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Alejandro Rojas Alejandro RojasEditor, Contributor, and Open Minds UFO Radio Host
michael_cline_avatar2 Michael Cline – Former Video Editor, Segment Producer
Angela-Allison-100 Angela Allison – Former Open Minds Magazine Editor-in-chief
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  1. I’ve recently watched several of your “Spacing Out” episodes on You Tube. I have to say, this is really solid, well done, and thoroughly enjoyable stuff. What a joy it is to see something on UFOs that is sensible, intelligent, and professional; without being over-produced or sensationalized. Cudos to Maureen, Jason, and the team. I wish you all the best, and look forward to many more episodes.

    Andrew Hill
    Kingston, ON.

  2. To Jason and All:

    Thanks so much for your participation in Ufology. It will take huge efforts by us all to bring disclosure out of the darkness obscuring it. We are up against very powerful forces, as we all know.

    Hangar 1 brings stories to the masses, giving the phenomenon more household acceptance and awareness. After a number of years of additional programming that makes citizens aware of the issues surrounding Ufology, we may be able to make greater progress toward disclosure. But the believability of Hangar 1 is hampered by the fact that practically all commentary with the video simulations of the respective encounters is voiced by professional ufologists. These ufologists have a personal vested interest in the storytelling. These are not testimonies by the people having the encounters. These are not first hand accounts. They are 4th, 5th and 6th hand accounts and often decades after the UFO was sighted. All of us interested in Ufology should band together to collect names, contact information and full accounting of these encounters. Why should we?

    We must do this because as the general population becomes more aware of what’s going on and what people are seeing and experiencing, the acceptance level of this phenomenon is increasing. As time goes on, the government has to accept that the population is ready for disclosure. In the years to come we must join in an organized effort working with MUFON and all other organizations and individuals collecting stories and data. This new organized effort must identify, contact and get permission to video record and use those experiencers’ video stories for two purposes.

    First, we must use these videos on shows such as Hangar 1 to get these stories out into the public domain. First hand accounts used only. These people have no vested interest in going public. This makes the testimony more credible. These people have every reason to not tell their story as the potential for ridicule and scorn and personal ostrasizing they risk is significant. They are truly sticking their necks out to tell the world their story. Their reputations are being placed at risk everywhere they go and with everyone they meet. They are giving up a great deal by coming forward. That carries enormous weight to the viewing audience.

    Second, after collecting tens of thousands of video documentations, this organization must file a class action lawsuit against our government demanding full disclosure. With the permission of the interviewees, we will present their cases in court and subpoena them if necessary to advance this suit through the courts. As the gay movement has found, only through the courts can real progress be made. The judicial branch of government was set up purposely by our founding fathers to protect us citizens and to fight for those causes that are up against otherwise insurmountable odds no matter what structure the powerful opposing forces happen to have and be.

    I’m 60 and my small businesses will be paid for in about 15 years so sometime between now and 2030, I hope to fund an effort toward that end. When I finally retire (hopefully when I’m 75) I hope to devote the rest of my days and resources toward this end. If I die penniless but having helped bring full disclosure into the realm of human knowledge, I’ll die a satisfied man. I’ll know that my life has meant something worthwhile and my purpose for living has been fulfilled.

    Thank-you for your time. I’d love to hear your feedback.

    cell: 270-339-3998

  3. I really enjoy watching you guys on television. Great show. I hope that sometime in the near future the Government would tell what they know. Thanks for the show.

  4. Who does the song at the beginning of the radio show? I see that question pop up a lot on youtube and I’m wondering myself. e-mail attached

  5. In the Col. Phil Corso document “The Dawning of a New Age” is there a page 175 that somehow got deleted? Page 174 ends with an unfinished sentence and the final page 176 is handwritten and does not finish or complete Page 176. Just trying to get a fully intact article. THANKS.

  6. Alejandro, I really enjoy your podcasts. One of the things that were mentioned in your last two podcasts with Bryce Zabel and Joe Murgia was the confusion of the government project names. One thing to consider is that it is just as likely that the project names are changed to prevent depredation of funds from other organizations within the government once UFO or paranormal interests are associated with them. So, though the name changes are likely due to obfuscation, they may be directed more internally than publicly. Just something to consider.

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