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An unusual light was seen in the sky above Auckland, Australia on Saturday evening.

Fireball UFO seen in Auckland

Fireball UFO over Auckland (credit: biggordy100 / Auckland Now)

An unusual light was seen in the sky above Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday evening.

Auckland Now describes, “The descending point of light, which revealed a U-shaped nimbus when zoomed in on, was filmed in the sky west of Auckland about 6pm on Saturday.” A witness recorded video of the strange light as it burned through the evening sky. In the video, the witness states that the object is “back,” indicating that the flaming object has previously appeared in the area.

But according to Auckland Now, astronomers say the light in the sky was “probably not a UFO, comet, or rogue planet about to smash into Earth,” but rather “the contrails of a plane heading out over the Tasman Sea.”

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