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This is a compilation of some of the recent interviews we have done with retired USAF Lt. Col. and UFO researcher, Wendelle Stevens.

UFO researcher, USAF Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens’s last interviews

This is a compilation of some of the recent interviews we have done with retired USAF Lt. Col. and UFO researcher, Wendelle Stevens. We were honored to be able to spend so much time with him in his final days.

This wonderful video memorial was put together by Open Minds Executive Producer Tom Ruffin.

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  1. I true legend in Ufology, he will be sorely missed by many across the globe. I know all too well what his family are going through, having lost my father 5 weeks ago. My sincere condolences to Wendelle’s family.

    Rest in Peace good sir.

  2. My sympathy with those who admire his great ufo researches for earth man kind.

  3. I am extremely devastated indeed , to here of Wendelle’s passing.
    He was someone that had huge integrity , intelligence , persistence , understanding and made the impossible to find information, possible , so that average people like me could have a fighting chance as to what the real truth is about Extraterrestrials and our life in the universe.
    I am forever grateful to Wendelle

    May your spirit fly for ever.

  4. A man whose life was spent trying to get to the truth of the ufo issue, and trying to inform the public at the same time. One of the best researcehers on the subject that has ever live. A true gentleman that will never be forgotton.R.I.P Wendelle, a hero to thousands.

  5. Could someone add the context of his arrest and years in prison?

  6. David Paul- - - - - -

    Men like him are very rare. Skeptical high profile people w/education & $ have to go head-to-head with a man like him. Those people do not believe the common everyday person. I myself am one of those common everyday God fearing persons. I guess those skeptical high profile people w/$ & education do not believe my eyes when I say “I know what I saw”. Screw ’em all! Open-minds believes people like myself and “ALL” people that adds to “Open-Minds”. But w/Mr.Stevens not here physically with us. He will always be with us by his many books, films, etc… . & his many facts he has left us all. He is ‘home’ now w/the “Creator”. May Almighty God rest Mr Stevens soul. …David Paul ——

  7. My sincere condolences to his family and freinds.

  8. He will be greatly missed. He has left a huge legacy behind, and I think the world has been made a better place because of him. He helped greatly to open people’s minds and was a real pioneer in an area that has had so much ridicule and skepticism. I believe his tireless effort has helped to bring more light into this world, it certainly did mine. I am Glad to have known him.

  9. a huge loss to his family & friends a man whos opened the minds of many people to this amazing subject i hope you sleep well wendelle loved what you did for the ufo subject we now have another BRIGHT STAR IN OUR SKY…to me wendelle will always be a star thank u sir …andy from scotland

  10. i want to wish my condolences to the family..ive always thought alot of wendelle to speak the truth. i and many will always think of him as a patriot to this country as i do..

  11. On Wendelle’s felony charges:

    I talked with Wendelle at the 97 or 98 UFO CONGRESS and yes, as Bob Brown always said “he is very open to everyone”

    This is what got him framed by the CIA, his openess and sincerity. He had to take a plea bargin on the groundless trumped up charges. In that type of alleged crimminal act there is about 3 or more felonies charges for the same thing. If the jury was a bunch of morons and idiots he could have been found guilty on something and never got out of prison.

    This is how it was with the Meier case in the 70s & 80s
    they did not want the info out to the public because of the NAZI connection, and secret collusion with ets.

    I recommend all the DVDs on Wendelle’s presentations over the years available at the UFO CONGRESS store.

    Wendelle, for the enlightenment, you had a good run!

  12. About Wendelle Steven´s time in prison i found this:

    Michael Hesemann:

    “Even more unfair are Bürgin’s “dark insinuations” about Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens’ “lengthy” prison term. The charge stated he had an affair with a 17-year-old girl, a crime in the USA about which one would merely smile in Germany. It is a fact that the charge was made by the teenager’s mother who perhaps falsely interpreted her daughter’s (and the girl’s 16year-old girlfriend) interest in UFOs, especially since the daughter actually did fall in love with Stevens which, after all, can happen. Stevens swears to be innocent, but he has no proof of it. In a puritan country like America one is quickly condemned. Well, at least the Air Force seems to find him innocent, or else he would have been demoted to a lower rank and would no longer be a Lieutenant Colonel today.”

    Source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/FIGU_Bulletin_008

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