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UFOs over Shropshire (Video)

Thank you to Darren Perks for sending us this video.

I wanted to share this video I took in Shropshire UK at the end of April 2013, so that you could share it with your readers etc.

Please see the video here on my Youtube: http://youtu.be/uM_y3hA5UTI

Using a Pulsar Recon 550 digital monocular and a Yukon MPR, what was initially thought to be satellite was tracked and filmed. You will see in the footage that the first object is quite faint but you can see it moving in a straight line through the shot. Then a second object moving much quicker enters the shot but as it moves parallel to the first object and too the right of it, it suddenly moves away from it. It clearly increases its distance from the first object.

Both objects were moving towards North West.

(Please note that the time on the footage is one hour behind due to British summer time effect the actual time was 22:01pm.)

Now these are UFOs because they cannot be identified easily. Satellites move in a set orbit at high speed in space, but cannot just simple ‘move away’ from another object so quickly so to speak. NORAD monitors space traffic and satellite operators are notified in advance of possible collisions so they can adjust the orbit to move out of the way.

But in this footage the object on the right clearly moves away from the first and increases its distance. Is it high altitude aircraft operating in space? Could they be drones? Could they be satellites?

Or are they extraterrestrial?

Equipment used: Pulsar Recon 550 digital night vision monocular, recorded onto a Yukon MPR with 4gb SD card. Recorded above the Longmynd Hills in Shropshire UK on 19/04/2013


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  1. Two lights in the sky are visible in the video, both appearing very close to the mammoth wall of dirt. One of these UFOs simply hovers, while the other moves through the sky, and eventually flies over the KNXV helicopter. Some viewers began speculating that these UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin. Kathie Bechmann, a YouTube user uploaded a video with her own commentary on the CNN video. Bechmann zooms in on the UFO that flies over the helicopter, and pauses the video just before the object disappears out of frame. The object appears to have an almost saucer-like shape, which fueled speculation of extraterrestrial craft.

  2. This guy from the UK is the guy who got busted with hsi film crew at Area 51 for trespassing on the base. He is quite a well to do guy when it comes to UFOs in the UK and alot of people respect him it seems for what he does. Loads of people I know here in the US know about him and like it because he is a brit who just does his own thing regarding UFOs and is just a normal likeable guy who’s not a geek or anything. Good video and would be great to have him over here doing some stuff in the US!

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