New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs


A new French report released on May 31, 2010 concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin. While not an official government study, the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, which established a Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in May 2008. The Commission’s President is Alain Boudier, a former French Economics attaché, and one of its key members is Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a former fighter pilot who studied at the U.S. Air Force Academy and later became an airliner pilot with Air France, where he experienced a couple of UFO sightings. Greslé has published three UFO books in France, including Unidentified Flying Objects: An Airline Pilot Talks (Guy Trédaniel, 1993).

Alain Boudier, President of the Sigma/3AF Commission (image credit:
Alain Boudier, President of the Sigma/3AF Commission (image credit:

The Sigma/3AF is not a final report but just a work in progress document; nevertheless, it provides good background material on the history of official UFO research in France, a balance of Sigma’s work during the last two years, a brief description of the most significant French cases, and some comments and conclusions. The report begins with a brief history of French official UFO research, which is quite extensive: “France is the only country where the collection of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN in French) and its scientific study have been assigned since 1977 to a civilian official organization, the CNES (National Center for Space Studies, the French space agency) through the GEPAN study group.” After a short description of this unit, now known as GEIPAN (Study and Information Group on Aerospace Unidentified Phenomena), the report outlines other official or quasi-official French studies, including the famous COMETA (Committee for In-Depth Studies) Report of 1999, issued by a group of high-ranking retired French military and intelligence officers, which concluded that UFOs were real and probably extraterrestrial.

Members of the Sigma/3AF Commission also met representatives of many other official French military and intelligence organizations that had some UFO involvement in the past. These included the National Gendarmerie, which has collected UFO reports systematically since the 1960s; the General Secretariat of National Defense, which issued an interesting report a few years ago (although I am not aware that it was ever released to the public); the Air Force; and one of France’s intelligence services, the General Directorate for External Security, which admitted through an “authorized source” that UFOs have been monitored by the agency since the early sixties.

Retired fighter and airliner pilot Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a key member of the Sigma/3AF Commission. (image credit: Les Repas Ufologiques)
Retired fighter and airliner pilot Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a key member of the Sigma/3AF Commission. (image credit: Les Repas Ufologiques)

The section on “the most significant French cases” provides a very short description of five incidents: a massive multiple-witness sighting in Madagascar in 1954; the famous landing and Close Encounter of the Third Kind (CE-III) in Valensole in 1965, which was documented by the Gendarmerie; the equally famous landing case in Trans-en-Provence in 1981, and another similar one in Nancy in 1982 known as “amaranth,” both of which were investigated by GEPAN and published respectively in their Technical Notes Nº 16 and Nº 17. The last case is a multiple-witness sighting seen in a diagonal between Biarritz and Strasbourg across France in November 1990.


In the Comments section, the Sigma/3AF report uses unambiguous language, for instance: “No natural phenomenon can account for the majority of observation reports accompanied by electromagnetic detections made by one or several radars. Both the defense services and air traffic control have been confronted a number of times around the world with unknown aerial intrusions or artificially induced phenomena.” Later on, the report goes on to say, “The behavior of these devices during encounters with fighter jets or interceptors – some have participated in real swirling battles in the U.S. – suggests they are controlled, guided or led by particularly sophisticated automation.” And then again, “the air superiority of the craft concerned, if they are indeed crafts, is such that none of the many interceptions which have been made against them, in the United States for example, have been able to overcome one of these devices.”

After outlining a number of characteristics exhibited by UFOs, such as “remarkable accelerations of the craft right after a stationary mode,” the report indicates: “We feel that we must reject the thesis of a terrestrial origin for all the observations made since World War Two. Indeed, if a nation of the world had been able to secretly develop such an armada of exotic craft, like those observed for more than half a century, the means of analysis and strategic logistics available would have permitted their rapid identification. The illegal overflights which they have been guilty of conducting could constitute a casus belli [cause for war].” The Sigma/3AF experts go on to state that, “the above features suggest that in many cases the devices detected, far from being unidentified, are easily recognizable by the aerial defense agencies as part of a technology far ahead of ours.” And later: “We have been unable to get any serious indication as to the origin of the aerospace phenomena that is the subject of our research. The technological elements that we selected… allow us to draw some assumptions about the aircraft in question, which do not seem to belong to an identifiable terrestrial technology at the times when they were observed.”

The Sigma/3AF report finally agrees with COMETA’s conclusion that we are probably facing an ET presence. That conclusion was quite controversial for a semi-official study like COMETA back in 1999 and was criticized by many in the French press. Yet the Sigma/3AF Commission found no quarrel with it. “Thus, the central hypothesis proposed by the COMETA report still cannot be rejected up to this day and remains perfectly credible,” they wrote. “Many documents and materials examined by the authors of this report confirm it. We have therefore retained, among some others but only as a working hypothesis, the possibility that most of the craft observed can have a non-terrestrial origin.”

