at the APRO symposium in Cleveland in June 1981. And finally in June of 1983, when I visited the Lorenzens in their home in Tucson. Coral was a strong-willed, independent woman whose control of APRO unfortunately did not allow for sharing responsibilities to the extent that others could move right in when her health and Jim’s deteriorated so as to prevent their continuing with their organizational responsibilities. That is, not until it was too late.

In later years, the bulletins came out two at a time, with a mailing wrapper that also included editorial material. Each mailing wrapper was scanned following the FIRST of the pair of issues that it contained. At least three issues (including 32:10 and 32:11) were mailed singly, and would be recognized as such only because the NEXT issue has another wrapper scanned afterwards. Another pair of issues also had a 4-page questionnaire with it, which was scanned between the first issue and the wrapper.

A friend suggested that I edit a compilation of APRO Bulletins. The idea returned to my mind occasionally, but I never did anything with it. One thought I had about the project was to correct errors that had appeared in the original bulletins, and perhaps add important relevant information from other sources—such as if a particular case turned out to have an identification.

Of course, with the Internet age, it is now possible to put the entire file of the APRO Bulletins online for all the world to access. That is what you find here. In a few cases, I did note corrections to published typos in my own articles. However, the notations in the issues of the bulletin’s first few years were presumably made by Coral herself.

Richard W. Heiden


APRO Field Investigator Handbook


Jan 1955
January 1955

Apr 1955
April 1955

Aug 1955
August 1955

Nov 1955
November 1955

Dec 1955
December 1955


Jan 1956
January-March 1956

July 1956
July 1956

Sept 1956
September 1956

Nov 1956
November 1956


Jan 1957
January 1957

Mar 1957
March 1957

May 1957
May 1957

July 1957
July 1957

Sep 1957
September 1957

Nov 1957
November 1957


Jan 1958
January 1958

Mar 1958
March 1958

May 1958
May 1958

Jul 1958
July 1958

Sep 1958
September 1958

Nov 1958
November 1958


Jan 1959
January 1959

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March 1959

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May 1959

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July 1959

Sep 1959
September 1959

Nov 1959
November 1959


Jan 1960
January 1960

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March 1960

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May 1960

July 1960
July 1960

Sep 1960
September 1960

Nov 1960
November 1960


Jan 1961
January 1961

Mar 1961
March 1961

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May 1961

Jul 1961
July 1961

Sep 1961
September 1961

Oct 1961
October 1961

Nov 1961
November 1961


Jan 1962
January 1962

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May 1962

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July 1962

Sep 1962
September 1962

Nov 1962
November 1962


Jan 1963
January 1963

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March 1963

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May 1963

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July 1963

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September 1963

Nov 1963
November 1963


Jan 1964
January 1964

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March 1964

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May 1964

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July 1964

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September 1964

Nov 1964
November 1964


Jan 1965
January 1965

Mar 1965
March-April 1965

May 1965
May-June 1965

Jul 1965
July-August 1965

Sep 1965
Sept-Oct 1965

Nov 1965
Nov-Dec 1965


Jan 1966
Jan-Feb 1966

Mar 1966
March-April 1966

May 1966
May-June 1966

Jul 1966
July-August 1966

Sep 1966
Sep-Oct 1966

Nov 1966
Nov-Dec 1966


Jan 1967
Jan-Feb 1967

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May 1967
May-June 1967

Jul 1967
July-August 1967

Sep 1967
Sep-Oct 1967

Nov 1967
Nov-Dec 1967


Jan 1968
Jan-Feb 1968

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Nov-Dec 1968


Jan 1969
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Jan 1970
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Jul 1970
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Sep 1970
Sep-Oct 1970

Nov 1970
Nov-Dec 1970


Nov 1971
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July-August 1972

Sep 1972
Sep-Oct 1972

Nov 1972
Nov-Dec 1972


Jan 1973
Jan-Feb 1973

Mar 1973
March-April 1973

May 1973
May-June 1973

1975 and later

(Note: Some of the issues had the wrong volume number printed on them. The links and file names have the correct volume and numbers.)

