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New TV show will explore ‘unsealed’ alien/UFO files

During the past few years, select governments around the world have released to the public files related to unidentified flying objects and/or extraterrestrials. And a new television show is set to investigate these files.

The show, titled Unsealed: Alien Files, “investigates recently released documents regarding alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public in 2011 by the Freedom of Information Act.” The show’s website explains, “Each week, Unsealed: Alien Files tackles one compelling alien case by opening these previously off-limits secret files. Based on the newly discovered information the show re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads.”

A companion show, Unsealed: Conspiracy Files, will air immediately following Unsealed: Alien Files.

These shows will feature several “experts” including Jim Penniston, John Burroughs, Jason Martell, John Greenewald, Jr., and Lee Speigel.

The shows will be syndicated nationally in the United States by Tribune Broadcasting, but it doesn’t appear to be on one single network, so you have to go to the show’s website (http://www.unsealedfiles.com/the-alien-files) to see if these shows are airing in your market, and, if so, on what channel. These series premiere this weekend, but because the air dates seem to vary based on market/channel as well, check your local listings.

About Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.


  1. Great! Show’s that try to bring these extraordinary stories to the mainstream always makes me happy. Although most show’s fail to truly tackle the problem with evidence on UFO’s. It’s just great to see that people will be informed, just hope it’s not dis or misinformation.

  2. When does this air in Central Ohio. When I try to click on the episode guide I just get a 404 error. Kind of junkie and not very professional…

  3. I just checked their site, and the schedule seems to work for me (http://unsealedfiles.com/schedule). If you have problems with their website, I suggest contacting them using the contact form on their website.

  4. Thanks! My bad, maybe they were updating when I tried. I take back what I said….Not junkie and VERY Professional!!!

  5. Awesome! I thank you for giving us the opportunity of knowing the truth, it is unbelievable that the government and above are just lying to the public, I personally strongly agree in aliens and just a couple of days ago i witnessed a UFO. It seemed that everyday they get closer and closer and they want to be seen for some reason which is why we need to be informed of anything thats is going on among us. Just my opinion!! Thanks again for all your effort.

  6. Is there any website where I can view episodes that have already aired? I only see the new upcoming episodes on my tv guide, seems they are not showing repeats & I am dying to see the others! (Not On Demand either) Please help.

  7. Not that I know of, but you might want to try contacting the show directly by using their contact form – http://unsealedfiles.com/contact

  8. Strange that Unsealed isn’t available on TPB or KAT yet.

  9. I saw the show and I liked it.Any ways i have something inside my leg ,now that I saw the show I better get that checked out



  11. Why is it I try to watch…then these Baseball/USB events are on …..and they DON’T show the Episodes here in Canada?? just wondering 🙂 ???

  12. I’m an amateur astronomer and science enthusiast and although I was highly skeptical of this series, I had nothing else to watch and decided to try it out. I must point out that there is essentially nothing wrong with sensationalist shows, but I really don’t like the fact that the show pretends to have actual evidence. They constantly put forward “facts” and then fail to credit their sources or explain why this could be the only explanation, or even why in their minds it’s the most credible explanation. Several times they do name a certain event, and when I look it up on the Internet I sometimes find a scientific explanation for it which they completely fail to mention. I couldn’t say all conspiracy theories are wrong, but in order to judge the conspiracy theories they do need to be completely transparent and give ALL the evidence there is, and not merely the evidence which supports their claims. I think they know they’re talking nonsense. All of the so-called experts on this show (and notice how they tend to have PhDs, but never in a subject relevant to the show) continually speculate or say things which simply aren’t true. This is a highly sensationalist propaganda series. Watch it if you would enjoy it (I guess I’m watching it to complain to myself recreationally, and to get some satisfaction from knowing on a lot of information I turn out to be more knowledgeable and have a higher capacity to reason logically without speculating than the so-called experts on this show), but do watch it with a ton of skepticism and research each phenomenon before asserting it to be true or even credible.

    Also, I’m just here to give a fair warning, but do send a message if there is something specific you would like to discuss. I don’t pretend to have the facts about whether or not aliens have visited us (and recent evidence suggests we might be the offspring of primitive life originating from Mars, so in that sense Earth HAS been visited by aliens, though not by alien space ships), but the evidence I’ve seen is simply not credible. Still, I would be interested to hear your views, and why I should believe in aliens on Earth.