The original French text of the Sigma/3AF report can be downloaded in pdf here.

You can download the English translation of the pdf here:full Sigma/3AF report.

A good French biography of Jean-Gabriel Greslé with a description of his UFO sightings as a pilot can be found here.

A description of the 1954 mass UFO sighting in Madagascar is available in the complete French website (removed by source).

A short description of the 1965 Valensole CE-III with links to several newspaper articles about it, also from, here.

The 1981 Trans-en-Provence UFO landing case (with some info on the 1982 “amaranth” case as well) from the UFO Briefing Document – The Best Available Evidence (the report funded by Laurance Rockefeller of which I was co-author) is available here.

The complete Technical Notes Nº 16 and Nº 17 on the Trans-en-Provence and Nancy cases (as well as numerous other official reports, all in French) from the official GEIPAN website (removed by source).

An English translation of the full 1999 COMETA Report here.

Poster of the Aeronautical and Astronautic Association of France (3AF) (image credit: 3AF)
Poster of the Aeronautical and Astronautic Association of France (3AF) (image credit: 3AF)


Information chart of GEIPAN of what to do if you see a UFO and some basic definitions. (image credit: GEIPAN/CNES)
Information chart of GEIPAN of what to do if you see a UFO and some basic definitions. (image credit: GEIPAN/CNES)

Antonio Huneeus

Open Minds Investigative Reporter J. Antonio Huneeus has covered the UFO field from an international perspective for over 30 years. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Japan. He was also the co-author of the Laurance Rockefeller-funded “UFO Briefing Document – The Best Available Evidence” and edited the book “A Study Guide to UFOs, Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena in the USSR.” Huneeus studied French at the Sorbonne University in Paris and Journalism at the University of Chile in Santiago in the 1970s. He has lectured at dozens of UFO Conferences all over the world and been interviewed by many media outlets including The Washington Post, the Sy-Fy and History Channels, Nippon-TV, etc. He received the “Ufologist of the Year” award at the National UFO Conference in Miami Beach in 1990 and the “Courage in Journalism” award at the X-Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 2007.

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  1. If the French would look in their own and other countries patent offices, they’d find a mountain of evidence pointing towards the source of most UFOs. proves we have the technology!

  2. I wouldn’t trust the French if they concluded that the sky was blue and we need oxygen to survive. They are complete morons.


  4. Rufus you must be an agent for the US Goverment,poor americans are so stupid they dont read just watch TV all day.UFO are real they have been coming here for over Forty Thousand years,just read the Veda’s.

  5. John Novak: Your assertion that conventional, prosaic craft and technologies are responsible for “most UFOs” is completely baseless and is, in fact, a perfect example of research by proclamation. How is that you know the source of what hundreds of thousands of people in every country have seen and experienced? If you’re going to make a statement as ubiquitous and all-encompassing as you have, you need to back it up with facts if you don’t want to look like a complete fool. The website you reference,, is nothing but a collection of submitted patents selected for the purpose of filling the website owners pockets with money. It’s obvious that you don’t understand what a patent even is. A patent doesn’t prove the existence of anything; it is merely the formal outline of a hypothesis or idea. There are patents for all types of things which look great on paper but have no basis in reality or practice. Please, do us all a favor and THINK before you write. Nobody benefits from reading your uneducated drivel.

  6. just one more of the thousand steps set for disclosure. Our Time Is Coming ! thanks Dr. Steven Greer.

  7. Zero Point Energy can be gathered using a ZPM composed of alternating layers of a semi-conductor, not unlike that used for Diodes, coated on an atom thin ceramic that serves to destabilize space-time fluctuations. Each layer is barely an atoms thickness. Positive and Negative energy (electrical) is captured and routed to terminals for use, like a battery that never discharges. This energy can be transmitted, using electron spin entanglement, to where it’s needed.. thus no wires are required.

    The biggest power draw is from the Quantum Computer, which has an iron core that’s entangled with external iron mass. The computer allows you to manipulate this external mass like putty.

    Gravity is not a pulling force. It is a Field of space-time with variable density, sometimes mistakenly called Dark-Matter. Ordinary Matter travels/claws towards greater density by reason of it’s probabilistic motions.

    The quantum computer can tip this probability motion to force the atoms to move/claw in any direction one chooses, including towards lesser field density or also what is commonly called “UP”. One cubic inch of entangled iron has the lifting capacity of about 1 ton in our gravity field.

