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"...I understand exactly where they’re coming from, because I was the biggest skeptic. So I understand the mindset."

Interview with an Abductee: Stan Romanek

This is the full interview of which an excerpt was used in the August/September 2010 issue of Open Minds Magazine.

Stan Romaneck (image credit: Maurizio Baiata)

Stan Romanek (image credit: Maurizio Baiata)

Stan Romanek is one of the most controversial abductees today. His incredible pictures and videos have been featured on all of the major news networks, Larry King, and was the subject of an interview with Jeff Peckman on David Letterman’s Late Show.

January 25, 2010, Open Minds Studios

Maurizio Baiata: Let’s talk about a life in a day of Stan Romanek… as you open your eyes in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Stan Romanek: This is one of the issues with the phenomenon. When I wake up really I’m obsessed with my experiences. It’s a type of posttraumatic stress disorder. I used to believe my obsession was because of my disbelief in the subject and it was hard for me to handle. But I wonder sometimes if it’s because they have done something to me, like I have a mission to accomplish.  That’s how I feel.

M: Stan, when you talk about a “mission” it’s easy for a nonbeliever, or a debunker to say this guy is a space cadet, his mind is flying all over.

S: They can say that because they have never had an experience. And I understand exactly where they’re coming from, because I was the biggest skeptic. So I understand the mindset. Let’s face it. People have this idea of reality. They live in this little world, this little bubble that they think is reality and if anything changes, it throws their minds off balance and it scares them a little bit. So, what do they do with it? In my case, I had a choice to either accept it, or… what, what am I going to do, jump off a building?

M: Do you remember when your experiences began?

S: I’m forty-seven today and I now understand what’s happening, but I was five when it began and, as a child, you don’t put two and two together at all. I had some experiences that I couldn’t make sense of. Throughout my childhood, I remember a beautiful looking woman with bizarre eyes, she seemed to show up everywhere we lived. I was born in Denver and I grew up in an air force family. When we lived in North Dakota, the woman was there. She was in Wyoming when we moved there and when my dad was stationed at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, too. I was ten years old, when eventually we made it back to Denver and the woman was there again. Nevertheless, I had a pretty normal childhood.

M: Stan, by the way your eyes are constantly looking for your wife Lisa, it really seems to me that you love her very much.

Stan and Lisa's Facebook photo.

Stan and Lisa's Facebook photo.

S: Oh yeah, I would be absolutely lost without Lisa! I’m one of the rare cases where a wife accepts what’s going on and hasn’t left. There are cases when partners can’t accept it and they leave, and these guys are on their own. I met my wife online. She lived in Nebraska; I lived in Colorado.   I wanted her to come and visit me because we were dating on a long distance internet relationship.

M: Was she ever dubious and thinking “This guy could create a problem for me”?

S: No. From the very beginning the biggest issue I had was to believe that my experiences were real. My wife helped me to go along better with it. I had video and photographic evidence, trace evidence, and I kept doing it over and over again in front of hundreds, thousands of people. Let’s face it, when a UFO beams your van in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour in a big city, there could be a lot of people that see it, but what can you do with that? I had to convince myself that this was real. She was convinced at an earlier stage than I was.

M: If you were to answer a twenty-question test to detect if you are an abductee, how do you think you would do?

S: Oh, I will mark all the answers, in fact I’ve done that. But I would add other questions, such as: What’s your blood type? Do you suffer from any mysterious illnesses? Are you, or were you born into a military family? Do you have dyslexia? I’m sure there are many abductees with a military parental background.

M: Did you realize that similar experiences occurred to other members in your family?

S:  I realized it after my primary experience in 2000.  Then, I knew that my sister was an experiencer too. And when about a couple of years ago my oldest brother told me that he was an experiencer, my jaw just dropped.

M: How did you feel when you first saw the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book, Communion?

Stan drawing of the first creatures he encountered. (image credit: Stan Romaneck)

Stan drawing of the first creatures he encountered. (image credit: Stan Romanek)

S: I thought it [the Grey] looked nothing like anything I saw. The eyes did. But in my first abduction experience, they did not look like your typical Greys. I struggle with the word “abduction,” I really do. Even though I was taken against my will, my first experience was almost polite. I freaked out because I did not believe in this stuff. They made sure that I wasn’t in any pain; they tried to calm me down when I was almost panicking. It didn’t fit the normal description of an abduction. But I did get to see and take photographs of them. I even tried to chase one in my backyard. They did not look grey to me. They look more a real pale taupe color, with a blue tint.