Vol. 23-4 Jan-Feb 1975

Vol. 23-5 March 1975

Vol. 23-6 April 1975

Vol. 23-7 May 1975

Vol. 23-8 June 1975

Vol. 24-1 July 1975

Vol. 24-2 August 1975

Vol. 24-3 September 1975

Vol. 24-4 October 1975

Vol. 24-5 Nov 1975

Vol. 24-6 Dec 1975

Vol. 24-7 Jan 1976

Vol. 24-8 Feb 1976

Vol. 24-10 April 1976

Vol. 24-11 May 1976

Vol. 24-12 June 1976

Vol. 25-1 July 1976

Vol. 25-2 August 1976

Vol. 25-3 Sept 1976

Vol. 25-4 Oct 1976

Vol. 25-6 Dec 1976

Vol. 25-7 Jan 1977

Vol. 25-8 Feb 1977

Vol. 25-9 March 1977

Vol. 25-10 April 1977

Vol. 25-11 May 1977

Vol. 25-12 June 1977

Vol. 26-1 July 1977

Vol. 26-3 Sept 1977

Vol. 26-4 Oct 1977

Vol. 26-5 Nov 1977

Vol. 26-7 Jan 1978

Vol. 26-8 Feb 1978

Vol. 26-9 March 1978

Vol. 26-10 April 1978

Vol. 26-11 May 1978

Vol. 26-12 June 1978 – Photos

Vol. 27-1 July 1978

Vol. 27-2 Aug 1978

Vol. 27-3 Sept 1978

Vol. 27-4 Oct 1978

Vol. 27-5 Nov 1978 – Photos

Vol. 27-6 Dec 1978

Vol. 27-7 Jan 1979

Vol. 27-8 Feb 1979

Vol. 27-9 March 1979

Vol. 27-10 April 1979

Vol. 27-11 May 1979

Vol. 27-12 June 1979

Vol. 28-1 July 1979

Vol. 28-2 August 1979

Vol. 28-3 Sept 1979

Vol. 28-4 Oct 1979

Vol. 28-5 Nov 1979

Vol. 28-6 Dec 1979

Vol. 28-7 Jan 1980

Vol. 28-8 Feb 1980

Vol. 28-9 March1980

Vol. 28-10 April 1980

Vol. 28-11 May 1980 – Photos

Vol. 28-12 June 1980 – Photos

Vol. 29-1 July 1980

Vol. 29-2 August 1980

Vol. 29-3 March 1981

Vol. 29-4 April 1981 – Photos

Vol. 29-5 June 1981 – Photos

Vol. 29-6 June 1981

Vol. 29-7 August 1981

Vol. 29-8 September 1981 – Photos

Vol. 29-9 October 1981

Vol. 29-10 October 1981

Vol. 29-11 November 1981

Vol. 29-12 December 1981 – Photos

Vol. 30-1 February 1982

Vol. 30-2 February 1982

Vol. 30-3 April 1982

Vol. 30-4 April 1982

Vol. 30-5 June 1982

Vol. 30-6 June 1982

Vol. 30-7 August 1982

Vol. 30-8 August 1982

Vol. 30-9 October 1982

Vol. 30-10 October 1982

Vol. 30-11 December 1982

Vol. 30-12 December 1982

Vol. 31-1 January 1983

Vol. 31-2 January 1983

Vol. 31-3 March 1983

Vol. 31-4 March 1983

Vol. 31-5 June 1983

Vol. 31-6 June 1983

Vol. 31-7 July 1983

Vol. 31-8 August 1983

Vol. 31-9 November 1983

Vol. 31-10 November 1983

Vol. 31-11 January 1984

Vol. 31-12 February 1984

Vol. 32-1 March 1984

Vol. 32-2 May 1984

Vol. 32-3 May 1984

Vol. 32-4 July 1984

Vol. 32-5 August 1984

Vol. 32-6 September 1984

Vol. 32-7 September 1984

Vol. 32-8 December 1984

Vol. 32-9 December 1984

Vol. 32-10 February 1985

Vol. 32-11 May 1985

Vol. 32-12 May 1985

Vol. 33-1 July 1985

Vol. 33-2 January 1986

Vol. 33-3 January 1986

Vol. 33-4 April 1987

Vol. 33-5 April 1987

Vol. 33-6 September 1987

Vol. 33-7 September 1987


  1. I am a MUFON Field Investigator who is researching a historic case 557676 It is believed they were interviewed by APRO at the time. I would love to add any additional information.

