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NASA tweets UFO photos from ISS on April Fools’ Day

We have had a lot of celebrities tweeting their UFO encounters lately, but now NASA is getting in on the UFO tweet action. Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut and the commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station, has tweeted a few pictures today of what he calls a huge piece of debris.

The “debris” is clearly a saucer shaped object. He later tweeted another picture and said he was going to grab it with the Canadarm2. His next tweet was more distressing. It exclaimed, “The object appears to be coming closer to the Station. I think it might be trying to board us!”

However, unsurprisingly, Hadfield has finally shown his hand. In his last tweet on the UFO affair, Hadfield wrote: “I don’t know what it is or what it wants, but it keeps repeating “Sloof Lirpa” over and over. Alert the press.”

Hadfield UFO Tweets

Hadfield’s UFO Tweets (Credit: Chris Hadfeild/NASA)

This time the attached picture was a cartoony little alien in the ISS. Was this whole thing an elaborate hoax? Given that Sloof Lirpa is April Fools backwards, I think that is a safe bet.

NASA UFO April Fools 2013

Hadfield’s first UFO photo of the day. The “debris” is a little speck in the distance. (Credit: Chris Hadfield/NASA)

NASA UFO April Fools 2013

Hadfield’s second UFO picture. The object is getting closer. (Credit: Chris Hadfield/NASA)

NASA UFO April Fools 2013

Hadfield’s third UFO photo. The object is getting close enough that Hadfield considers grabbing it with the Canadarm2. Also a great opportunity to plug one of Canada’s contributions to the ISS. (Credit: Chris Hadfield/NASA)

NASA UFO Alien April Fools 2013

Hadfield and the alien creature that must have been piloting the UFO. (Credit: Chris Hadfield/NASA)


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