Michael Schratt

Aerospace Draftsman, UFO Researcher

Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the subject of “Mystery Aircraft”, and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance. A private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher. Michael is a former writer for Open Minds UFO magazine

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  1. Resently I saw in youtube your conference in advance aircrafth and ufo, the next quotations are only my very personal point of view on your conference , it,s seems to me (quite clever ) that when you were speaking about triangular shape craft you said that could be 1 of ours . Those like triangular or rectangular huge aircraft were suppose to be american man made or that could be like that . Those who were silent craft with super sonic movements . All of a sudent manipulation word jump to my mind…those high tech were from here and those who expel fire were from outside this world …hummm . Tell me could be that you kind of work for U.S.A secret goverment and were comisioned to divert everybody way of thinking to look other side and make everyone think that the high tech craft are from us. and the others from outer space , just to keep hiding the real truth . Come on everybody knows that AMERICANS DON,T has that kind of technology .they still using chemicals as ways of propulsion . Clever mr Schratt quite clever. lucky you I did,nt post this letter in youtube…not yet .

  2. Jason, your insightful analysis of Javier’s comment was so deep. Did you actually think before typing? If not, let me suggest a little more thought, because I am sure you want to be perceived as an intelligent person, and not a Californian. As a Californian myself, I should be deeply offended by my remark, but you see, I am able to read the irony in my statement (and it’s politically correct to dis’ oneself, biatch!).. 😉

    Javier, that is an interesting perspective, but I am sure Mr. Schratt either misspoke, or you misheard it, because Mr. Schratt has to be intelligent enough to know the difference between an explosive combustion/ propulsion system and an anti-gravity drive.

    Finally, Michael, I think your work is excellent – please, more! I sent you a note on LinkedIn (I hope you reply – I have some hearsay ‘evidence’ – friend of mine who knows some Groom Lake guys). Also, it seems to me there IS some disinformation re: the TR-3B / Aurora / Alien, Other Craft. They seem to sort of merge into one another, depending on the speaker & the audience, but I would surmise the following:

    1. TR-3B – Black Equilateral triangle body, with reddish-white lights at each corner, and a spherical orb (sometimes red, sometimes white) in the center. Likely American-made, possibly an ARV (or anti-grav propulsion stolen from some inventor like Hutchinson, or Tesla patent?)

    2. Aurora – I know this is a Military black project of a modified Scramjet / Hypersonic aircraft, up to 10,000 mph+ (using NASP/ X-30 technology – flying since the late 80’s). Interestingly, this craft is shaped like an isosceles triangle. So then is the Aurora an ARV, based on the so-called ‘licorice drop’?

    3. Black Pyramid – This probably evolved from the F117 Stealth Fighter (because it looks the most ‘black pyramid-y’ to me ;-). Could this be an ARV? Or American-made using alien design concepts.
    * Note, WIKI-P can’t distinguish a triangle from a pyramid (that third dimension is a biatch!), and consider the TR-3B triangle as a pyramid. They say a black triangle landed at Rendelsham, and if so, then whoopee, the Brits got to see a Stealth Fighter while still being classified secret. Now I like the Rendelsham UFO witnesses, and maybe they “did see a puddy tat”, but I happen to know personally how much the Brits like their drink & psychedelic drugs (even more than their American counterparts, and we all know how high fliers often get!!), so I have difficulty believing this was anything than a secret US stealth fighter.

    4. Alien Triangular Design – The Phoenix Lights – OK, there’s one black triangle (ostensibly a TR-3B??); wait, no, there’s multiple triangular craft; oh, darn, there’s one HUGE Black V. Are the lights from separate triangle ships that have joined into one large ‘V’ (a ‘culmination’ of craft into a ‘Gestalt’, like in the film “Battle: Los Angeles” with Aaron Eckhardt – their aliens – clearly non-human! – had ships made up of multiple unoccupied drones)? Could be Alien (or would that be ‘Extra-terrestrial?)