M:  Talking about their physical features, you actually have a video where an alien appears behind a window. My impression was of a mono-dimensional, not tri-dimensional figure. I’m not suggesting that it is a hologram or a projected image…

S: You’re talking about the ET that pops up in the window. There’s also the being I videotaped in the kitchen. I was there when it happened. Both videos were taken at night. I think the effect that you’re looking at is because of the glass reflection on the camera. I saw the beings at close range. The first one, the famous “alien in the window” that we’ve named “Boo,” I saw him run away. I thought it was a small child at first, until he turned the head and he looked at me and his eyes were not human. And then the other one, we call “Grandpa Grey,” looks a little more wrinkly, he was right there and he closed his eyes like he was concentrating and not making any movement. Then slowly he just moved away. That one looked tri-dimensional to me.

M: Do you think it was just a showdown, or a form of communication with you?

S: Especially with the alien that popped up in the window, people tell me “You know, these guys travel hundreds of light years, why are they looking at your window?” Well, maybe they want that to happen. Most of the abductees would confirm that. I think they were there to remind me that they’re still around. But I can’t tell you one minute to the next what’s going on with my case. If I’ve been in a spaceship, or in somebody’s room, or in a cave somewhere that’s set up like a spaceship.

Still froma video of a creature peeking in Stan's window. (image credit: Stan Romaneck)

Still image from a video of a creature peeking in Stan's window. (image credit: Stan Romanek)

M: You’ve been regressed by one of the finest UFO/abduction researchers, Dr. Leo Sprinkle.

S: Yes, I’ve been regressed by Dr. Sprinkle and also by Deborah Lindeman.

M: Is it correct to say that you reconstructed the entire experience through hypnotic regression?

S: No, because I remembered everything vividly. And they say, “Oh, it’s sleep paralysis!” I hate that. Sleep paralysis is very rare and usually happens to people suffering from narcolepsy. In my first abduction, I was not asleep, I remember everything and it was my brain trying to explain it. I was such a skeptic, and I made it become a dream. But usually I can recall almost everything in my experiences.

M: There is a trend among abduction researchers to study a case only if the subject recalls the experience vividly.

S: I do, even down to the smell, and the lighting. In Colorado, we have the Russian Olive tree, and in the spring time they bloom this yellow flower and a kind of sickening sweet smell comes out. Every time I smell it, I have an anxiety attack because of the weird smell I remember in my experiences. At the first abduction support group that I attended, people were smelling the Russian Olive scent and recognizing that there was something about it.

M: Why did you go to these groups?

S: I went to the hypnotherapist who runs the group. At that time, I could not accept that there was other life in our universe.  I was taught that you can’t go faster than the speed of light, and it takes four years to reach the closest star four light years away. I couldn’t deal with it, and I talked to a NASA scientist who said, “Yes you could go faster than the speed of light, but somehow we can’t do it yet.”   That scientist told me about wormholes, space time, different ways to travel, and honestly I almost had a nervous breakdown. A friend of mine said to me “you have to see somebody, a counselor, and a regression might help in understanding what you’re going through.”

M: What was your feeling of being in a therapy group?

S: I was embarrassed to talk about it because society would not accept it. In the last eight to nine years, it has changed so much. I absolutely know the phenomenon is real. You have to be narcissistic to think that we are alone in this massive universe. You have to be an idiot basically. But, there are still idiots out there.

M: Support groups are a positive thing because you can recognize others like you and you can become friends.

S: The reason why I’ve started talking about it, honestly? This is the first time that I have ever told anybody this. It’s because it helped me to talk about it, to have me connected to other people who have the experiences. Somebody in my position does not go to the police because they make fun of you.  You cannot go to the government because they secretly start harassing you. If you go to a psychologist, he is just going to say that you are delusional. Now that I’m well known, I have people coming to me all the time. That’s why I’m continuing to do it, because I’m helping other people, and from the bottom of my heart I want to enlighten the human race that we are not the only ones out there. We need to take the responsibility for who we are and what we are doing to ourselves and to this planet, because it’s not right and we’ve been judged by what’s out there. Hopefully, we can get through this crossroads right now, either we all perish because of our stupidity, or we are going to become enlightened. There are people watching us and hoping we become enlightened too.  At the same time though I do believe there is good and bad up there, like down here.