    These are the basics for building a simple flying saucer. Only a handful of people (humans) know this information at this time. Research along these lines is strictly controlled and discouraged by the general academics. Quantum controlled matter can do a lot of other things besides just fly, including Nano-Technology, pseudo Force Fields, Armor, Kinetic Weapons etc.. (to name just a few) and has massive military potential. Free energy could really mess up this worlds economics and the military advantages could be horrible in the wrong hands.

    If you don’t believe any of this.. copy and paste this comment into a saved document. Come back and read it again in a decade or so.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Dave :^)

  8. Kenneth, you might want to rethink your generalization of Americans. Not all Americans sit around and watch tv, some of us to know what is going on in the world. Also Americans arent the only ones watching TV, what is your country perfect?

    This is a great article. I will need some time to read the links and such. Thanks!

  9. For those who just have to know that all these ufos are government made so they wont have to re-think there world view….why would the ships come and reveal themselves over and over again for me and others who want to see?? Does the government really love us so much??

  10. I figured someone would call out the French as being ‘stupid’ or ‘moronic’ and unreliable. That is ridiculous. The French should be commended for coming forward and telling the truth. America hasn’t yet, so what does that tell you? No really, what does it tell you? Most of the world knows that UFOs are real.

    Hopefully other countries will follow France’s example. UFO Disclosure now!

  11. What a brilliant thought provoking article. It seems every point has been covered.

    I loved every moment of it, but as soon as I finished it, and read the replies, how could we ever hope to meet visitors from other worlds (if they exist)and hope to be able yo get along with them, when idiots like those above are already falling out with each others opinions and countries – grow up lads, its a thought provoking article, comment seriously – or go and watch your televisions…..

  12. French morons?
    We should remind you that America is a very new country.
    Before being Americans, you were English or Irish and you got lost in the other side of the planet to establish your country, and all done by force, the biggest genocide of mankind. The French have always been there for thousand years and always been a powerful military and strategic country. Don’t forget that your supposed american freedom is based on French declaration of human rights

  13. France is probably one of the best reference in terms of biology, medical and space research.
    Don’t forget if you can cure most of th deseases, that might be because of Marie curie and Pasteur.
    Half of the military technology of the planet is made by the French!

  14. This article does not surprise me at all. I have seen ufos on 5 seperate occasions and aliens on 3 . I can tell you that you can call upon them and expect visits . I should add that I still have not had a conversation per say with them but i believe that is just at matter of time. If anyone is in the Toronto / Canada area and wish to partake in a “calling” with me just leave a note in this fourm and we can arrange at meeting in the city
    PS this subject is to important to take lightly or lie about

  15. Michael, does your “calling” procedure involve some physical work, such as lighting a beacon and such, or is it a meditation or something of this sort which only deals with your mind?

  16. Yeah I am serious on know what your talkin about michael. I’m from virginia in the US BUT maybe you can still tell me some things. I have a feeliing it would be very helpful

  17. Dear Daniel Fisher and Interested
    I’am glad to see you have read and responded to my comment. If I understand you correctly you are interested in my method of calling upon our visitors. I will try my best to explain this to you both.Firstly my location has been a place where I have seen UFO’s hence I assume there is an entry point somewhere near me. Secondly I have used a green lasar pointer in combination with glass pyramids and a crystal gem Thirdly I was with a fellow member of MUFON (this is important because our knowledge of the existance of UFO’s) which made us focused and conscience on there existance. Last but not least I verbalized. I asked for a visitation in the name that i was ready and wished for greater understanding of them if they thought it appropriate.
    I cant stress enough the importance of being a (believer / knower)of them and to vocalize. I can tell you it did not work the first time I tried this but through repetition over time and perhaps through the aid of my friend we had a visitaion I have to tell you I was shocked when we both watched as elongated sparks came forth from a glass ashtray and formed into a ball of yellowish then redish finaly pure white light that changed direction and speed (It paused in the middle of the room)and flew in a arched path of flight into the opposite wall. Theres more to this story but I hope you can get the jist of it now
    PS…….I swear this to be true and worth your while to explore

  18. Michael, I am interested and will make special trip to Toronto just to see if possible to do a “calling” with you… How do we contact? Let us know… Thanks

  19. Yes of course AUGUSTO
    AUGUSTO JUST LET ME KNOW…………What day you will be in Toronto and by confirming this date we can meet at younge and dundas at the peoples square
    Augusto confirm a date and i will describe what I shall wear to make visual contact

  20. Great website! Great blog radio source for interviews by a Great host, Alejandro! Keep up the Great work!!

    Mister ET

  21. Hello to everyone, i dont know about you guys but i am literally sick and tired of the millions that think that ufos arent real! I try really hard to convince people to put more interest on this subject, but they think im crazy! if everyone just put half of the interest as they do on FACEBOOK things would be different by now! we really are down the corner of major changes and nobody seeems to care!
    i will pray and keep trying to help people see that this is really happening and stop being ignorant!