    Honestly, this distinction is only marginally relevant, and highly confusing. If things really are THAT strange – that we have non-human Aliens visiting us, as well as Future-Humans’ – and what of the Past-Humans, who seeded Homo Sapiens? With the diverging timeline issue, if a Future-human ‘extra-terrestrial’ goes back in time to genetically alter his ancestor, that would then propagate a new timepath, to where ‘he’ wouldn’t exist in the future, his modified self would. When he returns to his present, it is no longer his previous present, but a new present (with the modified ‘him’ in it, simultaneously with the ‘old him’. The legal ramifications are mind-boggling!). Would the future of this new timepath (created by going back), how would he even be able to return to this new ‘future’ (present) if it had not been lived yet? Perhaps this limits the future time duration from the point in time one travels back to, plus the length of time one actually lives there – in essence, once you go back in time, you NEVER come back (that’s the marketing slogan: “Escape your life today – it’s rotten! Creditors, old scores, ex-wives –FORGOTTEN! Relax and let go all your sorrow; Go on back to yesterday, tomorrow.”

    Perhaps there are some kind of “Quantum Spacetime settling”, with Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle effects, that annihilates the ‘old’ reality in favor of the new reality, preventing one’s return to their former spacetime reality forever (now THAT is scary!). This makes sense, as now going backwards in time is really a one-way trip; just bending back a new timepath into a new future. But I digress…

    5. The Orion P52 – I couldn’t find any info on this on the web, aside for references with Dan Burisch and J-Rod, so if anyone has details, please add them in. From Burisch, it sounds like this is similar to Adamski’s flying saucer, which seems just like Bob Lazar’s ‘Sport Model’ saucer, from the description of the three gravity amplifiers. These examples are some of the best corroborating evidence of the physical craft, because I do not believe Adamski’s ufo films were faked. Then, from his descriptions of the long cigar-shaped mother ship, which match up with current video footage, starts to make a coherent picture of these creature’s transportation systems.

    6. What about Meier’s Beam Ship’s? Curiously, Billy Meier’s Pleaidean ‘beam ships’ (the ‘Wedding cake’ version) have not been seen by others that I can tell; also, has Meier been debunked, or not? I thought I read he admitted to hoaxing his shots, then no? This kind of case is all too common in Ufology, and has kept me from believing any of it for years. Because of this, I would say it must be a part of the overall debunking plan, as it has been quite effective.

    7. Finally, there are the ‘Lifeform Balloon’ shapes that seem to float like balloons, and morph about, much like ‘Transformers’ robots (and the drone culminations noted earlier); These sometimes look like a floating air creature, and I wonder if they could be some natural terrestrial (or extra -) flora or fauna, such as a gas dragon, or puffer fish without water! These also might be CGI renderings. Does anyone else have a theory?

    Note: Re: acronyms, we should likewise stop using UFO for many sightings, because we are now identifying these craft. They should be classified as above, or as IOUO for “Identified Object, Unknown Origin”, or something similar – even ‘IFO’ when we have identified the ship as ‘saucer’, ‘disk’, ‘triangle’ or ‘sphere’ (the Orbs are likely unoccupied reconnaissance drones made up of a formed energy ; ‘TR-3B’ or ‘Aurora’, ‘P52 Orion’, etc);

    This is a fascinating phenomenon, and should it all prove to be a hoax, then it’s the most compelling psycho-sociological syndrome in history. Hmm, maybe the J-Rod (Grey) IS infected with human dementia? If this is an actual phenomenon, then everyone involved should work towards full disclosure, as this is the most important story in human history.

    Warren Scott Fentress

  3. Michael Schratt is one of the hardest working men in Black Ops ,UFO business. You may not agree with all of his conclusions, but you will always learn something new.


    Hi Michael. First of all thanks for your excellent presentations. I watched your Black Budget aircraft one from youtube with my parents and even my Dad who’s often a VERY hard nosed ‘skeptic’ was very impressed by it, that in my mind says a lot about the professional way you obviously researched and presented it!

    You were quoting Ben Rich saying that “There is an error in the equations but now we’ve figured it out.”:

    I believe Rich may very well have been referring to Einstein’s ‘Lightspeed theory’. It certainly makes sense. According to Einstein’s theory “nothing can travel faster than the speed of light”, thus totally limiting space travel over long distances. Lightspeed theory only applies to LINEAR space travel. It totally relies on the perceived limitations of conventional physics for light speed theory to be correct.