Open layout of 5280 magazine's article on Stan Romaneck, July 2008. (image credit: 5280 magazine)

Opening layout of 5280 Magazine's article on Stan Romanek, July 2008. (image credit: 5280 Magazine)

M: During your abductions have you ever seen any human in a uniform along with the alien beings?

S: I have ten experiences that I can remember—two of which were extremely terrifying, almost like they were meant to be terrifying. I’ve compared things with other experiencers, and I wonder if those could be related to our government.

M: Such as they wanted to teach you a lesson?

S: Yeah, they just wanted to scare the crap out of me. There’s this huge bug thing in my face, horrible, and I’m cringing and crying and freaking out, it is almost like I was on drugs, and I was sick for weeks after that, which is not typical of my abductions. Usually, if after a serious abduction I get a sinus infection, it’s a sign that I was drugged.

M: You mentioned that you suffer from dyslexia. You don’t seem conditioned at all by that.

S: That’s the thing. Dyslexia might not be a disability after all. Einstein was dyslexic, Thomas Edison was dyslexic, Tesla was dyslexic. But I felt that I was retarded because of the way that society treated me.  They put me in specialized classes. At the time they did not know much about dyslexia.  They found out later that I had a higher IQ than pretty much all the teachers in the whole school…

I just have a problem with processing the way they taught me, i.e. processing written words. I have a gift with nonverbal communication.

M: The way “they” communicate with you is telepathic, right?

S: Absolutely. I can tell you, unless it happens to you, and I don’t care if people believe it or not. I am way past “UFO 101.” My first experience was so humbling, amazing; we talked word after word, linearly. Whatever they are, these beings can communicate large volumes of information in just a thought. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica in a thought. And they can think in multiple dimensions that we can’t even conceive. But at the same time, there is something about us that they’re interested in, and I honestly believe that we are more than we understand ourselves.

M: What’s the next step?

S: The next step is that there’s a change coming up. I don’t believe in the doomsday scenario. The catastrophe is not what the Mayan elders were talking about. It’s not the end time, [emphasized by the proponents of] some Illuminati crap, let them end their own time not ours. The Mayan elders were saying that change is coming, that it’s time to be enlightened.

M: You said your task is to assist other people?

S: Honestly, I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a fashion designer and an Olympic cyclist and commercial artist, but I was never satisfied. Now, I’m totally satisfied with what I’m doing, I know this is what I was supposed to do with everything I have, to help the human race. As weird as it is, I’m trying to do it without forming an ego.

M: Okay then, what’s your last thought at night, before you close your eyes?

S: It’s a little scary for me, because usually “they” come at night. I would prefer that I have one-on-one on my terms of communication with these guys. I’m among the lucky ones. I know there are bad ET guys, whatever you want to call them.

M: Have you seen that movie, The Fourth Kind?

S: Yes, and I know for a fact that the movie was all make believe by Hollywood. My theory is that society is trying to debunk it, and there is a concerted effort to keep it quiet, especially in the United States.  Because if the human race finds out that there is more out there, with the technology they have, when we don’t need fossil fuels anymore, that is going to disrupt many wealthy families, and they don’t want that to happen.

M: In your recollection, have you ever seen a copy of yourself, a double of you?

M: No. I’ve seen the children. Kids were running back and forth. And I remember these beings looking more like the Greys and the hybrids. I wanted to protect the kids from the creatures. Last summer one of the hybrid kids was in my backyard picking flowers, and I thought it was a neighbor kid. She is very beautiful, very angelic, but her eyes were weird. That’s very moving to me. I told you about a strange looking woman through all my life, there is a strong possibility she’s my daughter. Try to explain that to somebody!

M: And what if tomorrow this gift that you have, stops?

S: It will be terrible. And if people say, “you wanna go through this again?” I say “In a heartbeat.” Because I’ve learned exponentially; I get to walk outside of the box. I can understand there is more out there and how wonderful and glorious it is.

M: Do you think that the UFO researchers are on the right track?