    By the way, I will give one simple example where the so-called experts on this show clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. In the episode “Aliens on the Moon” Bill Birnes (a man with degrees in law and medieval literature but who has never studied to be a scientist and therefore has little credibility, and in fact he talks more nonsense than any other person on the show) says [about astronaut Catherine G. Coleman declaring “We have an unidentified flying object.” while she’s working in the space module] “It’s fascinating how astronaut Coleman wasn’t panicked by this. Why wasn’t she panicked by this? As we reach out into space—as the space shuttle became commonplace in NASA, what was also commonplace were appearances of alien crafts that were shadowing the shell”.

    That last piece of information is completely fabricated. There is no evidence of this whatsoever. What also becomes evident here is that Bill Birnes doesn’t seem to understand what scientists consider to be a UFO. When she says “we have an unidentified flying object”, she is NOT talking about an alien craft. In this case she was joking about an object INSIDE the space module, as there are no windows to observe any objects outside, but if it weren’t a joke, she would be talking about a flying object she couldn’t identify. Astronomers occasionally observe objects they initially can’t identify, but usually with some digging around they do find what they were looking at. The mistake these UFO enthusiasts make is to immediately assume it’s an alien craft.

    Okay, so after Bill Birnes has voiced his bizarre speculations without noting any evidence at all and after having concluded that Coleman did in fact see an alien craft and NASA is trying to cover it up, they show some letters which explain the whole thing. In the first letter it says “Dr. Catherine Coleman was making an innocuous remark”. I don’t know if the makers of this program understand what “innocuous” means, but they seem to interpret it as NASA acting like nothing of interest happened (which it didn’t) and covering it up, while in fact there was nothing to cover up in the first place. In a second letter it’s stated how the space lab has no windows so Coleman couldn’t have seen any object outside (and even if she did, she was talking about an unidentified object; NOT an alien spacecraft). Rather than accepting that answer, the series tries to make a case by showing an illustration of the space lab WITH a window. Not JUST a window however; the illustration shows an OPTICAL window, which is something different than a regular window you look through. When I search however, I can’t find a single illustration which has the window clearly specified. Whether or not the space lab has a window though (optical or otherwise), I don’t understand how that gives credit to the notion that the astronaut saw an alien space craft (which even in the recorded video she didn’t say; again, she said “unidentified flying object”. Also, note that an illustration is not evidence. If the space lab does have a window, then prove it and show me a PHOTO of the window.

    And to get back to Bill Birnes wondering why Coleman wasn’t panicked by what she saw: could it be that she wasn’t panicked because she didn’t see an alien craft, but made an innocuous remark about an object floating around in the module? An object which you actually see floating around in the recording, I might add. There simply is nothing going on there which needs explaining.

    I also find that the more things are attributed to aliens, the weaker the case of aliens visiting Earth becomes. You already have the most difficult task of proving that aliens do visit Earth, but then the series also claims the plague might have been caused by aliens. Why? The plague is perfectly well explained without aliens, so why the hell do you need to explain it with aliens? I might as well say God caused the plague. It’s simply not scientific. And why would the aliens be visiting us starting from the Middle Ages? Why do you want aliens to have caused the plague, but not any of the deadly viruses and bacteria which proceeded the plague? Even in human history you will find more epidemics and mass extinctions than just the plague.

    Inconsistencies like these imply not only that the “experts” didn’t think their own conspiracy theories through at all, but also that there is little to no basis for these kind of theories at all. This is pure propaganda and sensationalism. These “experts” try so incredibly hard to make up the craziest explanations for the most mundane things, I can hardly believe they actually believe their own stories.

  13. Oh and I have to add, since this show doesn’t state the sources of any of the images it shows (to give one example: in one episode some pictures of Egyptian hieroglyphs are shown of supposed modern aircrafts. To give any credit to that notion at all, I need to know where these glyphs were found, and what actual experts [someone with a degree in Egyptian hieroglyphs] would decipher it as) even though they’re used as key pieces of evidence to support their wild claims, by definition this is propaganda. Note however that propaganda doesn’t necessarily mean it’s false. It just means the arguments are purposefully one-sided. I find these kind of documentaries to be highly damaging. Most people watch these series because they have a genuine interest in aliens and are then completely mislead and misinformed, while there are actual scientific studies being done relating to aliens. Studying the biology on Earth gives us a good idea of the kind of environments aliens could live in (and as such, a few moons around Saturn and Jupiter are likely candidates to harbor primitive, alien life) and the discovery and study of exoplanets can also tell us a lot more about the likeliness of alien civilizations. I’m an amateur planet hunter myself; I find exoplanets using the transit method. The hunt for exoplanets in the goldilocks zone is our true hunt for aliens. A recent statistical study suggests there may be an Earth-like planet in the habitable zone every 15 light years in radius apart. If that’s accurate at all then intelligent life may not be so rare at all. To think aliens would visit us however is to underestimate the incredible distances between stars, and to overestimate the motivations for aliens to visit planets many light years away from them. Why would they?

