Open Minds UAP News: UAP Analysis and Science with Dr. Doug Buettner

In this episode we discuss UAP Analysis and Science with Dr. Doug Buettner, Deputy Chief Scientist at the Acquisition Innovation Research Center (AIRC). Dr. Buettner has recently joined the board of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies and has been analyzing cases, including the NYC case we recently reviewed on this show. We also cover recent UAP headlines and look at a couple Enigma UFO sighting reports.

Enigma UFO Sightings Dr. Buettner’s bio:

Dr. Buettner’s recent paper: Enhancing Space Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risk: A Single-Case Study in the Misidentification of a Recently-Launched Starlink Satellite Train as a UAP in Commercial Aviation:

Website of the Coalition for UAP Studies:

UAP Discovery:


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