S: I believe we are. If I can just have one person, every time I have a conference, switch over or up the fence to the fact that we are not alone, I’ve done my job at least for that time. It really doesn’t matter if a researcher is doing good or bad, just getting people to understand that there is something out there is the biggest thing in the world, is the most important issue in the history of mankind.

M: It is, but it is also very frustrating, because the aliens are contacting us, it’s not the opposite.

S: I understand. I believe they have rules, at least the good guys. The bad guys don’t care. The good guys have to do it without freaking us out and on our time. If you watch Star Trek, the creator, Gene Roddenberry, did a lot of research on alien abductions and in science before he started the series. I think they can’t get involved for a reason, to wait until we are ready.

But here is the problem; they are getting involved more now because they know there is an evil element trying to control us so we don’t get anywhere. We seem to have stopped evolving spiritually, mentally, and physically, so it could be the theory that a race wants to use us as slaves, or that very wealthy people want to control the world, that’s what I think it is, it could be both. Either way, the good guys upstairs are sick of it, and they’re accelerating the process because we are at a crossroads.

M: During direct encounters when you see them physically, do you feel that their machines are biologically connected to them?

S: Absolutely. They have to be. If not, it is something that we don’t have. The flying things that I’ve seen, they don’t seem like machines, they look like some type of energy. I videotaped these balls of reddish, orange light the size of my fist floating around in our house, and they are in the form of energy.  I’ve seen them go through walls.

M: Do you feel that light is a biological device of some sort?

S: I think it’s a kind of surveillance; it could be biological, technological. The implant they took out of my leg and sent to University of California, Berkeley, they said it was some kind of biological nanotechnology that we don’t have. And I’m sure they have conscious living ships; that makes sense to me.

M: Are these beings able to enter our space-time frame and control time? Is there a possible explanation for the “missing time” phenomenon?

Stan and Lisa at the UFO Congress banquet, 2010. (image credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Stan and Lisa at the UFO Congress banquet, 2010. (image credit: Alejandro Rojas)

S: I wanted to mention this. During my experiences I’ve been brought back in other people’s clothing, on the roof, outside, with no explanation. I’ve had a torn ligament in my knee fixed, I’ve had a broken rib that they fixed, and every time I’m brought back everything around is dead silence, it took me a half hour just to wake up my wife. And this happens all the time.

M: If you remember, President Reagan in a speech a couple of days before the launch stated that the Challenger mission marked the beginning of the American conquest of space.

S: No way. There’s no way they [aliens] let us out free in the universe right now. We have to get out of this solar system first. Period. I’m sure they got disappointed when we went to the moon, and they said, “Oh, they got nukes, there’s no way we let them out, unless they straighten up.” And I believe the government made a deal with the bad guys and the abduction phenomenon is happening because of the agreement they made in exchange for technology. It was not a very good trade. The point is that we have to line up with the good guys, but the problem is how we can differentiate the good guys from the bad guys. The human race wants sovereignty. We have to earn it. We can’t ask for help from these guys, we have to do it by ourselves.

M: Stan, it seems you are connecting normal, paranormal, UFO’s, and ETs.

S: You have to.  When you become an experiencer, you start to have something called “high strangeness,” anything and everything paranormal starts happening to you. Paranormal researchers came from Switzerland, Florida, Washington, and they visited me and flipped out.  They couldn’t believe what they saw. It seems the phenomena are interrelated; maybe the technology the guys out there use is connected with the dimensions, at a zero point field. I don’t know, I’m not an expert, it’s just my theory.

M: Do you think that some of the actual sightings are man-made objects?

S: Yes. Maybe sixty percent of the sightings we have are explainable or reverse engineered things. Some people say ninety percent, but it doesn’t matter. Even a mere ten percent is still amazing. I get a feeling they are going to make contact soon. How? A ship will appear in the sky, so massive, so big, maybe two ships over a couple of major cities, and they are just going to sit there. They’re not going to do anything aggressive. They mean no harm.