    It was 9/2/1976 and the people were: Martin (Marty) Napoli, Arnold (Arnie) Goldman, and Jeff Brodsky. I have talked to all three and the stories match within expectation from so long ago. It occurred in N.E Ohio (Gates Mills). It was a ship which displayed a light sequence. When Marty (driving) turned off his headlights, the UFO shut down its lights. It then sped away. Marty believes a band camp of St. Joseph’s High School also had a sighting that night. We have a newspaper clipping where they reported it. This is one of those solid cases which deserves to remain well documented.

  2. Hi, I was curious about “fireballs” specifically those seen over San Diego Ca. around Aug. 23, 2003 . I’m just curious if anyone else saw one up close(within 15 feet) or am I the only one. He didn’t give me a name or anything. Just told me to get up out of bed and go outside and look up. It floated out of a fog bank , passed by slowly, did a couple of things with the plasma flames in my presence (formed small vortices in a circular pattern and opened an iris in the plasma and showed me what was under the plasma flame). And then slowly floated off towards the ocean, and disappeared. I went back to bed and to sleep . time 3:33am.
    Got any cool stories like that? I also have a crappy little drawing I made of the ship, if you want to see it, just write back I’ll send it to you. Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

  3. Do you realize what you call UFO’s is biblical? I am not a religious man, but I study the original Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures and they do tell us that we will be invaded. We are living in the 120th Jubilee cycle which is the last Jubilee cycle before Yahweh tells us He pulls the plug as we know it. Again, this has nothing to do with being religious. It is instructions on what is soon about to happen. Again, I am not religious and this has nothing to do with be religious. And you will not like what will happen when they arrive.


  4. Thanks Richard for this gift to the UFO-interested community. We appreciate the hard work you have invested. May God bless you for it.

    I downloaded all the files and look forward to many hours of enjoyable reading. They will provide quite a few good additions to my Internet UFO Bibliography Website.

    Saying a prayer for the Lorenzens.

  5. Does anyone know if any issues of APRO have anything on Carl Allen or The Philadelphia Experiment Story?

    From my website;

    As the years passed Allen became bitter at the unwanted publicity of his letters, and the simple fact that everyone but him was profiting from his story. In 1969, to “get back at them all,” he handed Jim Lorenzen of A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization) a copy of the Varo Edition (of Morris Jessup’s book, The Case for the UFO) with the following “confession” attached to the second page of the

    “All words, phrases, and sentences underlined on the following pages in brown ink are false. The below page and the top part of the following [5] were and are the craziest pack of lies I ever wrote. Object? To encourage ONR Research and to discourage Professor Morris K. Jessup from going further with investigations possibly leading to actual research. Then I feared invisibility and force-field research; I don’t now.”

    “Allende still believes… that a U.S. vessel… disappeared from its Philadelphia dock and reappeared seconds later in the Norfolk-Portsmouth area, then disappeared again to appear once more in its original berth.” – Jim Lorenzen of A.P.R.O.

    There is also a picture of Carl at APRO in 1969 I would like to try and get a better copy of.


    If anyone could be of help that would be great.

  6. all of the links for pre-1975 issues aren’t loading. any idea why? they used to. i really enjoy checking out these old articles & would love to continue doing so! thanks for providing access to them, it’s amazing!

  7. This Website SHOULD have a complete collection of bulletins, but the ones I photocopied for Open Minds—including the earliest issues, with Coral’s annotations—were lost. At the time I wrote the above letter, I was still hoping they would turn up. But they never did. All that was posted from me are what I scanned later. I’m sorry that the scans are not searchable. But this is the best that the suburban library could do at the time, and it didn’t occur to me that there might be other options.

    This Website fills in the gaps, including the first years:

    You can also find the APRO Bulletin on Internet Archive, which Laura Kayacan, Adult Services Librarian in Sturgeon Bay, found for me (not independent of the above, as it names both AFU and CUFOS):
    https://archive.org/search?query=apro bulletin

    I have not examined these to compare completeness and quality.

  8. Many issues of the APRO Bulletin are also available here:
    (Search on the page for “APRO.”) Ignacio’s Web site is a treasure-trove of UFO material, mostly in English. It is strong on the UMMO affair, of which he was a staunch defender. But I don’t think you can find material there with a general Internet search. Ignacio died in June 2018, but (thank goodness), his Web site is still kept open.

    WARNING: Unlike Isaac Koi and his outstanding online UFO archive, Ignacio was not careful about getting permission to post other people’s work.

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