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Angela Allison

Manager of the International UFO Congress

Angela-Allison-350Angela Allison is the manger of the International UFO Congress. Working alongside her father, John, Angela has been exposed to the details of the UFO phenomenon. As a lawyer with a degree in business management, Angela brings an analytical and detail-oriented view to Open Minds Production’s business.

Angela also served as Editor-in-Chief to Open Minds Magazine.


  1. Are you still publishing the open minds magizne .

  2. Dear Ms Allison,
    While taking photographs of the moon eleven months ago I noticed that in one of the photos was a Ufo clearly visible below. That propelled me to begin actively searching the skies for other spacecraft. Since then, I have published ten books of Ufo photos of various shapes, sizes, colors, and design. The books can be viewed on Blurb.com. (search John Ulatowski or UFO Gallery 2,3,4,5…). I have amazingly captured Ufos actually showing aliens inside many of the ships. I have also recently finished a DVD of sixty Ufo photos which can be seen on YouTube (search Ufo Gallery-Ulatowski ). All photographs are real. They are not paste-up or photo-shopped. The only adjustments to the photos have been brightness and clarity. The essential elements of all the photos have not been altered. I have come to feel a personal connection with the aliens. The photos are taken of Ufos in space or simply flying over my home under a mile away. It is an amazing thing. I also have various videos of spaceships which I will publish shortly as well. All works are copyrighted.
    I hope that you have a chance to see the YouTube video. I am hopeful that it would open many minds not only to their existence, but more so that perhaps we all have something to share with each other, learn from each other, not fear each other, and one day come to know each other as companions in a very, very big universe.
    Sincerely, -John R. Ulatowski

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to speaking wth you. I would like to say I live in Massachusetts on a little island called cape cod. I am reporting activity that I’ve seen almost every time I go down to the beach. Now these objects that I’ve seen are NOT SATELLITES!!! They look like stars flying across the sky but there not. I use to fly planes so I know elevations and how high these are flying also they shut off there lights off and then turn them back on. What is it I don’t know maybe you do. Anyway thanks for your time I would love to hear back from you. Conor

  4. I have REAL proof , i have no clue who to contact.
    Photos.. fingerprints, and, an actual entity.

    Please, someone email.

    Sincerely, SG.

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