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UFO caught in video over Georgia during strange thunderstorm

YouTuber Margaret Pfeiffer was filming the aftereffects of lightning strikes on her property and the property of her neighbor when she filmed a strange object apparently plunging out of the sky at an angle.

She only got a few seconds of the elongated reflective object as it seemed to fly quickly towards the ground at an angle before she lost sight of the object behind some trees. In the description for the video Pfeiffer says she does not feel the object was a plane, and speculates that it might be a drone or a UFO. She says:

I captured this after the fire from across the street here. Say what you will but, this has no wing’s as a plane would have. Watch in full screen & keep pausing. There isn’t even a shdow for the wing area. I believe this is a drone or UFO!! Comment if you want to. Thank you Take care everyone & much love & peace to you all!! XOXOX

The fire Pfeiffer refers to was the reason she was outside. In another video she posted from that day she is going outside after a lightning strike hit near her house. She says a neighbor’s house was also hit, and films emergency vehicles racing to her neighbor’s house as the lightening strike seemed to have caused a fire. The strange thing is, as Pfeiffer documents in the video, the sky is mostly sunny and clear with very sparse cloud coverage.

Another YouTube user, wowforreeel, re-posted the video in slow motion so viewers can get a better look at the strange object in Pfeiffer’s video. Let us know if you have an idea as to what Pfeiffer caught in her peculiar video.

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  1. Looks a bit like a small plane performing a slip, coming in for a landing or forced approach. The reflecting line being the top of the wings and the tail partially visible behind. That’d account for slow perceived ground speed but the steady drop in altitude. Pretty high point to enter a slip though.

  2. It’s an airliner. At certain light angles and viewpoints, the common airliner’s wings become diffusely colored with distance haze and the color of the sky. This makes it hard for the camera to pick it up, because the fuselage is so bright due to sun illumination. Effectively, due to hazing and reflected light, one cancels the other out. Often these sorts of “sightings” look like a peanut shaped thing – one has to remember what a camera picks up is not wholly accurate to what the eye can see.

  3. There’s at least one type of satellite that can sometimes be seen in the daytime sky, although this is uncommon. Iridium satellites have very reflective surfaces and under the right conditions, can reflect enough sunlight to appear as bright dots moving across the sky for a few seconds. Under extraordinarily clear conditions and a powerful zoom lens, it is possible to make out some kind of structure.
    Judging by the angle of the sunlight, it appears as if the sun is very close to the horizon. If this was shot in the early morning or evening time, even the ISS at a magnitude of -0.5 could have been visible. See how it looks in the first few seconds of the video..before the mega zoom?
    I’m not saying that’s what this is, but it’s probable. More details about the specific time, direction and location would have been more useful.

  4. Kathlena F Mailloux

    08/24/13 San Juan, Texas. Saw the exact thing this morning ‘flying’ overhead. I assumed ‘drone’.

  5. Looks like an airliner to me. Digital cameras often cannot resolve detail when the object is too far away.

  6. One should also remember that stating common likelihoods is not proof either.
    As one persons experience with cameras can provide us with a reasonable explanation. It brings us no closer to what it is.
    Google recently explained a popular UFO sighting that every single camera expert, telescope expert, UFO expert and skeptic were explaining as something other than what it really was.
    All that professional experience meant nothing when the truth was revealed, and all said and done… They were still simply guessing… Like everyone else.
    Declaring the answer to anything without knowing should have more consequences within our social order. Historically, this behavior is responsible for slowing more progress than any of our other bad habits.
    Hats off to Google for providing us with an answer.

  7. It looks like some form of insignia underneath , or is a shadow?
    Could be a drone, investigating the fire or a remote operated toy, they come down pretty fast or ,of course , it is a genuine UFO.
    Did anyone go to investigate behind the bushes etc, to see where it landed? Did anyone else see it?
    Very interesting indeed.

  8. I live close to Heathrow airport the busiest airport in the world, and at certain times of the day when the planes are at the right height and the Sun is low I see objects just like this. The Sun reflecting off the plane blots out the wings and makes it look like a brilliant tube flying through the sky. I wish it was a UFO but I suspect it really is just a plane.

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