Open Minds UAP News: Covering UFOs with Journalist Sarah Scoles

On today’s episode we discuss the latest UAP news, including updates from congress and former AARO chief Sean Kirkpatrick. We also discuss journalist Sarah Scoles’ experience coving UFOs over the last few years.

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Links to articles and info discussed:

The UFO Files: Nine never-before-seen videos of craft flying over California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona are revealed by researchers – Daily Mail

‘I don’t see any evidence of aliens.’ SpaceX’s Elon Musk says Starlink satellites have never dodged UFOs –

Eglin UAP sighting was commercial light balloon – News Nation

AARO Englin AFB UAP Report – AARO

Effect of Forced Perspective and Parallax View on UAP Observations – AARO

EXCLUSIVE — Sen. Gillibrand’s informed AARO: “I’d like to have a public hearing this summer” – Ask a Pol

Pentagon UFO Hunter Reveals What He Knows About Aliens – NY Post

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