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Alleged UFO video purportedly documents ET contact in Florida

A group attempting to contact extraterrestrials using “coherent thought and meditation practices” has captured dramatic lights over the ocean on video (seen above). They believe the event was extraterrestrial contact, other UFO researchers believe the objects are merely flares.

According to the video’s description, the sighting took place at Vero Beach in Florida on January 27, 2015 between 9:10 and 9:15 pm. In the video, you can see several people are present when a bright orange light appears below the clouds offshore. Soon after, a second object can be seen. After a few minutes, the lights fade out.

Closeu-up of lights caught on video by CSETI in Florida. (Credit: CSETI)
Close-up of lights caught on video by CSETI in Florida. (Credit: CSETI)

The group had several cameras ready to film any UFOs they may spot. In fact, the group believes they can call in extraterrestrial spacecraft using what they call the CE-5 Protocol.

The alien spotting event was held by the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), which was founded by Dr. Steven Greer, a retired medical doctor. They hold what they call “Ambassador Training” several times a year throughout the country. As the website describes, at these events “Dr. Greer will provide in-depth training  in meditation and Remote Viewing and explain how the Science of Consciousness and ET communication, travel and even manufacturing are connected.”

The training lasts a week and costs $2500. This may or may not include the price of the hotel rooms for the week.

In the video, once the UFOs are spotted, you can hear the excitement in the participants’ voices. Greer tells everyone to thank the aliens for coming. It is assumed that he means by sending them thoughts. He then instructs the group to “Open your heart chakra and send them the beauty of humanity.”

“You connect with your palms out, like this, with your third eye and your heart making like a tetrahedron radiating our pureness and love towards them, ” Greer continued.

Although the lights in the video are dramatic, the UFO researchers I contacted for analysis of the video felt that the lights were obviously flares.

Marc Dantonio, the chief photo analyst for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said this:

“The facts are this. You see one appear in another way they appear is from right to left. The way they go out is from right to left as expected, with the first one to light up being the first one to go out. Not only that but you can actually see as you scrub through the video that they drift to the right and sink lower in the sky. It is at that point where the first flare that lit up then goes out as expected. This is absolutely consistent with aerial parachute flares.”

A screenshot from the CSETI video. Ricky Butterfass can be seen on the far right. (Credit: CSETI)
A screenshot from the CSETI video. Ricky Butterfass can be seen on the far right. (Credit: CSETI)

I also contacted Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist who used to work for the U.S. Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Virginia. He also was of the opinion that the lights in the video are flares.

Ricky Butterfass, a long time CSETI member who was there to witness the UFOs in Florida first hand says he disagrees.  He argues that the winds were high. He says, “If the objects were flares they would not have maintained the relative same altitude and tandem position for the time period.”

“There was not any smoke observed or parachutes.  We have seen flares before doing field work,” says Butterfass. Butterfass also says they did not see any aircraft dropping the flares.

“My CE-5 team buddy is former Navy and was aircraft maintenance on an aircraft carrier during the gulf wars. He did not think they were flares,” says Butterfass.

Furthermore, Butterfass says he and other witnesses saw disk shaped objects several times during their trip. On one occasion one kept pace with their rental car.

Alleged alien caught in picture during a CSETI outing near Joshua Tree, CA in 2009. (Credit: CSETI)
Alleged alien that appeared in a photograph during a CSETI outing near Joshua Tree, CA in 2009. (Credit: CSETI)

Butterfass says this isn’t the first time they made contact. “We also know the ET race that operate these type craft.  We call them Arcturans and they have confirmed that assumption.  Although other ET races work with them on board some of these and larger craft,” says Butterfass.

Greer has posted on their website a photo of what he believes to be an extraterrestrial that visited one of their training sessions in the area of Joshua Tree, California in November of 2009.

Butterfass says they have had several visitations by extraterrestrials while they are in their meditation circle. However, humans cannot see them.  He says they sometimes can see the aliens’ auras, but mostly have to communicate with them using their “field electronics.”

As for the Vero Beach video, most of the UFO researchers I have contacted agree that it is definitely flares that CSETI caught on video. I contacted the Coast Guard who said they did not have any operations in the area involving flares. I also reached out to the Navy who said they would get back to me, but as of the posting of this story, I have not heard anything from them. The Florida MUFON chapter says their investigation is ongoing, and they will release their conclusions when their investigation is complete.

Here is a video of some military flares I filmed in Arizona for comparison…

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Hey openminds people…the canal winchester story didn’t have pics. Dont know if the witness had any, but I do. I live in canal and have two pics.: one with 5 lights and one wi th four. The second one was taken a second or two later, and by that time one of th e lights had disappeared.

  2. I just want to make a few comments in regard to the initial CE-5 contact with extraterrestrials in Vero Beach, FL January 25 to 31, 2015. The major event occurred January 27 a documented in the video. We had ask ET to appear in a demonstrative way that would draw attention. They did. Before, we posted the video we know it would be explained away as flares. Something very familiar to them. However, in all do respect to the explainers. They may know about flares, but not with these type of ET craft and other types we have had encounters with over the last 20+ years. For myself I don’t expect anyone to believe me. If it were me telling me? I would believe I would believe it. But, I have to because it happened to me. Therefore, I challenge every scientist, aerospace scientists, astro physicist, astrobiologist,astronomer, etc., at JPL, NASA, ESA, Japan, China, Russia and at every university to do the science of the CE-5 protocols and experience the reality themselves. Thousands of people around the world, in 26 US states and 34 countries have done so with successful, independent, repeatable, results. Indeed, the test for any science.

