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UFO caught on camera during Oklahoma City newscast

An Oklahoma City morning news program says they caught a UFO on video during their morning broadcast, and they are asking the public what they think it might be.

KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City posted a short 13 second video (seen above) this morning of a strange bright object shooting across the screen. The video is from a camera mounted at the top of Grand Casino, located just east of Oklahoma City.

A screen capture from the KOCO UFO Video. (Credit: KOCO 5 News)
A screen capture from the KOCO UFO Video. (Credit: KOCO 5 News)

At the beginning of the 6 am news broadcast, they showed live video from the Grand Casino camera showing traffic on the nearby I-40. A bright object can be seen shooting from off camera, seemingly nearby, and moving away from the camera and to the right. It appears to be luminescent the entire time.

The broadcasters did not mention the object, nor did they appear to notice it in the broadcast. The broadcaster can be heard saying about the camera, “This is from our Grand Casino cam.” She then goes on to introduce their meteorologist.

However, KOCO posted the 13 seconds of video when the object can be seen on their website with the title, “Caught on camera: UFO flying through sky near Shawnee.”

There is no story that goes along with the video, but in the description they write: “We caught a flying object on KOCO 5 News in the Morning at 6 a.m. What’s your guess on the object shooting across the sky?”

In the comments, viewers have suggested meteors, shooting stars, aircraft, fireworks, bugs, and, of course, aliens. One viewer wrote, ” Aliens have gambling addictions too.”

No one has suggested that the video is a hoax, and that is likely a safe bet, given that the video comes from the news station itself. Recently, a video of a UFO caught on a news broadcast in Argentina got international attention. However, that video was not from the station. In fact, when the station caught wind of the UFO video being circulated, they announced that the video was a hoax and their original broadcast did not have the video in the background.

(Credit: Todo Noticias/YouTube)
A screen capture from the hoaxed UFO video. (Credit: Todo Noticias/YouTube)

Another recent video that may shed some light on this one is a UFO video (seen below) taken from a drone in the Silicon Valley in California. The video, like the one from KOCO, shows a small bright object shoot quickly across the screen. Several researchers have expressed their belief that the object is actually an insect moving quickly near the camera and not a larger self luminescent object at a greater distance from the camera.

It could be that both objects are simply bugs. However, no doubt, as is the case with the California video, many will disagree. We will keep an eye on this story and let you know if KOCO figures out what they caught on their Grand Casino cam.


KOCO consulted two professors from Rose State College to get their opinions as to what might have flown across the screen on the Grand Casino cam. Professor Steven Fowler’s reaction was, “It’s obviously an unidentified flying object, it is a UFO.”

However, he says he doesn’t believe has anything to do with extraterrestrials. Instead, Flower and his fellow prefessor, Steve Carano, say they think it might be a small meteorite or a piece of space junk. Carano told KOCO, “These things come in, they’re glowing hot and the trajectory is too straight.”

KOCO wrote, “The professors also ruled out an optical illusion or a moving light source as the cause. Carano says it was just too fast and sharp, and no light was being diffused as it moved across the sky.”

“We don’t think this is anything intelligent, alien life,” Carano joked. “This is probably either a satellite from outer space that has burned up or more probably like a meteor that’s come on in and burned out.”

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Straight line, maintains the same speed from top to bottom of frame which would indicate its not intelligently controlled. My money is on hoax or small meteorite as whatever it is is clearly in the atmosphere as it appears in front of land objects. In any event it would be nice if they released footage from their cam for that few seconds after they cut back to the studio.

  2. Disregard the debunkers who have posted above.
    “Small meteorites” do not fall horizontally.

    Object about one mile in four seconds = 900 mph.
    Cars doing about 70-mph; object 10 times as fast = 700 mph.

    No collateral damage, so not a man-made object.
    Obviously, another alien craft in our atmosphere.

  3. As I was watching this programming live that morning and got a video out to friends within five minutes, if this was a hoax, it was a well planned one as the programming was coming live from Oklahoma City and the “CAM” view that they used was in Shawnee Oklahoma, which is about thirty miles east of OKC. So i’m doubting it was a hoax. As for the refraction theory, wouldn’t the camera have to be moving for the light in the video to move? Just my thoughts.

  4. You can tell when it’s credible by stupid remarks from debunkers. Similar to silicon valley but this one is better.

  5. Looks like it could be a tracer from a rifle or gun. The bright glow, trajectory and the drop in height from left part of video to the right points to a tracer round. Wonder around and ask if anyone heard loud gunshots early that morning.

  6. That looks like a meteor to me. I have seen stuff very similar to that more than once in different parts of the country. It’s nothing unique. Can meteors fall horizontally? Sure they can! They are travelling at very high rates of speed before getting close enough to the earth to be captured by its gravity.

  7. Object about one mile in four seconds = 900 mph..
    Cars doing about 70-mph; object 10 times as fast = 700 mph
    Between mach 1 & 2. We have a new fighter plane that will do mach 2,1400 mph, but anything above mach 1 makes a sonic boom.
    If a meteor or space junk, where is the debris?

  8. I believe I have footage of a ufo in Oklahoma City on the south side at 5:30 am October 2015. About 30 minute footage.

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