    If they ‘figured that out’ (light speed theory and linear travel over distance being wrong) then that would have TOTALLY changed what is possible in terms of one distance space travel thus giving them the ability to ‘travel to the stars’.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. So the military industrial complex / DOD, or some splinter of it, are spending billions of dollars of black budget program money to create these super exotic, futuristic, above top secret, anti-gravity craft the size of football stadiums, to brazenly fly them in open view of the whole world over interstate highways, nuclear reactors, airports, police precincts and peoples homes, and sometimes at treetop level, for what purpose exactly?? Isnt that why the government has places like Area 51?? To do just that. To test highly classified prototypes AWAY from where they will be discovered by the public and OUR ENEMIES?? SO!!! Either this whole thing is a PSYCH-OPS program to intentionally test our societies reactions to the sightings of these things, a deliberate attempt to influence our thinking by displaying these objects to us, in the way that they have been shown to us, when we sight a UFO, OR The UFO” s are ” not ours ” and never were. Also, why would we scramble our own jets to intercept them, if they are ” ours ” ?? Some test of the objects ability to get away from our own interceptors?? They always DO get away!! Best wishes Michael. Thx for an amazing interview

  6. Dear Michael,
    I just watched an interview with you on Youtube. My wife and I really enjoyed
    your presentation. I myself have seen 26 UFOs and they
    have all been round. Do you have cases of round UFOS?

  7. I have read a lot of hype and speculation concerning black, silent, flying triangles and questions about, are we alone or does the United States have advanced antigravity flying craft/starships and it bothers me that people can be so naïve as to presume impossibilities. I am not saying that all of these are factual; I am saying that they exist in the realm of probability. Jokes can be cracked and name calling is a way some people cover their fear of what may be in reality. I personally have never seen and extraterrestrial, however, I can say that I have seen a silent, very slow, flying black triangle directly over my head at tree top level moving so slow that you could keep up with it riding a bicycle. It moved at tree top level in a straight line until out of sight. No, it absolutely was not a balloon. My two high school aged sons and their friend also saw the flying triangle about thirty minutes after sunset under a perfectly clear sky with no wind. It had no red, white, or green running lights, only four or five reddish colored lights radiating in a circular pattern or ring pattern at the center and three other blueish purple super heated plasma appearing orbs, about three feet from each wing tip and from the noise on the underside of the craft. It was about a 140 to 200 feet from wing tip to tip. The plasma orbs were about three feet in diameter and underneath the blue-purple glow seem to be heating the air to a plasma state. No, it was not a stealth bomber. An engineer by trade, I hope the U.S. government has kept us in the dark, but I also do not pretend to think we are alone either. In any event, I must say that what I saw, so closeup that late evening, has altered my perceptions of what can be real and has also given me hope for our space program. I have worked in the defense industry during which I had a secrete clearance and I am well aware of aero-space frame technologies that have been disclose by our government. I am currently retired and getting a little impatient with the smoke screens of disinformation and coverup presented to us. It is surprising to me that so many people can believe that the most powerful nation on earth cannot put our own astronauts into space without hitching a ride with the Russians. If this is a U.S. flying craft, I so wish the government would go public. Our country greatly needs a boost in American pride.
    The following is an illustration that I created of what we saw on the evening of 04APR2004 after sunset:
    This is how large it appeared to us; to say the least it was a life changing event. It was so close that I could have thrown a stone and hit it. No sound came from it. Sorry could not post image.

  8. I noticed that you showed a blue “V” visitors brochure from the 2009 show in your presentation assuming that the color blue had significance. Well in truth the color choice of the brochure was my choice and had no broader significance than that. I was the Production designer of “V” for 2 seasons and I can assure you that the only aliens feeding us information were the LA writers and producers.

  9. Hello Michael, so your program on Hulu the Black Program. Great job. I am a photographer and I photograph just about every thing. I was shooting a lightening storm and doing pretty well with my images. I usually do Post Production to see how sharp I was in my image. A small ultra violet light hit my eye in one frame. After lightening up the photo, and enlarging the triangle shape,,, I was amazed. Did I capture a TR-3B or was it a lens flare. I have the original images and I am the sole owner of the images. Let me know what you think. This thing was photographer 10 miles south of Las Vegas Looking south to Boulder City. It was only one frame. I shot ISO 100 f13 25 second time exposure. Used a Sony A350 DSLR. https://www.ufosnw.com/newsite/triangular-craft-photographed-during-thunderstorm/ And here is another instance I am unsure what it was. http://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/ufo-appears-over-las-vegas-nevada-may-15-2017/#

  10. Saw a huge perfectly shaped black Triangle back Nov 1, ’99
    Worked at EAFB 91-95
    U.S. Navy Airdale CV-64

    Over 50 years of aircraft identification & observation
    Also seen two metallic orbs in ’72 hiding from an X-15 type looking craft @ FL600 that was chasing them, had 3 witnesses with binoculars… one black & one orange moving slowly in unison and at 45° angles fwd, left stop, left, stop, 45° up into clouds
    Those two I still feel weren’t ours…I thought at the time maybe Russians? I’ll just tell you that the hairs on the back of all our necks rose up!
    If curious just ask if interested.