  14. I’ve been waiting a long time for a show like this ! It’s too bad your show is only 30 minutes long. The public needs to know more what’s going on in this world.
    With our way of thinking and our present state of mind, we need more people who aren’t afraid of speaking out to update the masses, who really want to know what’s going on !

  15. why this program keep repeating same things over and over again or is it just me?

  16. Martin, the people who host these “what if” programs only believe in the money they can pocket. Period, over and out. Has ever been thus. Back in the 80’s and 90’s Foolologist (okay, Ufologist) wrote hundreds of books and raked in big dough. Now it’s television, with even greater money at stake, so sensationalizing is the name of the game here.

    The airwaves are being overrun with these idiotic programs. How many are there now? I think it must have started with the comedy series “Ancient Aliens” with Harry, Burly and Slow. The only thing I can say about shows whose favorite magical word is “if” is that they sometimes leave me laughing pretty hard. It’s a shame that channels such as History and Science air such complete and utter nonsense. It would be better suited to be aired on the “SCY-FY” channel (their programming is always horrid). I find it hard to believe that people actually fall for this stuff, but obviously they do … hook … line … and sinker.

    I spent several years in the 80’s and 90’s researching this stuff. Much of it laughable, but certainly not all. Actually, many events were very detailed and extremely intriguing. I don’t have any reason NOT to believe that we have and are being visited. Actually, it makes sense that we would be a prime target. But if I had to rely on these shows for “truth”, I’d be much more inclined to believe it’s absolutely impossible. These shows do more harm than good. They make a joke out of something that really needs hard scientific study.

  17. Martin, Martin, Martin. You need to settle down my mang. Rest assured that anyone with half a brain understands that this particular series is chalk full of nonsense. For those who don’t see this, nothing you say will persuade them otherwise, I promise you.

    This show is ‘almost’ credible as your average sci-fi flick.



  18. its not a alien ufo its us mission .us invent a new technology time to time and try to hide from other countries thats why he is say its alien . us making a person from taking a experiment on animal and human zens its very dangers

  19. I always get a kick out of the people who somehow believe that current science is the absolute truth, and that if someone isn’t properly trained in “science” they don’t believe anything that person would say (except maybe those that believe those of Al Gore’s ilk). I am relatively confident that hundreds of years from now, those that inhabit the earth (i.e. humans similar to todays people – or potentially more of a cyborg type given the pace at which science is progressing) will look back at what we believe today with some amazement that we could have believed such stuff. Twenty years ago few heard of or believed in dark matter – and probably nobody in dark energy. That is to say, we were unaware of what they now say is 95% of the universe. I understand that we can only go on what we now know, but to have such a closed mind to some things. I am skeptical of the “alien files” and believe it is sensationalizing much to create an entertaining show for the purpose of making money – but, while I chose not to believe almost all of it – at the same time, I accept the fact that I could be wrong. If science didn’t know about 95% of the universe not that long ago – perhaps they really didn’t know about 99.99…% with much yet to be discovered.

  20. i saw this show today and i have attraction about this series ..

    My questions is for this series

    Is any UFO was seen in India??

    Please give me answer in my email id..

  21. Kinda big fan of the show 🙂 although is hard to watch due to the clearly low amount of facts !! And same comments of the so called ufo proffesionals saying the same thing in every series !! But tbh can’t really blame them as thanks to all the deceptions our goverment has done to us and all the real evidence being locked away only to be known by the elite who rule over us !!!! I have researched the E.T conspiracy for a while due to wierd things happening to me through out my life !although I am young I can see somthing is not right !! And the more I research the more I remember the things that have happened to me and keep happening to me make me wake up even more !! I woke at 5 am last week my dog was in a kinda trance just starting at the wal I had a earge to go outside and look at a star that seemed to be hovering the shoot off faster than anything I can explain ?? I also seem to suffer with a lot of loss of time . What seem like minutes to me in fact are hours and I just can’t piece together what has happened in that time ?? Also my dreams seem to be bout pyramids and tunnels and in the tunnels ?? I have researched theses things a lot and there’s just too much BS out tbh can’t make my sense of it ?? Some people just wanna make fame/money out of the E.T agenda !!! but there is good people out there that are helping 🙂 the elite will one day be over thrown and the truth will enlighten us I just hope it’s before we get to the point when it’s to late !!!

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