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$10,000 reward offered to decipher Roswell UFO memo

Last week UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle posted news of a $10,000 reward for anyone who can decipher the text of a memo seen in a picture of what is supposedly debris from the Roswell UFO crash site. Some UFO researchers doubt the debris in the photo is actually from the object that crashed outside Roswell in July, 1947, and believe the text in the memo proves it.

The photograph in question shows General Roger Ramey in his office at Fort Worth Army Air Field, later known as Carswell Air Force Base. He is holding a memo and crouching over debris he claims was from the Roswell crash site, and that he was able to identify as a weather balloon.

General Roger Ramey (left) with Colonel Thomas Dubois looking the weather balloon Ramey claimed was mistaken for a flying saucer in Roswell in 1947.
General Roger Ramey (left) with Colonel Thomas Dubois looking at the weather balloon Ramey claimed was mistaken for a flying saucer in Roswell in 1947. Ramey is holding the memo in question.

Only hours prior to the photos being taken, the public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field, at the behest of his superior officer, Colonel William Blanchard, sent out a press release claiming that they had discovered debris from a crashed flying saucer. Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer who was dispatched to inspect and collect the material a day earlier, was ordered to fly himself and the material to Fort Worth.

Memo in Ramey's hand from above photo enlarged.
Memo in Ramey’s hand from above photo enlarged.

Upon arriving in Fort Worth, he was escorted to Ramey’s office where a photographer and Ramey’s chief of staff, Colonel Thomas Dubious, were waiting. On the floor was material that Marcel later said was obviously from a weather balloon. However, according to Marcel, this was not the material he had collected in New Mexico.

Jesse Marcel holding the weather balloon debris in Ramey's office.
Jesse Marcel holding the weather balloon debris in Ramey’s office.

The three men then had pictures taken with the weather balloon debris. The pictures were then used in articles claiming that a mistake had been made, and the flying saucer had actually turned out to be a weather balloon. Marcel says he was ordered to go along with the story, and like a good soldier, he did what he was told, no questions asked.

Incidentally, Dubois also later claimed the debris in these photos were part of a cover-up. He said the weather balloon material was set out to trick the public.  You can see his interview in the video below.

The weather balloon explanation was accepted by the press and the public. It was not until the 1980s, when witnesses like Marcel came forward that the incident began to catch the public’s attention. Now, as in the video below, most people have heard of the alleged Roswell UFO crash.

Due to growing public interest, and an inquiry into the matter by New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff, the Air Force later admitted that the weather balloon explanation was a cover-up in an exhaustive report debunking the idea that the debris was actually from an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Their conclusion was that it was from a top secret project called Project Mogul. Mogul’s purpose was to send balloons aloft with sensitive listening devices that could detect Russian nuclear tests. They suspected Ramey switched out the debris to maintain the secrecy for Project Mogul.

However, some Roswell UFO researchers believe that Ramey’s photo is the US Air Force’s Achilles heel in the Roswell cover-up. In the photos of Ramey in his office, a memo can clearly be seen in his hands. Using modern technology to zoom in and enhance the image, in one of the pictures in particular, researchers believe some of the words can be made out. David Rudiak, in particular, has focused on deciphering the text, and he feels he has determined what 80% of the letters are. He says it is clear that there is a reference to a disc, and believes he can also make out a portion of a sentence that reads: “and the victims of the wreck.”

Rudiak says this proves that a disc-shaped craft was recovered. However, perhaps more startling, he says it also corroborates the claims that extraterrestrial bodies were recovered from that wreck.

Portion of the memo deciphered by Rudiak. (Credit: David Rudiak)
Portion of the memo deciphered by Rudiak. (Credit: David Rudiak)

In their Roswell report, the US Air Force says they also tried to decipher the text in the memo. They claim, “the photo was sent to a national-level organization for digitizing and subsequent photo interpretation and analysis.” As for the results, they wrote, “This organization reported on July 20, 1994, that even after digitizing, the photos were of insufficient quality to visualize either of the details sought for analysis.”

Many find those claims to be hard to accept. Especially after looking at a magnified version of the memo. It seems that something should be able to be deciphered. While not all researchers agree with Rudiak’s interpretation, many UFO researchers do believe there is something there. Apparently, an anonymous donor also feels strongly that there is something important to be discovered in the memo.