    I do want to clear up one point here. The statement that I had a similar craft on one occasion keep pace with my rental car was not on this trip, but in 2009, in Joshua Tree when we made contact with the Extraterrestrial who photo is shown here. Three members, including myself, of my four person car team did have daytime contact with a ET craft (ETV), on Vero Beach January 29 and 30, 2015. Two of my team had confirmed contact on the 29th and I with two other attendees had confirmed Daytime contact with an ETV on the 30th. When we saw the ETV we followed CE-5 protocol asking in thought for the craft to do something an aircraft could not do. It did by disappearing, vanishing before our eyes.

    Yes, I do understand that these objects may appear as flares. However, they were not. This further explanation of what one views in the video may help those convinced these ETV are flares.

    There were 23 people there. The three people right in the front were asked to keep low because they were if front of the telephoto camera shooting the video. They wanted to get as much of the craft in the field of view recorded. After the event people were asked that when they were in the field of view of the camera to do as you say to stand up and move out of the way. The protocols require people to say in a circle to have full sky coverage. This was a training event and most people there had no team experience before.

    Dr. Greer asked people to turn of their infrared illuminators on their night scopes. They are not effective at long range and can know out the other optics of the cameras and other night scopes. Only the person whose illuminator was on was asked to turn of his scope. The others were not.

    I do agree about lights we are used to going off and on. However, ET craft technology is a little different from what is normal to us and our technology. These craft can actually morph, expand and collapse. When they stealth down they actually do a phase shift from the local space into a side band harmonic of the local space time. The whole atomic molecular frequency is phase shifted. The best way for us to visualize what is going on with them.

    The example you are driving in your car listening to your favorite radio station. When you start to get out of the stations channel broadcast range. You hear another radio station bleed in. You actually hear both radio stations at the same time because they over lap. ET craft are electromagnetic/electrogravidic and operate on transdimensional physics. These craft can change their physical state of being and their molecular frequency. They can become light or the light we see. They appear to dim down as lights on a rheostat. They can appear to collapse down into a single point and just vanish.

    What looks like they are flickering is not what is happening. The craft are actually rotating and can be related to a slowly rotating beacon. The light is being directionally projected. That is why we don’t see light reflecting off the water like we would if these craft were flares.

    Part of what we are doing is to educate the people to what is going on. We just do the best we can. Thank you for having an open mind.

    We really need to relearn what we have been taught in school or learned with our current technologies.

    I have seen ET craft at 300 feet AGL with about a 250 knot velocity straight and level track project a green laser light that extended like someone’s arm down to the ground touching a Trifield meter about meter from my foot, setting it off and then the green light retracted back to the craft like someone drawing their arm back.

    It was on and off like a flash light or laser pointed, it was extension and retraction.

  3. Please watch L.A. Marzulli’s videos about the alien deception. These enteties aren’t aliens they are demons or nephilim!!!

  4. What a bunch of malarkey. Dr Greer is unequivocally insane and is akin to a doomsday preacher making his flock drink the poisoned juice of his “truth”. How can anybody believe these CSETI fools?

  5. So Mr. Greer hired a boat to go out 7 miles and shoot off a couple of parachute flares, and I guess you got charged $$ to be part the “experience” and Greer gets your Money. sorry if the truth hurts.

  6. As I told Alejandro, sunset at Vero Beach on that night was at 6:02 pm. Why is the obvious fact that it was not dark when the photos were taken mentioned?

  7. There was a massive naval training exercise known as COMPTUEX involving hundreds of aircraft, dozens of ships and thousands of sailors and marines going on off the coast of Florida, including Vero Beach at the time of this so called ‘summoning’. Of course Greer knew about the naval exercise and there would be lots of activity in the area. I don’t see anything but flares in the pics are vids. Of course if you paid to go on this garbage. You’ll want to believe you saw something different.

    I really wish reputable sites wouldn’t report on Greer and his phony programs. It makes the entire field look bad. Greer knew there

  8. God steven green is such a con artist, and he sounds so full of it in this video. I would very much like to witness a UFO but this is obviously not anything but flares. If he has experienced much more convincing craft why doesn’t he use it to market his “training course”? I’m sure he had something to do with the flares appearing, because he knows that the people signing up for it paid good money, and want to see something. If I paid 2500 dollars to see a bunch of flares, I would have demanded a refund. Greer makes such sensational claims, but never produces any evidence to back anything up. He is a liar and he preys on those who want to believe so badly they fall for his empty promises.

  9. If this is true. Then it’s true. That when I think about them, they come. That’s it. Who’s mad? These people or me? This just can’t be.

  10. I’m looking up max burn time for naval flares. I haven’t seen anything with a burn time much over 40 seconds. The first light to appear on the right stays illuminated for three minutes. I’m going to continue my search but so far a parachute flare does not seem to be a reliable explanation.

  11. My bad. Regarding max burn time of parachute flares: I should look further before I leap. There are parachute flares with significantly longer burn times. The LUU-2 reports to burn for 5 minutes but must be air deployed. Still digging for info but I’m not finding any land launch parachute flares that will burn for more than 60 seconds.

  12. “Whoever’s right in the front can you stay low”? – If they’re going to be contacting aliens, maybe they should learn each others names first. Introductions could be awkward.

  13. For all people that can be say that this videos and pictures are false:

    I made a digital image processing and after compare with another sources, kind of places, dates and countries, the heat firm and radiation formed and behaviour confirmed to me that’s true. 100%

    Good job and congrats for all people that test the new age of us..

  14. If you want to see real UFOs and other stuff go to ECETI James Gilliland’s ufo ranch.
    They fly by close to you. They flash at you when you flash at them. They say hello. They even land from time to time. James is keepng a low profile these days. The government military is on his butt!! They are trying to run him off!
    If you go you will see. They are there. This is the same area a ufo was ever sited and they continue. The insists that have lived close to mount Adams say they have done this for 100’s of years. So there you go!

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