Chuck Zukowski investigates the paranormal highway on Science Channel

UFO and cattle mutilation investigator, Chuck Zukowski, is set to explore his paranormal highway theory on Science Channel’s hit show Unexplained Files on Tuesday, August 12th.

Zukowski on duty. (image credit: Chuck Zukowski)
Science Channel explains, “Ex-Deputy Sherriff Chuck Zukoswki has spent 25 years investigating mysterious phenomena across America. From his extensive research he’s spotted an alarming pattern – a growing list of eye-witness UFO reports along a 3,000 mile stretch through the heart of America. This stretch of UFO sightings corresponds with the 37th degree parallel, and Chuck has noticed that a number of military bases, including the famous Area 51, exist on the same parallel. In this episode of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES, Chuck explores if there really is a paranormal highway cutting across the U.S. And if there is, who or what is behind it?”

Watch this exclusive clip of tomorrow nights episode:

The Unexplained Files airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST/PST on Science Channel.

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