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Former congress members impressed with UFO testimony

While not all of the congress members who participated in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure are convinced we are being visited by extraterrestrials, they do appear unanimous in the opinion that the testimony was impressive. Most of them are now convinced this is a topic that the government should investigate further, and one is not only seeking a resolution from the UN to investigate UFOs, he has gone on camera with ABC News proclaiming the conspiracy to cover all of this up goes straight to the White House.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure YouTube page has posted videos with the closing thoughts from all of the former congress members making up the committee in the mock-congressional hearing last week. Most of the responses were very positive. The most lukewarm comes from former congresswoman Darlene Hooley who said, “When I decided I would do this, I honestly knew very little about the whole topic.”

“After listening, I will tell you, the people that have testified, I think, have great credibility.” Hooley continued, “ I think we’re sort of naïve to think in this huge huge universe that there are not other people, or other planets that are highly functioning people that live on those planets, and so I have gotten a great lesson this week.”

The committee member who expressed the most skepticism going into the event was former congressman Merrill Cook. He told the Salt Lake Tribune, “I made it clear to them that I am unlikely to be persuaded.” Although he was open to the idea of UFOs, he expressed more skepticism to the idea of extraterrestrials, saying, “It is still a leap to be saying that a UFO is extraterrestrial or that it’s being manned by people from outer space.”

Cook maintained this point of view after the week of testimony. He told the Citizen Hearing crew, “We have clearly unexplained objects out there that our government recognizes. Where I am not sure we have totally met the burden of proof is whether those have extraterrestrial origins.”

Still he says the quality of witnesses impressed him more than he thought they would have, and admitted, “This is moving me to think a lot of further investigation with more resources needs to be done, including some push to the United States government to put more resources into this.”

Former congresswomen Carolyn Kilpatrick and Lynn Woolsey expressed similar feelings about the high quality of witnesses. Woolsey went so far as to say, “It is almost impossible to be a skeptic after these amazing witnesses of caliber and intelligence and experience.”

Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett says he is convinced that there is a “cloak of secrecy” over this topic, and he wonders why. “These are honest good people that made the decisions,” he says.” I think we need to understand why they did it so that we can get this thing reversed.”

The sixth member of the committee, former senator Mike Gravel, has been the most out spoken about his feelings on the topic. He says, “There is no doubt in my mind that there is an extraterrestrial presence that is affecting the planet.”

Gravel feels it is imperative that we learn more about these visitors. He says, “Probably the most important issue facing our civilization is to understand this, to explore it, and hopefully mature to level where we can have contact with extraterrestrial interests.”

Gravel has not been shy about sharing these opinions with the media. In the ABC News video blog Top Line, he was asked how high up he felt the conspiracy went to keep the lid on extraterrestrial visitation. He told them, “It goes right to the White House, and of course, once the White House takes a position, ‘well there’s nothing going on’…it just goes down the chain of command, everyone stands toe.”

When asked why the government would keep this secret, he replied, “The military wants to keep this secret, because they don’t want to reveal to the American people that all of these trillions of dollars that we have spent on this silly defense posture that they don’t work.”

ABC brought up the fact that the committee members were paid $20,000 to participate in the hearing. They asked if this gave him an incentive to believe the testimony. Gravel said it was “quite the contrary.”

Last week Gravel had voiced his opinion that this matter should be brought up with the United Nations. Testimony was given from several countries, and the global nature of the phenomenon convinced him that this was the best course of action. He assembled a group of panelist to discuss this option.

The Citizen Hearing committee members were more enthusiastic and involved than many had thought they would be. In his closing thoughts, organizer Stephen Bassett said the committee members were not chosen because of their views going into this event, and what they want to do going forward is up to them.

Bassett says that they were not able to get this information while they were in Congress because they are told there is nothing to it, so they don’t spend the time to get to know more. He says, “This is an end run around that barrier and we will see how it goes.”

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. As a young boy (4 or 5 years old) I was abducted several times by what people call “grey” (pale white) aliens. Not while in bed or in dreams, but outside my home while playing with my friends at night in the dominican republic. They seemed friendly and assured me that they were not going to hurt me and not to be afraid before taking me. I don’t remember anything else after that, just when I was back home.

    Seen any strange things throughout my life after that, including UFOs. All I can say is that I am 100% convinced that they do exist but I have no idea what they are. All my life I’ve felt I’m being watched and monitored.

  2. We are a super advanced, highly intelligent species. Let’s travel, 123,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to a planet, make a couple of crop circles then leave

  3. I first discovered the truth about ufo’s from an actual sighting. Because of this sighting I went on to research for evidence on the internet. After finding a abundance of evidence on line and from an actual sighting I turned my attention to the media. I was horrified to find the only thing not real about ufo’s we re the actual men and women claiming to be real reporters. Perhaps the media owners should regulate these field reporters to were they belong (covering minor league games) if they ever expect to regain there respectability.

  4. I agree, seeing is believing for us and I too have had several UFO sightings myself. Saw a stainless steel looking cigar shaped UFO shoot through the air perfectly with no deviation in its trajectory altitude or speed during broad daylight, with no noise, windows, doors, wings, signs of propulsion. It only had a black diagonal line or slit near the rear of the craft. It was not a missle or a plane or the like. I believe it was checking out the militarys toys as it was the Royal Canadian Navy’s centennial celebrations in Esquimalt harbour in Victoria. I had a great view of both from the top of Bear Mt. 2 full reports are on the web. I have seen a massive semi-transparent disc shaped something rip from beyond the horizon and into space in 2 seconds, hardly believed I saw anything at all until seeing some leaked NASA footage of the same anomalies flying over Earth. The cigar shaped UFO has also been seen and taped saw on Youtube. I’ve also seen what appeared to be 4 balls of fire in a chain. One would go out at the back and appear in the front and it moved like that through the sky very quickly. Very bizzare. Also just recently a large group of us saw an amber light move through the sky quite fast then get brighter and dimmer repeatedly then disappear. Stranger still is that I was just about to bring up the topic of UFO’s then one showed up! CE-5 = Close Encounters of the 5th kind, conscious intent to interact with ET, very real, very possible, very cool.

  5. It amazes me at the arrogance, ignorance & egos of so many of this planet to think they are all that is out among the stars. There are more species out in this Universe than you can even begin to imagine my friends. Your world is so backwards, your species never learns to get along & work together for the betterment of your entire planet.

    Instead, your various governments are divided & work against one another. Your various governments lie to their citizens, work against them & sell them out to your planet’s major corporations who care about nothing but accumulating more wealth.

    What STILL amazes me is why those from other worlds STILL come to your planet observing. One thing is for sure, your people who are the leaders here never learn the mistakes of the past on this world. They are still trying to destroy your world, still fighting among themselves, killing those with whom they do not agree with, still deceiving one another, murdering others in the name of this deity or that deity, etc. It is foolishness.

    However, I am encouraged that there are a small segment of this world who know the truth about some of what is out here among the stars. You are not alone in this vast Universe.

  6. To those people’s out there..I’m sorry that we have treated you badly it’s not fair to you who have traveled so far to be disappointed ,but ones like me welcome you as small as I am..I hope we can be friends and I could one day see you ,friend. .

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