  11. I just watched a Prime Video of yours on Amazon. I really enjoyed it and agree 100% of what you are saying that it could change our civilization overnight your presentation. I myself have been with Mufon for a few years now as a Florida field investigator but a lifelong quest to know more about UFOs/USOs and in my mid-60s now.

    It is my belief that our government having UFO tech is bad on many levels. Often I have wondered if the Powers To Be ( Global Elites, PTB) and the Military Industrial Complex who is in turn controlled by the PTB and will at some point orchestrate a worldwide war against aliens who are actually the aliens are them in fact, just doing some population control. we have had several past Presidents warning us of things like the Military-Industrial-Complex, or just the government itself and that Black Opp’s government that has split off not even allowing the government its self know what going on is dangerous. Plus turning man against Gods who are or were aliens. They are the ones running the show, have control, will not want to give up control, nor would they ever give up control, even to a legitimate actual God who created us and can destroy us in a blink.
    Let’s all face it if God showed up tomorrow in spite of his super all life-giving and taking power who would you think would actually be in charge God or The US government? Get real people

  12. In regard to post:
    Warren Fentress
    August 4, 2013 at 2:13 am

    Your second point (#2)
    2. Aurora – I know this is a Military black project of a modified Scramjet / Hypersonic aircraft, up to 10,000 mph+ (using NASP/ X-30 technology – flying since the late 80’s). Interestingly, this craft is shaped like an isosceles triangle. So then is the Aurora an ARV, based on the so-called ‘licorice drop’?

    This is not what happened with me at all. I appreciate that you found research stating that an elongated black triangle craft is ours, but I experienced one in person and up close one night, so close I could have hit it with a football. It was in Wisconsin, they came in nose down and I could see the two grey pilots inside the backlit cockpit. They got so close to us with their isosceles craft that I could see their sclera. My friend standing next to me saw nothing the entire time. They went into a hover over us, no movement of the tree limbs or leaves or dirt like there was during our Infantry helicopter hovers. No sound, no wiggle, no wobble, almost like I pressed pause on my tv remote while watching a DVD, just silence and stillness. Greys are the perfect name for the pilots btw, as they are distinctly grey skinned beings, perfect name. The underside of this craft did not have tubes or make refrigerator or sewing machine noises and when I frustratingly yelled to “look” as I pointed upward, someone shut off the embedded red lights in the two leading edges of the bottom of the craft. The lights looked similar to can lights embedded into a ceiling.

    I heard my voice echo off of the bottom of this craft and then they departed. As they left our area northbound, the word Aura or Aurora flashed in my head as the aft interior of this craft glowed an orangish/red. They travelled beyond the well lit skyline of Milwaukee in two seconds turning into a black dot on the nighttime horizon. No afterburners, no sound, the aft interior glowed like an electric stovetop color. I used to day sail Lake Michigan and I know how far I can see. When the shoreline disappears, we are 17 GPS miles away. So I estimate that this craft that I saw but my friend did not, went over Milwaukee which was ~6.5 miles away and I can see 17 miles so I split the distance and estimated they went 11 miles in those two seconds before disappearing. I tried to calculate their speed and got some crazy number that is hard to believe.

    I spoke with Mark McCandlish (RIP) at the Las Vegas MUFON conference 2018 and told him this experience of mine asking him why my friend could not see it and why it looked like a black dot in the distance. Mark commented that my friend was not suppose to see it or, perhaps the cloaking cameras on the skin of that craft were so few back then, that one person could see the craft at a certain angle and another nearby person could not. Then he commented on the black dot. I suggested portal technology could be the reason how that craft departed our area so quickly, and Mark concurred. Mark had seen a giant mothership turn into a black dot and disappear. When Michael Schratt heard me tell my experience to the panel both he and Mark were on, Michael dropped his pen onto the table, probably shocked that I was there telling it in front of him. I did not even know who Michael was at that time but he and I talked after the press conference as well.

    I was still in the military at the time of this sighting which suggests MILAB, but this limb of the Aurora Project was from off planet.

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