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IUFOC 2010 – Day 3

Chuck Zukowski

Nearing the half-way point, day three of the International UFO Congress showed even a larger turnout than day 2, and the energy was very high. A packed room eagerly listened to the presentations throughout the day. Dolores Cannon’s talk about visitors from other planets kept the audience engaged, and her charming sense of humor made for a wonderful presentation. However, my favorite presentation of the day came from Marc D’Antonio, MUFON’s photo and video analyst. Marc’s presentation took a critical look at UFO photo and video evidence, and provided an enlightening look at photos and videos of UFOs, while encouraging people to take a more critical look at so called “evidence.”

The third episode of Open Minds’ live show, Live From Laughlin” aired last night with very special guest Bob Brown. Bob is one of the founders of the Congress, and his interview provided a touching and personal look into the creation of the International UFO Congress 19 years ago. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues related to hotel capabilities here in Laughlin, the show encountered some difficulties. However, we have been recording our shows, and we hope to put up the full, technical-issue-free versions, on our website some time following the conference.

Join us tonight for episode number four of Live From Laughlin, where we will have guests Chuck Zukowski and Barbara Lamb.

Barbara Lamb

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  1. Jason,
    I registered for free pass yesterday but never arrived in my email as promised. Again today?
    Joe Resnick

  2. Thank you Jason for your reports herein.


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