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Nimitz UFO-Video: Alleged Trace to German Film Production Company Leads to a Mysterious Dead End

Saarbrucken (Germany) – While the media interest in the unveiling of a secret UFO research program by the US Department of Defense through the “New York Times” is still unbroken, independent researchers are investigating the information and videos presented. Especially for the alleged UFO-encounter of the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier Combat Group in November 2004, which was actually well confirmed by at least two military eyewitnesses, the trace of the accompanying video leads to a German film production company, whose specialties are also 2- and 3D animation and special effects. The leading German newsblog on frontier science and the paranormal Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell.de (GreWi) investigated. The result is all the more mysterious…

As GreWi already reported last October, the circumstances of the incident have been known at least since 2015 through an article on the US-American aviation and military website “FighterSweep.com”.

Furthermore a video of the on-board camera and tracing system (ATFLIR) of one of the fighter interceptors involved in the USS-Nimitz UFO-encounter is supposed to show the object and have been available online since 2007.

– Please find a full documentary with further information and discussion of the video HERE
– Please find another documentary HERE

In fact, since 2007 the so-called “WaybackMachine” of the internet archive “Web.Archive.org” shows a download-option for the video under the name “f4.mpg” via the website or server of the German film production company “Vision Unlimited” (VU) based at the town of Uhingen. VU’s specialties include 2- and 3D animations as well as special effects.

Understandably, this fact still raises doubts among many observers, investigators and skeptics about the authenticity and origin of the video, which is described by the “New York Times” and the “To The Stars Academy” as “officially released by the US government”.

GreWi-Editor Andreas Muller asked the manager of “Vision Unlimited”, Mr. Philip Schneider about the above described situation and he explains:
“Unfortunately, I can’t help at all. We don’t know where the file came from and can only say that it hasn’t been on the server for a long time since. Because the case is so strange, we also wanted to investigate. But quickly this showed to be fruitless because the file was on an old server and all data (LOGs etc.) are no longer available. I’ve also talked to former employees who had access to the server, but no one could tell me anything about it.” On a further inquiry to clarify that the video in question is NOT a product of “Vision Unlimited”, Schneider summarizes the situation again from VU’s point of view: “Yes correct – we have nothing to do with the video!

The search for the origin of the video through “Vision Unlimited” not only leads to a dead end, but also raises more questions than answers: Where does the video came from and how, why and by whom was it placed to the server of the VU-website?

Ultimately, only the publication of the videos raw data through an official channel of the US-Government could answer questions of origin and authenticity of the video as allegedly being of the on-board camera and tracing system on board the Nimitz-Super-Hornet. These data could then also answer critical questions about what the object actually is – or at least what it is not.

Raytheon’s “Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared” (ATFLIR) sensor, like the one used to track a possible UFO in a 2004 incident, is carried under the wing of this fighter jet.
Copyright/Source: Raytheon.com

While even Raytheon, the company producing the ATFLIR-system, is currently advertising that it could be their own system that “caught the first evidence of E.T. out there”, at the same time they also point out that “even so, the video images are not definitive proof that the jet pilots were chasing an actual UFO. To really be sure, we would need the raw data.”

An U.S. Navy ATFLIR, designated AN/ASQ-228, mounted under a fighter jet.
Copyright/Source: Raytheon.com

What is interesting about Raytheon’s statement, however, is that they seem to have no doubt from their side that the recordings are taken from one of their military-used ATFLIR-systems.

This article was reprinted with permission from www.grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de.


Andreas Muller

Andreas Muller, is the editor of "grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de" (GreWi), the most read german language daily news-site on frontier-science and the paranormal.

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  1. Ok great so this video is being debunked? Lets just forget about the officially admitted UFO metals being analysed in a custom built lab in Les Vegas then…. that doesn’t come into it .

    This article is disingenuous using English like “Mysterious Dead End”.

    What Mysterious Dead End? This video has been deployed due to authenticity by staffers personal and projects teams working on disclosure which know it to be legitimate.

    We are in the first few days of disclosure which of note is being informed to us to compensate and inform between the lines of where the Pentagon has misplaced some 27 trillion dollars, do you understand how much money that is? There is a thousand million in a billion, and a thousand billion in trillion, and there is 27 of these missing.

    Dead end, yeah right, great article….

    Also for reference, if the tape is fake, which since there is first hand Nimitz personal that confirmed the sighting? Then it is a good thing I have personally walked under a UFO in mid to late Sep 2012 hovering still the size of a large car silver and then disappearing from a totally sky-blue summers day in under 1.5 to 2.5 seconds (18:30).


  2. Without the tracing pod serial number we can not verify the video from the Nimitz and could be a Russian fake video !
    Then there are those who know what they see in spite of hyperbole articles sayin otherwise !!!

    This phenomena is vast and many generations in the past have written of it !

  3. I’m sure there are plenty of groups maybe religious or special interest that are not happy and working against the efforts to release these video’s and try to poor water on this discussion because they are worried about the implications it would have on their spheres of control in our current society at large. Let’s also keep in mind that Raytheon did indeed confirm in the article that is currently available that this is one of their pieces of technology and it would seem foolish for a provider of highly sophisticated equipment to put that out there without being 100% certain. Hopefully we will see further public releases soon while the topic is hot and has momentum and hopefully some of the crazier UFO experts can just keep it buttoned so as not to scare the public that are starting to show some interest in this. We do not need to go straight from talking about some Navy Video and Reports to Lizard people at 1000 mph that’ll just drive the average person away.

  4. Good article. The provenance of data is always of the first interest. The pilots are on record independently attesting this happened but not precisely that this vid is what they saw on their display. Get them to say that and the vid becomes solid evidence.

  5. The testimony of Commander Fervor, the video taken later by two F/A 18 Super hornets using Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR). Has been verified as being factual by Pentagon sources, FOIA requests to JAG, Personal testimony of the Pilots, as well as other reliable government intelligence sources. Therefore, the vehicles defined in testimony and appearing in FLIR pictures are real.

    Its additionally been proven that humans could not experience the vast G forces related to the acceleration capabilities of the vehicles observed by Naval pilots.

    The only questions at this point are these
    1- Are these vehicles extraterrestrial, meaning from another planet and or galaxy?
    2- Are these vehicles extradimensional, meaning from another dimension?
    This is important for a myriad of reasons, the most important being that option #1 includes the ability of a future military solution, while option #2 does not.

  6. The only questions are why do people with no clearance and real engineering or military experience profess knowledge of UFOs to begin with? Amy civilization producing such craft to travel here for reasons unknown are far superior to the hobby it. Retired naval aviation officer and now global engineer, sorry folks but anything that I could come up with or have access to is well above your ability to do so or comprehend. Nd without a need to know and/or a redacted brief from any officer or Government official, whatever you think you have is truly a wash/zero.

    My advice to you is get some real education, say a BSEE for starters and then you’ll understand how we model devices in 6 dimensional energy space. Nothing alien about this and not like the nonsense about inter-sentimentality either…pure and proven science that is in devices you use today.

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