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National UFO Alert: Seven states report 287 May cases

MUFON LogoThe National UFO Alert Rating System has been updated for June 2014, with California, Florida, New York, Texas, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina moving to a UFO Alert 2 or 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of May 2014, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

California was the leading high-reporting state in May with 102 cases, up from 80 April cases, 103 March cases, 59 February cases, and 102 January cases – the single state listed as an Alert 2 with 100 or more cases. The other top reporting states had 25 or more cases and are an Alert 3. Those states in a UFO Alert 4 category with 13 or more reports include: Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

All other states move to a UFO Alert 5 category with lower numbers of UFO activity. The Watch States – with 10 or more cases – are Alabama, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Hampshire and Colorado.

MUFON released May statistics June 1, where the total number of reported UFO sightings is listed by state. The entire country was moved back to the lowest alert level – UFO Alert 5.

California takes the lead with 102 cases; Florida, 46; New York, 31; Texas, 30; Arizona, 27; Ohio, 26; and North Carolina, 25.

Those states with 13 or more reports, the next reporting tier level, are a UFO Alert 4 status: Michigan, 24; Illinois, 23; Pennsylvania, 21; Georgia, 19; Missouri, 19; Indiana, 15; Washington, 15; Oregon, 14; Tennessee, 13; and New Jersey, 13.

Our Watch States this month are – with 10 reports or more: Alabama, 12; Wisconsin, 11; Kentucky, 11; Oklahoma, 10; New Hampshire, 10; and Colorado, 10.

The sphere remains the most-reported UFO shape with 129 cases; down from 150 April cases, 131 March cases, 91 February cases; and 240 January cases. Other shape reports include: Circle, 81; Triangle, 78; Star-Like, 73; Other, 68; Disc, 61; Unknown, 57; Fireball, 38; Oval, 32; N/A, 25; Cylinder, 18; Cigar, 17; Boomerang, 15; Flash, 13; Egg, 11; Bullet/Missile, 11; Blimp, 6; Diamond, 5; Cone, 4; Chevron, 3; Teardrop, 3; and Saturn-like, 2.

The object’s distance from the witness includes: Less than 100 feet, 117 cases; 101 to 500 feet, 120 cases; 501 feet to one mile, 163 cases; over one mile, 193 cases; unknown, 242; and no value stated, 26.

In addition, there were “24 landings, hovering, or takeoffs reported and 1 entity observed.”

The most interesting UFO reports do not necessarily come from high reporting states – but those states with higher numbers do account for some of the most interesting evidence to study. While UFO sightings seem to pop up randomly around the country, this list is meant to offer a small insight into where Americans are filing reports.

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  1. I let my dog out to pee after he woke me at around 3a.m. June 20th. I saw a light in the sky what I thought was a shooting star. I walked further away from my house to see better. It contd to drop. When it got closer it looked like something out of the ocean a squid, jellyfish? It was hollow in the middle. It had lights streaming from it. When it got even closer it was huge. Something I have never seen. Beautiful. Completely silent. It hovered for a moment then shot straight up in the sky and was gone.

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