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A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on a mountainside in Sanger, CA (just outside of Fresno) on the night of August 21st.

Triangle UFO crash in Sanger, CA

A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on a mountainside in Sanger, CA (just outside of Fresno) on the night of August 21st. A family who observed the “hard landing” reported the incident to California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) state section director Jeffrey Gonzalez.

Credit: Michael Schratt

(credit: Michael Schratt)

According to Gonzalez, while taking the phone report, he heard a woman in the background say, “It’s trying to take off, it’s trying to lift!” The witnesses claim that the downed craft ascended 30 to 40 feet trying to take off again, but was unsuccessful.

The crash site is private and inaccessible from public roads, which prevented MUFON investigators from reaching the area, but unmarked vehicles allegedly managed to swarm the scene shortly after the incident.

From a public vantage point, Gonzalez reported seeing something resembling an arc welding light coming from the crash site during the evening, which led him to believe that the individuals who arrived in the unmarked vehicles were either attempting to repair the craft, or dismantle it.

The following morning, Gonzalez was able to see scorch marks on the ground, and surprisingly, the craft was still there. He supposedly has video footage of the crash site and the “stingray-shaped” craft, as he described it, and will make the video available after it has been processed. In an interview with Roger Marsh of the Examiner, Gonzalez said the videos are being transferred to his computer, but are taking longer than usual because the camera he used doesn’t have a digital output.

The witnesses have called Gonzalez in the past, and they apparently see frequent UFO activity in their area. A video posted on YouTube shows a triangle-shaped craft flying over Sanger, CA the day after the crash.

F-121 - Credit: Michael Schratt

F-121 (credit: Michael Schratt)

For years, Gonzalez has received anonymous reports about a deep underground military base located directly beneath Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which is supposedly operated by the nearly 144th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard Base of Fresno. Due to the crash site’s proximity to this facility, some have started to speculate that what actually crashed was a top secret military aircraft.

TR-3B - Credit: Michael Schratt

TR-3B (credit: Michael Schratt)

There are several alleged triangle-shaped top secret aircraft, like the F-121 Sentinel and the TR-3B nuclear powered flying triangle.

The original witnesses who reported the crash to MUFON described a “triangle-shaped” craft, but Gonzalez described a “stingray-shaped” craft when he observed it in the daylight. The Hudson Valley Boomerang, as it has been called, is an example of stingray-shaped, or manta ray-shaped aircraft. This craft was seen by more than 25,000 eyewitnesses between 1982 and 1989.

Hudson Valley Boomerang - Credit: Michael Schratt

Hudson Valley Boomerang (credit: Michael Schratt)

The video footage shot by Gonzalez will probably not be sufficient to identify the craft as being of military or unknown origin, but hopefully it will provide enough evidence to prove that an unknown craft did, in fact, crash in the mountains of Sanger, CA.

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  1. At last!!! Some close up footage that is (hopefully) in focus and taken during the day. Get it and post it on the net before the government gets hold of it.

  2. Fantastic story Jason. I thought it was a plane at first in the video, but after reading your article, I remain 50/50 on this one. Great reporting!

  3. So, where’s the bloody video?

  4. Photoshop is not working right now – video will be released as soon as photoshop stops crashing.

  5. Whenever I see a craft with blinking light(s) in the sky, I dissmis it as a common human-made/operated one. In this case, however, I’m not so sure, taking into account the “non-human” shape of the craft and uncommon situation of the three large lights in tops of the corners. On the other hand – why would ET turn on flying lights? Since when they obey our aeronautical rules?

  6. Yep – others I know who live in that neck of the woods are highly skeptical to say the least.

    My expectations are quite low as they should be. Still entertainment

  7. Sorry I’m late to the party on this one. Only addressing the video, I think what you have here is a video of a commercial airliner with its landing lights on. The red flashing light is its lower anti-collision light. The white lights forming the triangle are the three landing lights and the extra light near the front is what is known as a “leading edge” light.

    If it is not against the rules to post videos, compare the video to this video of a DC-9 landing at night. Very similar…


  8. I remember back in 2011 or 2012 I was walking home from the store around 11PM at night and I saw these three evenly spaced “stars” in the shape of a triangle. As soon as i looked at it i realized it was to close to the ground and oddly shaped to be “stars”.

    Once I noticed it i tapped the guy i was with and asked him if noticed it, he was like “wow what the heck is that”

    The object stayed completely still, hovering over a house, – no noise, no sound at all. Once I pointed at me, i guess whatever was driving it realized that i had noticed its presense and it slowly faded it lights into complete blackness.

    today, my fiancé was looking up “Sanger California” which is about 30 minutes from where I saw that strange UFO. He had recalled me telling him about that story, so the images on this website popped up on google search and now i read this article (even though its 4 years later)

    It just makes me wonder, what was it? and what was it doing hovering above that house?

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