Finian Handley – Black Triangle UFOs over Wales – May 23, 2016

Open Minds UFO Radio: Finian Handley is one of the administrators of the Open Minds UFO News Group on Facebook, and a UFO enthusiast. He approaches the topic with skepticism and tries to stay grounded in a field that can include some far out claims. He is also a UFO witness, and realizes that the details of his shocking UFO encounter can seem far out to those who were not there to see it.

On the evening of September 26th, 2008, Finian saw two large triangular craft coast over the highway. They were huge, but also silent. He has had a few encounters with the black triangles neat his home in southeastern Wales. In this interview, we talk to Finian about his sightings, about the importance of remaining grounded when reviewing UFO information, and some of the hoaxing that gets media attention.

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