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Marketing Director, Co-host Spacing Out!

Maureen ElsberryMaureen Elsberry is the Marketing Director, Co-host and Associate Producer for Spacing Out!, and Co-Organizer of Open Minds Events. She is also a contributing writer for and Open Minds magazine. With a degree in Journalism and Media Production, Maureen has spent over 8 years working in Internet Media, Marketing and Radio. She now spends her time investigating, reporting and spreading news related to the UFO phenomenon.

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  1. Maureen, other than being one of the hottest women i’ve ever seen and very educated to boot with those tantalizing blue eyes and wholesome beauty you can’t steal from even a art museum I have to say your the only one I watched the lame Uncovering Aliens show. At first I thought maybe this show would be something like the old sightings and you got you who’s very professional and seem basically sincere and real throughout the whole show and then you have, “crue” Motley Crew Steve, Derrel and Mike who together all spell fake and lame and i’m sorry but i’ll never believe Derrel worked for any agency unless he was part of the secret program where they gave LSD to not only prisoners and to soldiers but to their own people to. Running around with that full length on and Geiger counter is in plain words, “stupid” the shape of the landing gear of a UFO, REALLY? This type of so called reality show which plainly is staged is a insult to those of us who maybe had seen something and would like to see something credible and professional like that old show Sightings. Mike must be a relative to Romney ex-presidential candidate who couldn’t ever take a stand but try to talk like he did. He totally doesn’t believe anything anyone says until amazingly just when something breaks and so does a commercial. That so called call to the forestry branch is so fake and unlike anyone who want access. The landing gear circle and by the way how would he know that i mean it could of been a really really small spaceship. That english dude Steve with the i didn’t have enough mommy time so i’ll make this tale up that i have parents that, by the way don’t come from this planet they visit me quite regularly and i swear takes a whole day to spit out a sentence and when he does he sounds like he’s going for a slot on a remake of that old show Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous, does he have a medical marijuana card by any chance? Maureen not because your so beautiful either but they all spell again, lame and fake. Derrel with the bad skin head aliens? and Steve with his love and peace space parents. It’s just hard to believe any of them. The developer from Mertyl Beach’s video all looked face especially the pond which is only like 6 feet deep video but makes sense with the the little baby space ship from Sedona but that’s the wrong state isn’t it. The poor attention seeker Ben from Ohio who blew off a piece of something that can travel hundreds of billions of miles? and then have it analyzed to state not what Mike or Steve yells out that it’s from another world but they stated whatever the piece of material was wasn’t in natural proportions being it could of been man-made? Right? This other old guy in the hanger Dr Wood with that smoking gun or the cherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry on the cake, sorry Steve, and the holy grail, for real? i must of missed just had a story and some papers that could of been made by even a cheap type writer and a cheap copier. I guess that’s close to being a smoking gun, hmmmmmm. I will say this the one guys photo’s were pretty impressive and so are you but everything else has the number 86 associated with it. I have seen a couple of things along with witnesses that we couldn’t explain and spent a lot of sky time for a time in my life scouring the sky for the search for something and have seen things through high optics that I can’t explain so it’s sad to see something that was three of the most unmatched guys and a woman who not being swayed by your attraction but honestly you were the most believable or I should say the only believable one. I say this that hopefully maybe someone will think and know that they just don’t have to appease to the part of America that has already been dumbed down but there are some of us who would like to see just true investigative reporting. There’s nothing wrong with pinaz or individuals being individuals but please try to believe we all don’t like wrestling or repo reality shows or talkshows that have husbands and their 3 wives on them. Thanks for you beautyful….

  2. Maureen, I am a 64yr. old women who is a Registered Nurse and an ordained minister. I am contacting u for a dual purpose. First, just to make u aware of multitude UFO experiences I have had since I was 13 yrs. old, including those UFO’s that periodically follow me in the sky, and have for years. I have actually had responses from these entities, and know why. ….It is a spiritual reason that has made them attracted to me.I know how to cause them to manifest. Because of this, my second reason for making contact, is because of what I KNOW spiritually involving these entities, I feel like this information will help to gain the answer and the solution for SKINWALKER RANCH, as well as many other places on the planet.

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