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UFO video taken over Queensland, Australia

Several residents of Tannum Sands, a town in Queensland, Australia, have reported seeing UFOs over the weekend. A picture and a video of the UFOs were posted along with the witness reports on the website of the Australian newspaper, The Observer.

The first report was sent to The Observer on Sunday. The man said he saw a bright orange light moving quickly across the night sky before stopping, and the moving off again.

He told The Observer, “It came back several times and moved the same way each time. We saw it three different times, as did our neighbors and some friends in Gladstone. Definitely no ordinary aircraft or satellite.”

Another report came from Natalie Vedder who was visiting her brother in Tatum Sands. She says:

We were in Booth Ave and saw a bright orange light shoot into the sky, and then it stopped and was still for at least five minutes. We were looking towards the south. It was amazing as we were only just talking about UFOs about 30 minutes before it appeared. When it was moving it looked like flames were falling from it and it was a really large orange light when it first appeared.

Other witnesses were camping at the Tannum Caravan Park. They also reported an orange colored light slowly moving across the sky. Witness, Jade Watters told The Observer:

It was too low to be a plane and too high for any sort of remote control, but what freaked me was there was no noise from it at all. We were camping and it was very quiet with only the crackling noise of our fire. I wanted to try to film it but my phone was flat and on charge in the car at the time. It was moving in a southern direction. I was certain it was a UFO but my mate was adamant that I was just looking into it too much.

Janet Hadley, who also saw the lights, was able to snap a couple of pictures. She says she saw two lights, one faded out and then another appeared.

UFO photo taken by Janet Hadley

UFO photo taken by Janet Hadley. (Credit: Janet Hadley/The Observer)

UFO photo taken by Janet Hadley

UFO photo taken by Janet Hadley. (Credit: Janet Hadley/The Observer)

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  1. Flamin’ Struth !!! UFO hovers above Boganville.

  2. You are one of many incorrectly using “UFO.” Of course it is an UFO. It is flying and we do not know what it is (i.e., we cannot identify it). Therefore it is an unidentified flying object (i.e., UFO). Duh..

  3. Looks very much like Chinese lanterns to me.

  4. terry the censor

    Could be the most useless UFO vid on the internet.

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