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Panicked villagers mistake monkey for an alien

Villagers in the Chinese Henan Province were in for an unearthly scare this week. Panic spread through the community when a malnourished monkey was perceived to be an alien creature from another planet.

The monkey was first spotted stealing cucumbers from the residence of Mao Xiping, a housewife from the village of Gezhai.

Alien like monkey draws stares (credit: Europics)

Alien like monkey draws stares (credit: Europics)

The creature had lost the majority of it’s hair and was so thin that ribs can be seen through it’s skin. The large bug-like eyes frightened Ms. Xiping and she said, “At first I thought it was a rabbit just nibbling on some greenery, then I was shocked to see it had an alien looking face.”

Ms. Xiping called police and demanded that they come and place the creature under arrest. She was able to capture it and brought it in to the police station herself. After some time it was determined the creature was of earthly origins and attempts will be made to determine what species the monkey is and how it ended up in it’s current state of health.

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