Denice Marcel – Roswell’s Legacy – June 29, 2015

Open Minds UFO Radio: Denice Marcel is the granddaughter of Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 who was the first person from the military to handle the debris found in the desert outside of Roswell which some believe was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Denice’s father, Jesse Marcel Jr., also handled some of the material, and both Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr. say that the materials were not merely from weather or test balloons. They both believe the material was not manufactured on this planet.

Denice grew up with the Roswell mystery and has been interested in the topic of UFOs her entire life. She has recently accepted the position as the California Mutual UFO Network’s Los Angeles section director. We talk to Denice about what it was like growing up in the Marcel family and her new position with MUFON.

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