Randle has spent a lot of time writing about and researching the Roswell UFO crash. He has also posted many blog articles about the research into what is now referred to as the “Ramey memo.”

In a blog titled “Ramey Memo and the $10,000 Reward” posted June 16, 2016, Randle wrote: “A trusted colleague who is not a Ufologist but does have an interested in Roswell and UFOs and who has the money, has taken this in a slightly different direction. He is offering a $10,000 reward for the first person or group/lab that can provide a definite read of the Ramey memo.”

Randle continues, “To claim the reward a number of criteria will need to be met, including full reproducibility of the result (with methodology of the individual/lab completely explained and transparent so that anyone knowledgeable can replicate in much the same way that the placard on the Not Roswell Slides was revealed). There must be  overwhelming agreement that the result is definitive with most of the text clear enough that there is little or no disagreement on what it says across a broad spectrum of people of all opinions whether true believer or complete skeptic.”

Some have complained that the requirements are too difficult to meet, and that there is never “little or no disagreement” among “a broad spectrum of people.” Randle argues that in the case of a photograph released last summer of an alleged alien from Roswell, the deciphering of a placard in the image was accepted by a broad spectrum. He pointed out that only those with a vested interested in the photo being an alien disagreed.

Although, the Roswell incident took place nearly 70 years ago, this memo could demonstrate that there is more to be learned about this enduring mystery. No doubt many are still curious about it. I will find out first hand as a speaker for the Roswell Daily Record’s Roswell UFO Anniversary event on July 1 and July 2. The reward will definitely give myself and my fellow UFO enthusiasts more to talk about.

Take a look at the images and Rudiak’s work and let us know what you think. Maybe you will be the one to figure out what the memo says.

Rudiak's version of the memo. (Credit: David Rudiak.
Rudiak’s version of the memo. (Credit: David Rudiak.)

To see more of Rudiak’s work, visit www.roswellproof.com.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Interesting. The surname on the memo ” Van den Berg ” There was a Van den Berg who mysteriously disappeared in South Africa after publishing his research on Ufo’s in a South African newspaper. His research was based on 10 years starting about a year or two after the time of the Roswell incident. There are also a Office memo to the US government march 22 1950 to Director FBI stating ” The following.was furnished to SA………….Scratched out.
    Coincidence? Who knows.

  2. WOW That is an amazing article i hope some one figures the rest of it out soon

  3. Where are the high res. photos of the picture? Do you have the negatives? Has a search been conducted to find other negatives/pictures or the same picture in better condition?

  4. Colonel Thomas Dubious…

    adjective: dubious

    not to be relied upon; suspect.
    “extremely dubious assumptions”


  5. Roswell, Roswell, Roswell. We can’t talk about new stuff. So many amazing sightings and we still are talking aobut Roswell. Why do you think that is? A diversion so you won’t find out the real truth. Many sightings are black projects, and as long as we can keep you talking about Roswell for the umpteenth million time then you won’t be getting overly curious. Don’t participate in this garbage/diversion.


  6. I think the only truth in that amended explanation from the Air Force is “nuclear tests”… XD

    The US military was conducting tests of atomic weaponry near Roswell at the time of the crash. A group of extraterrestrial craft materialized into third dimensional space to scope out exactly WHY humans were screwing around with atomic weapons, when they were picked up by military surveillance.

    The military then opened fire on the craft using Scalar Longitudinal Electromagnetic weaponry, which they reverse engineered from the research they stole from Tesla’s apartment after he died… THAT’S why the extraterrestrial crafts crashed, because the military opened fire on them without provocation.

    There are a bunch of rad videos of firsthand accounts from witnesses on the Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SDisclosure/videos


  7. Colonel Thomas (Dubious)…hmmm. I think perhaps those orchestrating the cover up could have picked someone with a less suspect name, like Colonel Thomas Trustworthy, or Colonel Thomas Principled, or Colonel Thomas Unimpeachable, ethical, virtuous and so on…

    All dubiousness aside I think now (2016) it is apparent to most that there is more to the Roswell incident than ‘crash test dummies’ and ‘weather balloons’. The difficulties with establishing the truth are how ‘polarised’ we have become about what indeed occurred that day 70 years ago. Both sides of the fence are heavily biased, all drawing upon their own particular prejudices, world view, religious beliefs etc… All of this plays right into the hands of those keeping the secrets, the gate keepers if you will. And frankly, in this emotive atmosphere those gates are going to remain sealed for the foreseeable future.

