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The Philip Corso Document

The Philip Corso Document

Today, twelve years after its Italian release, Open Minds Production is proud to present “Dawn of a New Age”, the Philip Corso Manuscript, for the first time in the U.S., in its original, uncut and unedited English-language version.

The document is 179-pages and will take a moment to load, please be patient.

To access the manuscript, please click here.

*The Philip Corso Manuscript, Dawn of a New Age May not be copied, reprinted or duplicated in any manner without prior permission from the Corso Family and Open Minds Production. © Corso Manuscript 1997


  1. I would love to have a copy of this important document.

  2. You can get one by clicking the link in the story.

  3. We need to find out which UFO ETs are friendly before the military starts a war with the ETs !
    The stars acadamey Tom Delong wants to nuke the high atmosphere to destroy UFOs ?
    This mentality has too change , something is coming big time as the ETs have warned and trained some humans for the coming disaster .
    The reincarnations of many lives by humans has been hidden by science and religions in the West and our Our Human Devine spirit must evolve and the ETs have helped some humans discover there spirit , its not about believing religious dogma but our learning to walk in the spirit every moment without fear !

    Humans sell fear as a agenda and this has to be stopped !
    We must evolve to a higher resonance of spiritual awareness and we are being helped by the ETs !

  4. Absolutely excellent work! We will be sharing this web page with our members on December 9th. Thank you for your fine work.

  5. Seriously, Phillip Corso? Do you really want to align your reputation with this guy?

  6. Great document. I have a problem with it. In page 2 it has the TABLE OF CONTENTS.
    It is OK to the PART II and the Reflections section in it.

    After that I don’t find PART III, It hould have Conclusion. I did not see it.

    After should be APPENDIX, which have sections A, B, C, D, E and F. I have not found these at all.

    Are there some pages missing from this 179 page long document?

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