Open Minds UFO Radio Newscast – 2/12/2021 – Special Guests: William Shatner and Martin Willis

Join us as host Alejandro Rojas discusses the UFO news of the week with a guest. This week’s guests: William Shatner and Martin Willis. That’s right! I will be playing a recording of an interview I did with William Shatner this week on Ancient Aliens and UFOs.

Items we discussed:

William Shatner On Looking For Ancient Aliens (Den of Geek)

Pentagon Admits it has UFO Debris, Releases Test Results (UFO Explorations)

VIDEO Did the Pentagon just admit to having UFO Debris? (Spoiler Alert: No) – Here’s what REALLY happened (The Black Vault)

Murky Waters Drowning “UFO Debris” Claims (The Black Vault)

The Navy Finally Speaks Up About Its Bizarre “UFO Patent” Experiments (The War Zone)

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