  8. US Military UFO Cover-up

    RE: Human Trafficking in Ft. Worth, Tx via US Naval Airforce Base. The very center of Texas is exactly parallel in latitude with Jerusalem, Israel. THIS IS A HUGE BOATSWAIN’S CALL

    ——–First, that an exact latitudinal line exists from the very center of Texas (approximately Brownwood, Tx) to Jerusalem, Israel. To get the best and most accurate latitude reading is at Brownwood or Brady, Tx which is about 10 miles outside the very center of the State, a site marked off by the Texas Highway Department on Highway 377, but with a map you can plainly see the latitudinal alignment with Jerusalem.

    ——-Brownwwod’ s latitude is 31 degrees 709320, and if you will stretch the line over to Jerusalem, Israel which has a latitude of 31 degrees 768319, you will realize the almost exact measurement (two decimal places?). With only a naked eye, you can see this measurement that is right in the center of the land mass and the State of Texas right in the middle of North America and South America.

    ———-Furthermore, Fort Worth is almost exactly parallel with Bethel, Israel or “Jacob’s Ladder” or what the Bible says is “Heaven’s Gate.” And of course Fort Worth is the home of Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, General Dynamics, Meacham Airport, DFW International, Ross Perot Airport and the US Naval Airforce Base, etc. What a big coincidence, all that transportation.

    ——–Also, they say that Abilene, Tx is named after the old Roman Ibilene Region of Israel. The US Carswell Airforce Base is there in the same area of Fort Worth.

    ——–I am writing again to report to you that I am 99% sure that the Area 51 in Nevada and Roswell, NM incidents that were moved to Fort Worth way back in the 1940’s and 1960’s were for a project to supply the Alien/Angelic Troopers via their Spaceships for their Base with just this, supplies mostly consisting of food. You can only guess what else. Have you ever noticed all the Cook Children’s Hospital(s) in Ft. Worth, all 15 mostly empty buildings. Why? And one right on the Santa Fe Railroad track. One Cook’s Children Hospital on Rosedale Dr. is full of refrigerators, but why are all these big buildings empty?

    ——–STORAGE, I am 99% sure. For meat and other supplies up to the spacemen.

  9. I think you must first determine the source of the mechanical print; i.e., was it a telegram printed from a teletype, or typed out with a conventional typewriter? Once that is narrowed down, one can compare the font sizes and spacing to further narrow down the possible letters (this would just be on balance of probabilities as otherwise identical machines would still have individual variations). But without having this basic information, you cannot arrive at any consensus in deciphering. I would also not rely upon modern technology, but refer to one experienced in epigraphy, someone who has spent a career deciphering ancient text from worn inscriptions.

  10. SHould also ponit out that the “contest” is probably over. That was posted a yaer ago. As for some comments on the camera and film, the film was most likely glass plate, as it would not have been too common to have used a roll film adapter on the camera in 1947. It was likely a Graflex of some sort, most likely 4×5. Very high quality and if the original glass plates still exist, they could definitely be printed better today–the paper quality back then was not as good, but the glass plates were excellent.

    Also, it is almost certain that the memo was printed out from a teleprinter, not a typewriter, as is clear from the use of ALLCAPS throughout (that much is evident despite the graininess). A few minutes of research would lead to the conclusion (based upon probabilities) that this was printed on a Teletype Model 15 is a Baudot code page printer, which was the standard teletype used by the US military at that time. Use of an actual Model 15 to replicate the proposed deciphering can then be compared to the photo. The font used was only ALLCAPS, with some serifs, but spacing between certain letters is peculiar and should be identifiable.

  11. A lot of question/assumptions/statements left in these comments about the font, camera, etc have already been answered by Dr. Rudiak and others years ago. I encourage people truly interested to visit his terribly crafted yet detailed and knowledge filled site. http://www.roswellproof.com/

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