  22. “Nobody benefits from reading your uneducated drivel.”

    Good thing I don’t post drivel. 100 years+ of technology flying around our skies. Approved patents. Who do you think is making the technology, aliens? Santa? Maybe some…but most of ’em are built here and yes, the patents prove it.

    Occam’s razor…

  23. Michael,
    unfortuantely i’m from Germany, but i’d still like to talk with you about your experiences described here.
    I’m a 22yr old student and I’ll visit Canada during my semester abroad in the future, but for now i’d just like to know whether you could just contact me somehow.
    Best regards,

  24. Michael, I too have been wanting to try and contact them myself but haven’t thought of a way to do it. My first thought was to use a laser, I am currently planning to purchase a 1watt green laser fairly soon. Let me know if your method works. My next idea was to find a large open space and make a symbol (crop circle-esque)most likely a tone or series of tones. Personally I would do nearly anything for the chance just to talk/communicate with one of them.

  25. Hi Michael
    greetings from the west coast. I too am interested in hearing more about how to make contact and anything you could advise me on with regards to meditation and methods would be greatly appreciated. I believe that disclosure is the responsibility of the individual as much as it is our gov’t so I am trying to make contact on my own. hope to hear from you. not sure how to give my email to you on this site, any ideas?

    yours truly,

  26. hello Micheal or interested. I’ve never answered any blog before but your comments caught me by surprise. You see about 30 years ago I had a very similar event happen, and although I’ve looked and researched it for all that time, this is the first time I’ve found anything. I was with two fellow students in college. We never spoke of it, since it gave us such a scare, and we just lost touch shortly after. I’ve also seen ufo’s, 5 in all, also witnessed by two fellows, very good friends, a couple months before the event. I’m not sure the 2 are related. As I’m not sure that what happened was contact with an alien. When it happened we didn’t have any kind of lights or even and agenda to contact aliens. But a large(2foot) very bright glow appeared between the 3 of us. No sound, no sparks, just bright white light. It/he/she was an entity. I won’t go into more detail than that. I’ve tried and failed on a few occasions to duplicate the scene. When you mentioned you weren’t alone, it seems important that what these two scenarios have in common is, there were 2 or 3 of us! There is more to my story, and there’s a lot more to know and learn. Looking forward to a reply
    yours truly mwood.

  27. People, the major problem in this debate is access to imformation and interpreting this information in a sensible way. For example did you know that the Biefeld-Brown effect which is a confirmed and well-documented electromagnetic effect which was discovered in the early 1930’s is still not well understood by you people?
    And yet it was already used by the nazis in their very secret aeronautical programs as early as 1937! Yes the Nazis had levitating flying saucers and the Americans adopted the same technology after the war for their secret flying saucer program. This is a fact!! Read up on it and if you doubt the reality of the Biefeld-Brown effect….just type “LIFTER” in google image or on UTUBE and see the effect of levitation for yourselves. It has been confirmed by thousands of amateurs all over the world. Next question: How does a levitating craft achieve speeds of Mach 16+. Well one needs to solve the problem of air friction which naturally causes severe heating of the airframe and even with alloys such as Titanium at Mach 3 there is a heat problem. Answer? Accelerate the air molecules around the hull of the craft by magnetizing them with very powerful superconducting magnets at 1/5th of the speed of light. This creates a vacuum around the craft and ionises the air creating colorful plasma-type effects. Final question: How does a craft suddenly vanish into thin air? Forget the inter-dimension interpretation which is ridiculous. Answer: Any physicist will explain to you that for an object to become invisible to the naked eye, one has to make sure that none of the light reflecting of the object gets to you, the observer. To do this you need to refract the light coming to the object in a direction such that it does not reach the eye of the observer. Impossible? Of course not….magicians have been doing it for years! By using prisms. Nanoscale prisms would be ideal as they would act literally at the wavelength of the incident light and refract it in any desired direction. The overall effect is total invisibility…a reality not science fiction. Please people, do your research before writing on the net!

  28. Hi Marco,

    Yes it is frustrating that the handful of media conglomerates which control TV stations, newspapers and magazines are censored by the global elite who know very well that extraterrestrials are visiting and have been visiting earth for a very long time. They are almost certainly in direct contact with some of these species and the last thing they want is public disclosure so expect more frustration and resistance. But never forget, these arrogant people have underestimated the willpower and intelligence of ordinary citizens around the world. Millions know what is going on, take comfort in that fact Marco.

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