About Maurizio Baiata

Maurizio is an investigative reporter, magazine editor and UFO researcher He started his journalistic activity in the late Sixties as a free lance journalist and then editor of several Rock Italian magazines, reaching the peak of his career as Editor in chief of "Rolling Stone" magazine’s Italian edition. In 1981 he moved to New York working as radio correspondent for the Italian state network RAI and then becoming editor-cultural page of the daily newspaper “Il Progresso Italo Americano”. Seven years later Baiata moved back to Italy and concentrated on UFO research, focusing on the Roswell incident. He produced many documentaries with large diffusion through all media and released the Autopsy Footage in 1995. In 1997 he published two books of the late Col. Philip Corso, “The Day After Roswell” and “Dawn of a New Age” (Corso’s original diary never published elsewhere). In Italy Baiata directed “Notiziario UFO", "UFO Network", “Dossier Alieni”, "Stargate"”Area 51” and “X Times” and two multimedia encyclopedias: “UFO Dossier X” and "Stargate - Enigmi dal Cosmo". He has presented at numerous lectures worldwide, including two appearances at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin.


  1. Thanks, Maurizio, for all your work and for posting the entire interview online here. It’s always good to see a well though out, respectable interview. Only thing you didn’t ask that would have been good is to have him talk more about what happens(ed) while he is taken away during his “abductions” (I don’t like that word, either). I know mostly about what happens when things happen at his home and before and after abductions and other effects, but not his experiences aboard their craft or at their bases or wherever they take him. Maybe he doesn’t consciously remember much about those times?

  2. Stan’s experiences are as real as they are profound. Originally a skeptic, Stan at first did not want anything to do with being a contactee. Fortunately, he now embraces his role as a messenger. This is not a man who invents fantasies in order to get attention. Stan is the real deal, likely involved in one of the most important cases of extraterrestrial communication in all of human history. I don’t say this because he’s my friend. It is absolutely true; it is real.
    -Don Millan

  3. If you want further corroboration of what Stan believes regarding the outcomes of his experience, research Dr Steven Greer in The disclosure project,(www.disclosureproject.org) mounting evidence qualifies the possible outcome and zero point energy that is being withheld by those who wish us to be enslaved by their greed and design.Stan is a messenger as we should all be in assisting the dissemination of this information, We can help this change in humanity’s consciousness.

  4. This so called contactee was asking for 50.000.- USD for his video. How can you trust someone that, obviously, wants make money from his story. Sorry I do not bite.

  5. phyllis satterfield

    keep up the good work

  6. I read Stan’s book when emebbed with the Coalition Forces in Baghdad. At first I was taken back by the fact he wanted money for the video. It was not until after I had read about his accounts in his book that I changed my mind; he’s a real human being and obviously needed the money. I say, “So what” if he asked for money.

    Stan, keep us informed of your experiences and hang in there…

  7. Sorry to say it but the guy’s a fake. As a UFO witness (I saw a triangular UFO doing all the standard “impossible” maneuvers once), at first I was open to his story. But then I stumbled across this:


    If you don’t want to click on the above link, here’s what happened:

    Stan was giving an interview on a podcast. At 21:11 they go to break. During the break, in the background you can faintly hear a “robot voice”. It’s almost as if Stan is fiddling with his soundboard while he thinks he’s “off the air” and not being recorded…

    Turns out that’s exactly what he was doing. Later in the interview at 29:28, Stan says something about the aliens. The Robot Voice butts into the conversation, and says, “You should learn when to keep your mouth shut”. Once you hear it clearly it’s obviously the same words and the same voice barely audible during the break at 21:11.

    Recap: During this interview the interviewer called for a break. Stan assumed he wasn’t being recorded and was fiddling with his Alien Robot Voice Soundboard Machine. Later, when he thought it would be appropriately spooky, he hit the button on his soundboard and the Alien Robot Voice butted in on the interview.

    (the podcast interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/openminds/2010/01/23/stan-romanek-abduction-evidence )

    Screw Stan Romanek.

    I’ve seen a UFO, and I figure there’s a high degree of probability that there ARE space aliens in the things. I also figure it’s more likely than not that the Grays are real, abductions happen, and there is some kind of breeding program. But clowns like this guy aren’t getting us any closer to disclosure. By being such blatant charlatans they diminish the credibility of sincere and honest witnesses and cause real thinkers and researchers to disregard the plausibility of the abduction phenomena. People like this jerk further marginalize real witnesses and put us further and further from ever learning what’s really happening.

    He’s scum and his story is garbage.

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